I’m Disappointed in Netflix

My family recently acquired a free trial of Netflix, both good and bad (yay distractions), but I’m officially disappointed. You know why? Because I love oldies and oh my, Netflix, seriously lacks in the oldies. Of course there’s a few like watching Freaks & Geeks, but if I want to watch some great Buster Keaton there’s a single movie there…and it’s not even one of the ones I want to see. (Not that I’m super surprised, a lot of people don’t know who he is.) Also, we’ll we are on the subject of classic black & white comedians there’s no Charlie Chaplin. Although, I prefer Buster Keaton, but seriously?

Here’s a 90’s classic I’m frustrated with not seeing there, The Sandlot. They have the bad version, Sandlot 2, but who want’s to see a terrible remake? I certainly don’t. Sorry, I’m ranting instead of discussing stories for today’s post. But, I have a little point to the stories. The thing is that I watch a lot of movies for great stories, and while getting this free trial has certainly exposed me to lots of shows I haven’t gotten to see. One being, Breaking Bad, but I’m also a fan of classic stories, which Netflix seems to neglect. They don’t even have the classic Alfred Hitchcock of Rope or The Birds there. These are classic stories that I feel like any film lover should see. Just to get a glimpse into some of the best stories that last the test of time.

I do see some positives to Netflix, not all negatives here. I enjoy that there are some films I haven’t seen in ages like Johnny English and The Adams Family. I think Netflix is great for binge watching. I’m a massive fan of not leaving my house for days on end so I can watch all of Dexter in one sitting. There’s also the added plus of watching films in a higher quality and on the TV, where a lot of times I find myself watching a very low res version somewhere in the depths of the crazy internet or in pieces all over Youtube. So, there’s pluses to being able to watch very recent shows that are harder find online in an actual good quality. If you’re a fan of recent stuff I do think Netflix offers a great price to see all of those shows.

I know that people who are classic film lovers aren’t necessarily their target demographic, but I still feel like Netflix is missing out on a lot of things. I’m just really disappointed for all the hype I hear, and it honestly makes me sad. The way they market Netflix makes it seem as if they have every single movie people want to see, but from what I’ve seen there’s only a fraction of films to watch online.

So, I’m gonna stop ranting because I have to go off and do some other things, but I do wonder what classic movie lovers do? I at least have access to the Video Station here in CO, but with many places like Blockbuster gone where do you go get classic films? There are film festivals, but if I just want to see a classic on demand why isn’t there a service that has tapped into that? Or maybe Netflix should expand their classic library and recommend more old stories for people? Or do you go to your local library? I don’t know, but this is something that’s been bothering me a lot lately.


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