NaNo Sketches & Animation Inspiration 62

I’ve been Nanoing so I don’t have as much progress on the selfi animation currently. I’ve included a quick little Animation Inspiration since I don’t have a lot of content today.

Below is a sketch to go with my novel. It’s a house that my characters live in at the beginning of my story. It’s kind of a tree house because part of it are built into tree trunks and they use them as support. I tried to do an overlay sketch of how the house looks and functions before I set it inside the trees that support it. So more work to do on that still before I’m satisfied. I’m trying to make sure I keep things straight so I’m using various sketches plus an extra doc with notes to make sure I don’t get too lost in my story.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 10.55.29 PM

Animation Process | By Diego Soto

This is hilarious to watch. Great movement of that spaceship.


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