10 Tutorials for Animating Type in After Effects

Here are a few tutorials for animating type in After Effects whether you need it for a kinetic type video, logo reveal, or a nice lower third these should help out. These should be helpful for newcomers to After Effects. Hope these help you create!

1 | Text Animators in After Effects | School of Motion

School of Motion is one of my favorite places to learn After Effects so if you like this tutorial or any of the others from them I encourage you to check them out. They always break down the steps and make it easy to follow along.


2 | Kinetic Typography in After Effects Parts 1 – 3 | School of Motion

Also by School of Motion, this one is more a more in-depth tutorial of kinetic type. You can download the project files for this if you sign up for a free account. Highly recommended you try the 30 Days of After Effects course as well if you want to learn even more tips.


3 | Swinging Text Animation | Motion Mile

This one is a quick example of some text swings which if you combine with some other ideas could make a fun complex looking animation.


4 | Revealing Text with Shapes | Caleb Landcaster

Easy text reveal examples you can use for simple title designs, lower thirds, or kinetic type.


5 | Type Writer Effect | Anoop

A very simple example of how to make a typewriter effect. If you’re looking for a quick tutorial this one is perfect to learn from.


6 | Snappy Line Logo Text | Mt. Mograph

If you want to animate on some fun type or a logo this is a great tutorial to learn from. It teaches how to use Trim Paths.


7 | After Effects 3D Text Animation | GreyscaleGorilla

If you want to learn some 3D text tricks here’s an awesome tutorial from GreyscaleGorilla. Make sure to check out more from them if you want to learn 3D animation.


8 | Animate Text On A Path | Evan Abrams

Learn how to animate text on a path in After Effects. Old tutorial but still the same in the current version of AE.


9 | Self Resizing Lower 3rds | Evan Abrams

If you need to make some easy lower thirds that resize based on the amount of type this is the tutorial for you.


10 | Morph Text from Regular to Bold | Evan Abrams

If you want to emphasize a word or letter here’s a quick tutorial.


That’s 10 type related animation tutorials which I hope help you. If you like these let me know and maybe I’ll make another tutorial collection. I’m a link hoarder and need to share my resources more.

Now go make something and tweet at me your cool stuff!



Farewell 2018, Hello 2019

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone celebrated the new year and that the upcoming 2019 is amazing for you!

My word for 2018 is Transition since there were so many changes. I went from working in New York City with GaryVee to working in Boulder on small business projects and freelance. I had a physical transition when I got a breast reduction. The change to a smaller chest size affected not only me physically but mentally. I didn’t realize I had a little body dysmorphia and that lot of my self-esteem was intertwined with it. I went into that operation thinking I’d just have a new wardrobe and less back pain. Instead, I got this body positivity I didn’t think I needed and from that, it’s been snowballing into other areas. I’m less likely to run away from a camera these days and notice that my critiques of photos of myself have changed. Instead of being critical about my body it’s things I can fix like I need work on my posture or that angle probably wasn’t the best so you should try this instead. It changed me physically but also mentally and the benefits are still being found as I continue to adjust to the change.

During my downtime, while recovering from the surgery a lot of thinking went on and I realized there are some changes I need. Although I love the world of design for social media it’s not where I want to focus. I’ve been saying “I love motion graphics” and dawning the label but a lot of the animated work has been personal projects instead of a career focus. I have many interests in the art & design world which led me to become more of a generalist. Although great for growth in skills and interest, I’d like to double down and focus in 2019.

With renewed focus, I am working on new projects and approaching my 2019 with a mindset shift. Being young in my motion graphics career I’m looking to go in-house or to an agency so I can learn more about that world. I’m somewhere between a jr position and an intern level since I have some skills but don’t quite know everything I’m doing and I’m excited to learn more this year. With that comes a new website launch, reel, resume, and some branding refreshes. I’ll be posting about that in the next few days as the rebrand launches.

I’m bringing back blog updates here. I have some tutorials I’ve been sitting on. I’d like to give away some knowledge. Being a generalist has led to having a lot of Adobe program knowledge so I’d like to do some tutorials including Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign…etc. I have a ton of resources I need to stop hoarding and share so that will be coming. I also miss Animation Inspiration since it forced me to stay up to date with animation trends so will bring that back too.

Sidenote, if you were a fan of my short stories on here I’ll throw those in occasionally but I might rehome to Medium after I’ve edited and polished them. Since this blog was really more of a “stream of consciousness” journal the last few years I have to do some housekeeping.

I am continuing several projects I started in December. I’m working on an educational series since I have a love for learning. If anyone remembers a Twitter poll about ASMR, Blockchain, Birds of Prey, and Books…that’s this project. I’ve been researching, writing scripts, and planning out some short video animations. I will be releasing some animated explainers on topics as the year goes by. This is all for personal projects so not sure what the timeline will be yet. Will keep you updated as I move forward on that.

I do have one thing you can help me on, and that is to keep me accountable. Please check in and ask what happened to a project if there hasn’t been an update. Is there something you were looking forward to that I didn’t do? Ask me about it. If there are things you want to learn as the tutorials begin please ask. I want to make this more collaborative than I have in the past and celebrate learning in 2019. Also if you need some accountability let me know since I love checking in and finding out what everyone is up to!

Wrapping up this long post. Thank you for reading if you made it this far. It’s a long winded update and mostly about my goals for this year as well as a farewell to 2018. I’m sure you all have things you want to focus on in this new year and I’m excited to see how your resolutions progress! Thank you for being here and I look forward to posting updates as I focus on 2019 and transition out of 2018.




Day 22 of 365

Mylard took a deep breath as she pushed feet first, aiming directly at the shape that seemed to have a torso and hands. It was freezing Tomkin to death. Her lips had turned a shade of blue and Mylard was afraid the girl would be dead before she could reach her. Her feet connected suddenly to the surface of the creature.

She hit hard on the upper back side of his torso. A scream emitted from the shape of her. She cringed hearing it, covering her ears, it was high pitched and loud. It broke contact with Tomkin. Mylard spun to the side hard into a window. The creature whipped around to face Mylard.

“This is getting interesting,” Valrose said to the viewers. Many of the audience were so close to their screens, watching that they could see the pixels. “I wonder if Mylard will defeat the Shadow Creature? Rumor has it that if she does then the box will return them to the base of the stairs! But what do I know, I’m just the announcer,” he laughed and grinned sheepishly.

Mylard felt it grab her leg. The cold was instantly tingling through her. She felt it spread upward to her lips. A moment later she began shivering, her teeth chattered. She tried to twist out of the grip, but the grip was too late.


Day 21 of 365

Mylard floated for a moment as the feeling of dread passed her. That monster was terrifying and she knew she’d have to face it. Trepidly she entered the hallway.

Tomkin hadn’t gotten very far away from the monster and was turning blue from the ice. Her screaming had ceased and she was staring blankly outward as the cold entered her body. Inside her head, something seemed to be yelling at her to fight back, but the effort and energy to fight were too much. The creature seemed to be laughing evilly as she began to fade.

Mylard grabbed the side of the hallway, pulled back, and pushed.


to be continued…

Day 20 of 365

Tomkin felt the ice spread through her as the creature grabbed her. She yanked her arm back and kicked off the edge of the hallway it loosened its grip but still held on as she hit the other side of the hall hard. Tomkin was terrified of it.

Mylard was still floating around looking–frantically–for the box. Her eyes combed everything, but she couldn’t find it. The broken control center sparked, and then she saw the little screen she’d had been holding earlier. Mylard floated over to it, turning it on. The glass was cracked but it booted up. She began flipping through the security cameras. She spotted Tomkin in the grasp of the floating creature, then flipped to another camera–it was there. Sitting on top of a shelf next to the engine.


Mylard wheeled around realizing suddenly she’d have to go through the monster to get to the engine room.

To Be Continued…

Day 19 of 365

Mylard was feeling a little helpless as she twisted around searching for the box. Her arms hurt and were full of burns from hitting the control center. It sparked every few seconds. She’d hit it in a way that had torn the important electronics apart. She just wanted to get out of this place and win the game.

Tomkin braced herself as the creature attacked. Its hands were cold, so cold it burned her arm as it grabbed her. She hollered as the beast attacked her arm and leg. She had barely recovered from hitting the side of the wall when the beast suddenly propelled up close to her and grasped it.

to be continued….

Day 18 of 365

Mylard stared around at the spaceship’s control center. Tomkin found herself floating upward a moment later. The girls made eye contact, nodded and began looking for the box again.

Valrose was narrating as the two searched. “Looks like they’ve discovered that the box transforms their surroundings! I’m excited to see who’s going to win though! What they don’t know is that there’s always something dangerous lurking in each of these worlds! The more times they go through the spaces the more dangerous the threats are! Now, of course, the question is how do these girls get out of this? We’ll have to find out!”

Mylard spotted something that looked like the box for a moment but upon floating closer realized it was a little portable screen. She grabbed it and turned it on. The screen flickered to life showing a security camera of the spaceship. She swiped through the screen seeing herself and Tomkin floating and a large figure in the corner–wait–she looked up just as the figure attacked her.

Mylard found herself thrown against the controls, sparks flying as she hit them. Tomkin startled saw a dark figure she couldn’t quite piece together what it was, but it came at her. She propelled herself away and into a hallway. Her heart hammering as she aimed to get away. Just as she left the room a loud alarm sounded.


Tomkin froze as she heard it and found herself floating a little far to the left, she hit the metal of the spaceship hard. She winced and looked up. The figure was still coming at her. It moved fluidly and terrifyingly for her as if about to consume her whole.

Mylard floated aimlessly for a few moments in shock as the stinging burns from hitting the controls pained her. She jolted suddenly as she remembered what was going on. She twisted around reminding herself that she should look for the box.

To be continued…