Animation Inspiration 100 | Creatures

…I was lazy today. Had all day to write that blog post and post it…but youtube videos are just so distractingly fun. Not a productive day. Most of today has been procrastination…hmmm…need to get work done tomorrow as a result!

On the flip side, I did go see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. Full dress up while falling in love with Newt Scamander and Queenie. All the characters were amazing, especially the animals. Oh my godddddsssss…I want all those animals. Also want a couple short spinoffs of some parts. I’m not going to do any spoilers here, but if you did see it dm me!!!!! I need people to talk with!

In light of being lazy I hunted down some creature themed animation inspiration..and just realized this is my 100th Animation Inspiration post. -celebration-

Sea Creature | By Beat Reichenbach

Love this breakdown. Informative in seeing how the scene was built. I admire the design of the creature and the process of the creation.

Character/Creature Reel 2015 | By Jason Brown

Love the turnarounds of each character and creature of this reel. Fascinating to see all that detail and design work put together. Well sculpted and interesting.


Almost Done

-yawn- Lettering all done for the Startup Weekend Post. Just need to edit the writing and post it here as well as Medium. I’m gonna save for the morning due to sleepiness.

Spent today walking in the snow and handing out resumes. I dislike the process of online job applications. I found myself enjoying walking up to people and handing a physical copy of a resume to them. It’s easier to gauge a reaction and if the workplace will be fun and encouraging. I have to do a couple follow-up emails, but I can tell you that there are a couple places I would prefer just based on the engagement with people. This surprises me because those are the places I thought would already have help for the holiday season and would turn me away.

I’m doing that yawning thing so time to tap out. Here’s an entertaining video to watch.

I’m jealous of their rhythm and basketball skills.

Animation Inspiration 99

‘Allo fam. Was hoping to have my Startup Weekend stuff done today, but I’m still finishing up a lettering post for it. Started it a little late in the day, but if I concentrate and focus all day tomorrow it’ll be up as well as have progress on other projects. Just need to put up blockers of social media and I’ll be fine.

Here’s inspiration again…I really need get more work done.

Preposterous – A Short About Absurdity | By Florent Porta

Love this piece! It’s one of the reasons I love animation. Changing the rules of the world. Absurd moments that can only be created through animation.

SILENCE (extrait) | By Emma Carré

Excellent piece with some interesting sound design. It’s got a good narrative and design. I admire the edits and movement of items like the car as well as character. The illustrations are great with fun line work. Makes me want to edit some of the ideas I had early on this year.

Animation Inspiration 98

A full blog on my Startup Weekend 2016 will be up soon. Today was a relax day. Just took some time to process what happened during the week and set goals for tomorrow and this week.

Here are a couple inspiration videos since I’m working on the blog for tomorrow.

Feelings. [Super Deluxe] | By Alex Grigg

Ha! This animation makes me laugh. The sound design is a key component to the expression of this video.

A True Story – Andrea | By Edgar Ferrer

Give me a moment to drool over the illustrative design. I’m in love with the shapes and the parallax movement. Great design and narration. I’m gonna have to find out how they made the shapes feel 3D but in a 2D space.

Art Therapy | Inspiration pt 1

Today was better. I’m playing with motivational and inspirational quotes to hand letter. I am looking to pick the ones that resonate with how I feel and what I want to inspire. I want to take my time to find the words. My art therapy piece is still on its way, but until I’ve finalized the quotes and create something, I am sharing this piece I found.

Dana Tanamachi

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GAMAN /‘gah-mahn/ A Japanese term meaning “to endure the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity”. Hello, my name is Dana Louise Tanamachi and I am the granddaughter of two American citizens of Japanese descent who were wrongfully imprisoned in Japanese-American Internment Camps during WWII. My most prized possession in the world is a small, handmade origami umbrella made by
my Great-Grandmother from Marlboro cigarette wrappers. The creation of this type of umbrella was popular in camp because they could be constructed from simple, used
materials found inside the camp—old cigarette wrappers, toothpicks, and part of a chopstick for the stem. Despite the unassuming nature of the materials, the umbrella is strikingly beautiful in its simplicity and craftsmanship. I’ve always admired how my elders made the best of what they had —many able to somehow flourish creatively even in such dire, often hopeless situations. My heart goes out to my fellow artists, women, and minorities (just to name a few) who are discouraged and downtrodden by yesterday’s election results. However, I charge you to embrace the spirit of GAMAN. To continue creating beautiful things even when you feel
that you are voiceless, that your resources are limited, or that your well has run dry.
Because the most beautiful and valuable piece of art I own was made right in the middle of the desert. -Dana P.S. I started this drawing in early January after seeing @allegiancebway by @georgehtakei in NYC. Today felt like a good day to finish it. I will be first in line to see @allegiancebway in cinemas nationwide, only on December 13th. #notsponsored

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Errr….Animation Inspiration 97

Did not achieve goals for anything today. Little hiccup with the discipline. I’m not counting today as a productive day since I didn’t accomplish anything. Had time to despite a long car ride and being locked out of my computer this morning.

Goals for Monday are to vote and all my new challenges.

It stings a bit that I didn’t do so well today, but this is why I have this challenge in place. I really need to hone the skill of self-discipline. Especially with no deadline. I’m motivated and focus with a deadline (as are most people) but without one, I find myself slacking. Today I learned that mornings are crucial for getting that productive tone set. I spent mine in a car driving for 2 hours. It’s a shame I get motion sick. But tomorrow is a new day!

Since I failed to meet my goals today I have some inspiration.

Unsatisfying | By Parallel Studio

This amuses me because I watch the videos on Youtube that are in this style. It’s funny to see it in an animation and the different takes on what is unsatisfying.

New Logo | By Sebastian Curi

Love these logo animations! Makes me want to go play with animating my own! Very fun simple line designs and playful type. Very sleek and interesting to watch! Love it!

Animation Inspiration 96

NaNoWriMo started. I nixed the vlog idea because I don’t need to have another task on my to-do list right now. Maybe next year. Also behind already. Spent a large portion of today reworking an ‘about me’ and writing blurbs on my website. It’s going well, but I found myself distracted by everything sometime around 3 pm. It’s been a bumpy ride since then. Goals are to get on track with wordcount tomorrow and launch my new site design.

It’s weird not having an inktober project to work on. I’m tempted to continue it but with animations. I’ve added it to a list of personal projects I want to pursue.

Goal is to head to bed in a bit. Been awhile since I’ve posted some inspiration. I’ve been missing it.

Des.gráfica | By João Lavieri

Loge the transitions and various loops. Also great color scheme.

Snapchat Stories | By Alex Pope

These animations are great examples of editorial work. For mochat tonight’s discussion was about editorial motion design. It was a really interesting talk and I learned a lot about the process for that area of the industry. Every time I participate I learn something new. I swear Mochat is responsible for 75% of my motion graphics education. Great fun discussion and lots of learning. Might use this as a bouncing off point for other great projects.

One more day of Inktober!

Can’t believe there’s only one more day of Inktober left! Gonna have to pick a fun one for ‘Friend’ tomorrow. It’s been a quick and crazy month. I feel like I just started the challenge yesterday. Not as long as my 365 Days of Lettering, but still a large project. I love these types of habit based challenges.

Speaking of habit based challenges, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) begins Tuesday! I’m spending Monday gearing up for writing. Will be updating you on the progress. Still on the fence about vlogging the process. If I decide to do so look for an announcement video tomorrow. Updates will be on here and Twitter regardless of vlogging. I’m determined to win this year and have supplementary drawings or animations to post. Very excited!

Gonna go get to bed so I can get some important tasks out of the way tomorrow!

Halloween GIF & Ants

I spent a large portion of today working on a Halloween GIF for School of Motion’s Jack Mo’ Lantern contest.  So many transitions and I really haven’t created much in Photoshop’s timeline since early this year, so, I ended up learning about onion skins and all the timeline features. So many transitions between those shapes. T’was crazy.


Do not research bugs and animals that bite and sting before you go to bed. NOPE. JUST NOPE. You get things like this.

Opposite Directions & Colorful Shrimp

Today was one of those days where I thought it was going one way and then it just straight up went the other direction. In both good and bad ways. The morning started off with trying to be a productive day but instead I went in circles. Follow that up with what I thought was going to be meeting up for coffee with a new friend and instead turned into a tour of Sphero with a networking moment. My brain is still a bit mushy from the experience. Wasn’t expecting that at all and now I’m just utterly excited.

Of course, now I need to make up for minimal productivity by waking up early and working on projects. And have a long interruption to see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children with a friend in the middle of the day. Followed up by more work and Mochat at 7 PM. Gonna be an interesting day.