Day 22 of 365

Mylard took a deep breath as she pushed feet first, aiming directly at the shape that seemed to have a torso and hands. It was freezing Tomkin to death. Her lips had turned a shade of blue and Mylard was afraid the girl would be dead before she could reach her. Her feet connected suddenly to the surface of the creature.

She hit hard on the upper back side of his torso. A scream emitted from the shape of her. She cringed hearing it, covering her ears, it was high pitched and loud. It broke contact with Tomkin. Mylard spun to the side hard into a window. The creature whipped around to face Mylard.

“This is getting interesting,” Valrose said to the viewers. Many of the audience were so close to their screens, watching that they could see the pixels. “I wonder if Mylard will defeat the Shadow Creature? Rumor has it that if she does then the box will return them to the base of the stairs! But what do I know, I’m just the announcer,” he laughed and grinned sheepishly.

Mylard felt it grab her leg. The cold was instantly tingling through her. She felt it spread upward to her lips. A moment later she began shivering, her teeth chattered. She tried to twist out of the grip, but the grip was too late.



Day 15 of 365

Both girls continued their struggle inside the strange room. Tomkin’s glasses didn’t do much to help as she tried to figure her way out of the room. She spotted something strange off to the side as she wandered around. It was a tiny black box. Tomkin walked over to it, tripping several times as her depth perception was interrupted by the strobe lights.

Mylard struggled the breath had been knocked out of her when Tomkin had fallen on top. She rolled over to her side trying to breathe and figure out how to navigate her overwhelmed senses. The stench was getting to her and she wanted to hurl. Tomkin looked like she was ignoring the smell as she walked away. Mylard pulled herself together and stood up. A little woozy but she kept her balance.

Back in front of the screens, Valrose was excitingly narrating the girls, “Look at that, I think Tomkin might be finding her way of this maze sooner than Mylard if she gets that box open. But Mylard is smart so who knows? Who are you rooting for? Remember all cash bets close the moment these girls get out of the room. If my estimations are right, and they usually are, I’m gonna say these two will figure their way out in about 10 minutes! So get your bets in!” he reminded the crowd watching the show. His eyebrows did the shuffle they were famous for.

Tomkin reached out touching the box. The moment she did all the sirens and lights abruptly turned off. They were in pitch darkness with the awful stench.

“What. Did. You. Do?” Mylard asked.

“Uhhh…I––AHHH!” Tomkin screamed as something grabbed her leg and pulled down. She found herself trying to fumble at her laser gun and shoot it but just as it had touched her leg it was gone, “WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUU–––”

Mylard turned abruptly toward the sound of Tomkin’s screams but as she did something tugged at her right arm causing her to trip and fall. The surface of the ground had changed. It felt like cold dirt now instead of the flat hard room. She twisted around trying to look but the darkness only consumed her.


Day 14 of 365

Mylard found another dead end. Her frown was starting to droop and she wanted to cry. It’d been nearly half an hour of circles and she felt so confused. She took a deep breath and turned away from the dead end. She tensed hearing a scream which meant that one of her opponents was enduring something horrible. She hoped it wouldn’t be too painful, but was doubtful hearing the screaming. A moment later the intense yelling ended and the maze returned to its silence. Mylard had stopped moving during the yelling.

Taking another deep breath the young woman started again. She was remembering the last thing her sister had said to her. Just do your best Mylard. We know you’ll make everyone proud. She reminded herself of how much an honor this was and how grateful she was to be entered. It didn’t feel great to be in this terrifying maze, but the riches and honor would be worth it. She just wanted to do right by her older sister.

Turning a corner Mylard was surprised to see a clearing an in the center the glowing light of the ring. It was on a blue table and raised up. She froze taking in the sight. The rules were clear. Get the ring and place it on your finger to win. Mylard took a small step towards it, paused and searched. She wondered what would be on her way to get it. In every episode of the game, she had watched there was always something that prevented the last pair girls from getting to the ring.

Seeing nothing obvious she clutched the stun gun closer and inched carefully toward the ring. She felt like she was getting too close as she kept stepping toward it. Just as she reached the first step Tomkin appeared. Her orange hair was tangled and several scratch marks were bleeding down her stomach and arms. She looked around wildly wondering how she’d gotten to the clearing.

Mylard ran up the stairs hoping that it wouldn’t be a mistake. It was. The first step disappeared from her and Mylard found herself falling into someplace dark. She landed hard on a flat surface. Lamps flashed around her in a blinding manner and a high pitched noise filled her ears. But the thing that confused her was the stench. It was horrific and she couldn’t even describe it, but it made her want to vomit.

Valrose delighted that they had reached the clearing announced, “We’re in the final stage Ringers! Shall we see who gets to the ring first? There’s a poll up and running, tap your screen to tell us who you think will win! Mylard a regular girl who just somehow by chance got here, OR Tomkin, the legacy who has to live up to the pressure of two winning women!”

Tomkin froze seeing Mylard suddenly disappear. She had been there one second and then the next she wasn’t. She looked around wondering if the panther would follow her into this clearing. She didn’t want to make the same mistake as Mylard so she skipped the first step. The second one was solid. Breathing a sigh of relief she started toward the third but found her feet glued. Tomkin jerked at them but they were firm. Confused she looked down trying to–suddenly she was falling into the abyss.

Tomkin fell hard on top of Mylard who had barely stood up before being knocked back down. The wind knocked out of both girls and all senses being confused, made everything harder. They groaned and yelled trying to find themselves in the dark.

“OW! GET OFF!” Mylard yelled pushing Tomkin hard. Tomkin found herself suddenly hitting a wall. She yelped as one of her deep scratches got pressed by something.

It became apparent that both girls were in a tiny room of some making. Their senses were meant to be entirely overwhelmed by the experience. Tomkin closed her eyes and pulled her sunglasses down. It helped a little with the light. She turned around trying to understand what was going on.

To be continued…

Day 12 & 13 of 365

So I did start writing the other night but I literally fell asleep on my keyboard. When I check back I apparently only made it through one sentence. Did not realize I was that tired while writing. So we’re gonna just count this long post for both.

The clip faded off of Valrose and Mylard into the pre-game Valrose and Tomkin. Tomkin smiled, relaxed with a cup of tea in her hand. Valrose leaned forward.

“Tomkin, your mother, and grandmother were both champions of this game, how does it feel to be the third generation?” he asked. Tomkin suppressed the urge to punch him.

“Well, it’s an honor. I wouldn’t be here without them. Thanks, Mom! Thanks, Grandma,” she said waving to the camera with her eyes gleaming. She smiled.

“Do you feel that gives you an advantage at all?”

“Not really. After all, I still have to do all the hard work, and live up to the expectations,” she said with a coy smile. “The only advantage I have is the stories of being in the game.”

Valrose laughed his fake laugh, “Fair enough Tomkin. It’s a pleasure getting to know you. Now any advice you have for the contestants who want to enter next year?”

“Just do it. You’ll figure it out once you find out you’re in,” she said.

“Thanks,” Valrose said.

The screen flashed back to the present Valrose in his flashy suit and commentary of the ongoing game. The two girls were still in the maze with their stun guns. Tomkin was running from something. Her eyes and expression of fear paired with her frequent glances over the shoulder. She slipped and fell hard. Valrose was quick to tell the crowd about the nasty fall. Tomkin winced pulling herself up quickly despite the bit of blood dripping from her elbows and chin. She spun around looking for her stun gun. It was a few feet away from her, but just as she began toward it. A large panther jumped out.

Tomkin held herself prepared to dart into the bushes. The panther eyed at her his tail flicking in anger. She found her eyes darting at the stun gun which was now between them and the large cat. Her thoughts raced. And then she moved. A split-second later claws dug into her back as she grasped at the gun. The screams were loud and she somehow found her fingers around it. She threw her shoulder over as the panther ripped at her back and then shot. The stun gun hit the panther in the shoulder. It yowled angrily but released and went down.

Tomkin found herself bleeding but still in the game. She pulled herself up, wary of the unconscious beast and limped into the maze.

To be continued…

Day 6 & 7 of 365

Sorry for the wait. Flew back home to NYC yesterday and then was preoccupied with cleaning and organizing.

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The Sandburg aliens held their tongue after Verona’s lashing out. Despite all their puff, Verona had more leverage than they did. Ellis felt completely in the dark watching this. What on Earth was going on?

“How did you find us?” Mrs. Sandburg asked. She had been quiet for awhile but the question had been stirring in her mind since Verona had walked through the door.

Verona’s eyes darted over to Mrs. Sandburg and then back to Mr. Sandburg. When he spoke he chose his words carefully, “Perhaps your family isn’t as stealthy as you think it is or maybe I’m just that good of a tracker.” He wanted to pull the trigger and hit one of these fools with his laser gun.

“Why haven’t you changed your skin? You’re still wearing the same human,” Fell asked.

Verona glared. He pulled his gun up aiming it at Mrs. Sandburg who was the closest Sandburg to him. “Curious how it goes when you find the right skin.”

“Your exile is up for debate, isn’t it?” Fell hissed. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped a bit. “You’re trying to get yours lifted by turning one of us in!”

Verona nearly pulled the trigger. He bit his lip. “Just let me take one of you to the ship. I just want my freedom. I miss the stars,” he said. “Please.”

“Begging isn’t very appealing,” Marilyn snapped. “How dare you think that bringing one of us would put you in good favor with the government!”

To be continued.

Quiet Night

It’s quiet tonight. Cold and draining. The season of fall pulling with its fingertips and caressing everyone into the weather. Monday is almost upon us and the week looms ahead with promise and fear. The new goals of the weeks ahead seem so far and so close. Deadlines gasp as procrastination sucks the air out of their lungs and excitement starts wane under the pressure. It’s quiet tonight. Tension seeping into the dark, as the gong of a new day waits to begin.

The click of the mouse and the clattering of keys pressed are the sounds in the night. Breathing little sighs and cracks as necks twist and fingers crack. Lips pressed together with the lingering taste of the last meal on the tongue. This is the moment where you wonder if time will change suddenly and spiral forward faster and faster, or slip into a slow tick-tock of waiting. The pressure of thoughts.

Lukewarm tea and a slammed bathroom door as teenagers take over the counter, cramming their clothes on the small towel racks, as if no one else lives in this space. This is their house and they mark their territory with silent coups. Their loud music terrorizing parents out of their bedrooms as they twirl their hair and watch the smallest screen around.

The cats crawl and claim their lap. The dogs wait their praise. There lies the one that needs a belly rub and an arm to nibble. Must not leave to pee, because disturbing the small creature that staked out these thighs would mean agony. A turned back and slip of the paw might mean that mug shattered over the floor. Angry eyes and yowls to the sky because the master will hold food till morning, and waiting is such a pain.

Sleep. Sleep. The waiting warmth of the covers and burn of the small screen. Sleep. Sleep. The roll under the blanket and the setting of alarms. It’s quiet tonight. Monday is almost upon us.

I haven’t written a story in a long while…and just need a little break from animation inspiration. Title sequence updates tomorrow. Night and have a great week!


Untitled “Demons” Part 2

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Part Two

Raymond woke up in the infirmary. She groaned dramatically as she opened her eyes. No one was around her of course. Why did she bother vying for attention if no one was there? She glanced over at the machines beeping in sync with her heart. She sighed and pressed the orange button on the side of her bed.

“Hola sis,” Andrick said whisking the white curtain aside a moment later. She raised an eyebrow at her older brother. He was smirking at her. “Ugly Duckling lives another day to be ridiculed by her siblings!”

“Too bad you’re terrible at insults.” Raymond raised her bed as she spoke. Andrick wrinkled his nose as the smirk twisted into a scowl. “Now you gonna enlighten me on how bad the damage is?”

“Not sure I want to anymore,” he said.

“Oh come on, you know you want to tell me I’m dying–or worse living,” she taunted. Raymond smirked at him despite a shot of pain through her shoulder. The back wounds from the lizard demon were clearly still healing.

“Andrick, stop taunting your sister,” Vyl hissed brushing past his son as he walked into the room.

Andrick’s face fell serious and he stood up straighter. His eyes glued to the doctor’s white lab coat. Raymond swallowed hard and heard the sound of the heart monitor speed up as their father commanded the room. She could see her father’s dark eyes harden as he approached her.

“Raymond, you know better. No portal jumps without a partner. Rules are rules, you break them and you can lose your life,” he said calmly. Raymond felt herself shrink as her father spoke. “You’re suspended from field duty for three weeks after your release from medical leave.”

Raymond felt her jaw harden in anger. That just wasn’t fair. “Three weeks? But no one else is–” she started to argue but her father’s eyebrows raised and his eyes flashed angrily at her. She halted her argument, opening her mouth and carefully wording the next sentence, “I am sorry for my disobedience. I will serve the time for it.” She could feel her eyes welling up as she spoke.

“Good. Now your bandages will need changing. A nurse will be here in a moment. Your call to Andrick was timed well enough that the demon poison only did surface damage. You have some level 2 burns on your back and level 3 on your arm. If all goes well you will be released tomorrow afternoon with some ointments for your wounds and extra bandages. Medical leave will be two weeks with physical exercises,” he snapped. Vyl sighed heavily letting his medical and commander self relax for a moment. “I’m glad you’re safe Raymond. I am sorry that you’re on suspension, but you did well in catching the lizard demon. I’m proud, but it was stupid to go through the portal alone.”

Raymond felt her face burn, her eyes staring at the curtain behind him. She hated having a father that was her commander. She wanted him to leave. Vyl nodded at her and reached out, squeezing her hand for a moment before turning and leaving. She held the tears in while he nodded at Andrick who shrunk back under his father’s gaze. Their father exiting the room.

“You can cry now,” Andrick said gently as soon as their father was out of range. He turned as his sister let the sob escape. He walked over to the bedside, pulling up a chair and rubbing her hand gently. Raymond pulled away.

“Why is he such an asshole?”

“For what it’s worth, you did a great job bringing the demon down,” Andrick said, attempting to comfort his sister.

Raymond wiped the tears from her eyes and heaved a breath. She turned back to Andrick. “I’m fine stupid. So what did I miss?”

“Nothing important. Just Roland almost broke his arm and lost his top bunk in an arm wrestling match to Penn,” he said smirking. Raymond raised and eyebrow and grinned back at her brother as a giggle escaped her lips.

“Of course.”

Stillness: Part 2

Day 11 of 365.

So this is anything but realistic, but I’m brain dumping this story. Prepare for plot holes, you will fall into many and many a trap I have been snared in. Mostly because I did not come prepared to build bridges across them.

If you haven’t read Part One, make sure you do before continuing with this.


Dr. Gifford was a young man with short blond hair. His hands were gentle as he studied Clase’s head injury. She was wrapped tightly in a thick towel and sitting on the edge of a king sized bed. She stared around the large house as the Doctor continued to inspect her. The master bedroom she sat in had a massive window which supposedly peered out at the lake. She couldn’t see it due to the fog that had wrapped its arms around the house.

Damien stood back aways. He’d changed since getting back and was waiting for Dr. Gifford’s diagnosis. Clase could see him nervously shifting and rubbing a wedding ring every few seconds. Clase wondered why she was so important to him.

“Ow,” Clase piped as Dr. Gifford pressed his fingers lightly to the side of her head again. He frowned in response.

“What?” Damien questioned, fidgeting. “What does that mean?” Clase had an urge to tell him to mind his own business.

“Not enough to diagnose. She needs to go to the hospital,” he responded. “There’s bruising all around the edge of her skull, and there will be experts there that can address the memory loss.”

“Not until the fog clears up. We’ll never be able to follow the road, and I’m doubtful an ambulance will be able to find us,” Damien responded.

“I’ll do what I can, but if there’s internal damage she could die. I don’t advise waiting, even with the fog. It’s been long enough already, also falling into the lake has likely aggravated her injury,” said Dr. Gifford as he leaned back to look at Damien with a serious expression. He pulled his gloves off as he did and grabbed a small light and to Clase said, “Follow my finger with your eyes.”

Clase did as said. In her peripheral vision she could see Dr. Gifford’s small reactions. He had a look of worry and bad news seemed to be on the tip of his tongue.

“How did this happen?” Dr. Gifford asked as he continued examining Clase’s reflexes.

“I’m not entirely sure. I was in here about to take a shower when I heard someone, Clase, fall down the stairs. I ran out to see what had happened, but she was running away as if scared or something was chasing her. It happened so quick, and I’m not entirely sure I even know what happened. Next moment I saw her on the floor in the kitchen. There was blood on her head and…and…then she fainted.”

“Did you call an ambulance before you called me?” Gifford asked looking at Damien.

“You’re closer than anyone else, so I called you first,” Damien said. He rubbed his beard. “I didn’t know what to do, and the nearest hospital is so far away. I mean, if worse comes to worse if the visibility clears up I can fly the helicopter. Although, Clase is the designated pilot, but she’s not in any shape to do that.”

Gifford sighed. “Well, at least you have a neighbor who is a trained doctor. Although, I still think a hospital and ambulance is more qualified. I understand the distance, but personally I think time is of more essence. I think you should call and ambulance now. We can always meet them at the entrance to Raven’s Pass. Even in this fog I could navigate a car there.”

Clase chewed at her lip. She felt left out of the conversation, but couldn’t think of anything to contribute. The feeling reminded her of listening to parents discuss the fate of their child, and being powerless to do anything.

“Clase, do you remember anything at all?” Dr. Gifford asked.

Clase looked up at him. His eyes were light. “Not before the dock. The last memory I have is wondering how I got here.” She felt useless as she spoke. Clase licked her lips.

“Well, Damien. What happened after she fainted? How’d she get to the dock?”

“Uh…she ran. I called you and then the next thing I knew she was standing out there.”

Dr. Gifford sighed. “Well, let’s call an ambulance,” he said. Damien nodded and left to grab the phone. “Clase, is there anything you want to tell me? I’ve been letting you husband speak for you since you seem to have some memory loss, but if there’s anything you want to tell me now is the time.”

Clase felt her lips form the word husband without sound. “Wait?” she looked up at the Doctor confused. “Husband? I’m married?” The young doctor’s face fell as he watched her expression. He tried to find words, but Damien interrupted.

“The phone line is down. I’m going to try the backup, but it’s in the basement. Do you want to get her ready to travel? Her clothes are over there in the drawer,” he said pointing. Dr. Gifford nodded and went to retrieve clothes. Clase looked at Damien…her husband. He turned away. She wanted to say something, but wasn’t sure how to. She felt like she owed him something, but once again her felt a fuzzy block. She watched him leave the room again.

Dr. Gifford selected some pajamas for her to wear, saying something about how it was easier to change in and out. Before leaving her to change in the bathroom he paused. “Clase, is there anything else you remember?” he asked, keeping his voice low.

Clase could tell he was hinting at something, but wasn’t sure what. Maybe the phantom hands? She hadn’t mentioned them to anyone yet.

“Like what?” she asked, careful to keep her voice low.

Dr. Gifford glanced back. “Like, perhaps, do you remember being pushed? Do you remember fighting at all? Do you feel afraid of anyone?” Clase could tell he what he was implying, but honestly she hadn’t a slightest clue if it was a possibility.

“I know what you’re trying to say Dr. Gifford, but honestly…I just don’t remember,” she said. Her eyes welled up a bit as she tried to tell him how much she wanted to know that answer. “I wish I knew…But…”

Dr. Gifford put a hand on her shoulder and nodded. “It’s okay. Just a precaution. You’ll be asked these questions again at the hospital, just be prepared.”

“Gifford!” Damien’s voice called from below. The doctor left Clase to see what he wanted.


“Ambulance is going meet us there asap,” he said. “Clase, are you okay?”

Clase finished changing, staring in the mirror as she did. She could see all the bruising on her head and some dried blood. Her damp hair clung to her face as she moved. She closed her eyes for a moment. The pressure on her shoulders from the hands returned causing goosebumps. They moved suddenly and she felt them against her neck. Trying to choke her. Clase opened her eyes, breathing hard and grasping at her neck. The feeling disappeared and she spun around trying to find the phantom. Her chest heaved.

“Clase?” Damien asked louder walking into the bathroom. He could see her twisting around alarmed. “Are you ready?”

“The hands…” she said. “They…they tried to strangle me…”

“What hands?” Dr. Gifford asked. He was standing behind Damien watching her.

“I don’t know. My head hurts,” she said clutching her head. Pain throbbed as she did and she wanted to close her eyes, but she was afraid of the hands.

To Be Continued.