Animatics | Title Sequence WIP

I’m still working on my sound design skills. I don’t ever expect to be a professional, but I would like to know enough to make my own videos work for me. As a result of being an utter newb, I spent a couple hours trying to find a song for my animatic because I didn’t like the original one I picked. I think the once I found is much better suited, not perfect since I can’t exactly commission one…But it’ll work for the contest entry.

Below is an animatic with music. Rebuilding all the assets is still being worked out and how all animation is going to be. Some of the timing still needs reworking, I feel like some of the titles go by quite fast, but I want to keep everything timed with the music beats still. I’m also finicky on use of red in that one frame, but it makes sense… I’ll figure out how I want to portray it when I get to that particular animation. Feel free to watch and tweet me some critiques!

Password: Zonaefly

Okay, gonna go watch Stranger Things again with the parents.



Snackadoodle vs Dog animatic 2

Day 16 of 365.

There’s lots of little details I need to workout with this story, but I have a full animatic at least. Not a well drawn one, nor is it even close to a finalized story, but it’s got the basic formula. Beginning, middle, end. I’m thinking I might move the scene into the kitchen so I can get a Twinkie into the story. Snackadoodle can drop in on dinner and cause a scene as he tries to steal a Twinkie on his way out of the kitchen…I might be getting a bit ahead of myself. I don’t have a lot of time to animate this, and it’s a bit of a long story to do that in.

I’m trying to think of ways to make the scene a bit simpler so all I have to animate is the rat and dog. I do like the people freaking out, but for sake of simplicity I can probably take them out and still have the same story. Perhaps the rat falls on the dog instead and then gets stuck trying to get through the tiny opening, only for the dog to take pity and push him through it. Other options can be that Snackadoodle is dragging a Twinkie he found toward the opening only to be discovered by the dog…Hmmm…little things to think about. I’ll have to work this out tomorrow night.

Goals tomorrow are narrow down the final story and redraw at least part of the animatic. Make it more simplistic and keep in mind that I need to make time to break down this animation. Also pick a breed for the dog.

Looping animatic version 2.0 starts after “the end.”


Snackadoodle Animatic

Day 15 of 365.

Start of an animatic for the Snackadoodle vs Dog/Family animation I’m working on. Very rough start to it. I’m still working on ideas for an escape plan. Also thinking about some different angles for the scene. I tried to just get the scene out as fast as I could, because I tend to get focused on details. Also, I’m running late tonight.

As far as goals tomorrow I want to have one full animatic, the rough of the story from beginning to end. So tomorrow I plan to refine the beginning scenes and create an escape plan for the rat. If time allows some character development for the rat, dog, and people. It’d be nice to have a bit of a rough sheet I can look at for details. Depends a bit on time though. The main goal is just having the story down.


Note: GIF is on repeat and starts with the rat running around the picture frames. Probably should have uploaded in video form…but I’m going to wait to do that until I have a full video animatic.