Errr….Animation Inspiration 97

Did not achieve goals for anything today. Little hiccup with the discipline. I’m not counting today as a productive day since I didn’t accomplish anything. Had time to despite a long car ride and being locked out of my computer this morning.

Goals for Monday are to vote and all my new challenges.

It stings a bit that I didn’t do so well today, but this is why I have this challenge in place. I really need to hone the skill of self-discipline. Especially with no deadline. I’m motivated and focus with a deadline (as are most people) but without one, I find myself slacking. Today I learned that mornings are crucial for getting that productive tone set. I spent mine in a car driving for 2 hours. It’s a shame I get motion sick. But tomorrow is a new day!

Since I failed to meet my goals today I have some inspiration.

Unsatisfying | By Parallel Studio

This amuses me because I watch the videos on Youtube that are in this style. It’s funny to see it in an animation and the different takes on what is unsatisfying.

New Logo | By Sebastian Curi

Love these logo animations! Makes me want to go play with animating my own! Very fun simple line designs and playful type. Very sleek and interesting to watch! Love it!



Challenges. A daunting and difficult task, but still feasible.

The first being 30 Days of Productivity challenge. This one features the original novel writing challenge, the infamous job search, and a personal art project. Every day I will do something that helps me accomplish these three tasks this month. I already do these tasks, but I want to force consistency with the level of productivity. As remarked in earlier posts this week I’ve been frustrated with my busy to productive ratio. I’ve outlined three tasks I can do to be consistent in accomplishing these goals.

  1. Spend minimum 10 minutes every morning writing and 15 minutes every night.
  2. Write one cover letter every day and email.
  3. Make something and upload to a social media once a day.

The important thing with these three goals is that they’re manageable and will keep me going. I will be updating you on the progress as I go along.

The second challenge is playing The Minimalism Game. With the holidays coming along, meaning the season of gifts, I want to get rid of items gathering dust and accomplishing nothing. To play you get rid of one thing on day one, two things on day two, three on three, and so forth. Will photograph items I am either donating or throwing out and post either on IG stories or Twitter.

Excited to see how this goes. Officially starting tomorrow as I need to head to bed. Should be an interesting month.

Booktube-A-Thon | Challenge Day 4 | Styleframes WIP

-Yawn- Started falling asleep while working on this. Long day of lots of different projects and then I went and got a fun haircut. So didn’t really get to work on my challenge video until tonight. I’m posting just the styleframes since I haven’t had a chance to do anything with audio or music. Challenge is to make a poem using book titles (the spines). I thought I’d handletter the titles so it took a bit longer to put together than wanted. I need to place the images of each novel in still and adjust so that you can read the poem and understand what’s going on. It’s a task I plan on leaving until tomorrow morning since I’m really tired. Night guys!


Booktube-A-Thon | Challenge Day 3 | Book Title Slip In

So this is the culmination of just having fun creating something different. I learned a bit more on how to use Audition, although I really don’t have an ear for this kind of stuff so I can’t really say I know how to use it well…but the point is that I learned something new. I also was reminded of how much I love photomanipulations. Been awhile since I’ve done that. All in all good creative day. Have a few more things to work on before bed tonight, but for now celebrating the wins of my day!

Question for you! What did you do today that you’re proud of?

I’m proud of finishing this Challenge Video and still having extra time in the day!



Some Solutions for when You Feel Stuck

So upon identifying my Creative Burnout I’ve spent the day trying to find a good solution for getting out of this rut and finding my passion again without the nagging feeling that I’ve had for all my projects recently.

First off, I need a new hobby. I think one of the reasons I’ve been feeling burnt out is that my hobbies are the same as my work. So lettering and animating for fun doesn’t really feel like getting away from working because it’s the same process and stressors. I need to find a different activity other than making other creative things like videos and animations or lettering. So some hobbies I’ve been trying to either rekindle or start are read more, puzzles, and write.

Secondly, I need to clean. Which is what I’ve spent most of today doing. Cleaning my room and trashing things I don’t need. I think getting my space in order will help. It’s refreshing to have a reorganized room, although I still have another cleaning activity to tackle…my computer files. My files have gotten out of hand since graduation last year and I have so much cleaning to do as a result. Basically getting some things in order is gonna help a ton.

Third, a change of scenery. I work in the same space every day and I haven’t changed it in a year now. Planning on hanging a few photos and motivational quotes. Also need to get my exercise back in order. My mom just gifted me a new Fitbit Alta and I’ve realized I don’t move very much these days. At least I have Pokemon Go & Fitbit to help motivate the exercising now.

Another thing I’m going to work on is a better schedule. I wake up late but spend a lot of time working on my projects late in the evenings. It’s been really confusing to my sleep schedule. Working from home is confusing too because I don’t have an exact transition for the beginning or end of my day so I just end up working until dinner time or until I get sleepy. There have been a lot times where my alarm goes off to remind me to go to bed and I’ve realized I haven’t even started on a blog post, nor gotten ready for bed for that matter. Mornings I usually let myself be lazy, but as soon as I get coffee in my body and my bed is made I’m typically working on a project for as long as I can. So going to bed earlier & waking up early to do things like exercise is the goal now.

I’ve been trying to pin down what my stressors are and honestly I think I just take on too many personal projects. Even though I’m not working a full-time job I’m always trying to create something for myself. Remember all those resolutions I made? Silly thing is that even though I’ve basically abandoned most of them I’m still putting them on my to-do-list half the time. Not to mention I’m still trying to make this Selfi Animation, work on a title sequence for my BookTube-A-Thon TBR, Character Animation Bootcamp, and add a couple freelance jobs to my todo list. On top of all of this I keep not wanting to miss out on family and friend time so I keep saying ‘yes’ to little things.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve been getting angry at myself for every little break and unproductive moment I have. I know you can’t be productive 100 percent of the time, but for some reason I’m so angry for taking an hour to work on the titles when I should be working on the bootcamp, and then I get angry at myself for not finishing my work on the selfi animation, and argh. It’s a terrible cycle of feeling guilty every time I work on one project and not the other, as well as a bit overwhelmed at my todo list. I’m going have to work on my prioritizing too.

It’s strange to call this burnout ’cause I feel like I’m doing far less than what I was in school, but when I look through the list of symptoms I feel like I’ve been identifying with them for the past couple weeks. I’m beginning to feel wrong in calling it burnout, it might be more stuck than overworked, but the symptoms seem to be almost the same when you list them out. Either way it’s time for some change and getting some new habits in will help a lot.