Merry Christmas

So I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas or celebrating other holidays that you do or just enjoying family!

Here’s a couple art pieces! The first is from the new project I’m working on. Gonna get those face illustrations down soon! As for the holiday I made a quick gif!

Merry Christmas friends!




Spent all day hanging with the fam. It was fun. I was in no way productive as a result, but family time is always important. We bought our Christmas tree, went to a craft market, and found gifts. Since I didn’t do any work today I now have to make up for all that tomorrow. Need to get some sleep and wake up early to work. Especially since I got another idea for an animation project…I have so many on my list, but time and money are killing the mood! Guess that’s why I’m applying for the Adobe Creative Residency. Would be amazing to just work on these head animations forever and ever without worry.

If you’re in need of a good motivational video watch as Gary Vaynerchuk calls a bunch of his fans. Even just watching 10 minutes gets you pumped to get some hustle on! I know I’m inspired to make tomorrow fantastically productive! Gonna get some good rest so that I can get shit done!


Animation Inspiration 16

It’s April and I’m rewatching Christmas animations…this is completely normal, because Spring is the time you think about fireplaces and hot fires to curl up next to…right? Okay maybe that’s a lie…I really just think about how I should probably go outside instead of sitting inside trying to art, but then decide that watching Charmed for the umpteenth time is probably a better idea. Anyway, back to the animation inspiration.

This is Yule Log a project created by Daniel Savage which has creative animations of yule logs from many different animators! There’s a ton of which are beautifully done and absolutely mesmerizing. So many unique styles which makes me excited to create. If you have time you should watch all of them, otherwise here’s a few of my favorites (which is all of them, but I made myself only pick 3 for the sake of this blog).

Animation Inspiration 6

Some tear jerking animation inspiration tonight. I hope you enjoy!

Loteria TVC

I know it’s not Christmas, nor do I speak Spanish, but this is such a sweet adorable story. I really love this animation, which I believe is an ad for the lottery…but since I don’t know Spanish I choose to believe it’s just an adorable story about valuing everyone at your company. I like the fact that there’s no dialogue between anyone, but that you can understand the story through the body language as well as music. I might not be able to read the words they have up on the screen, but I can infer everything in the story based on expressions and how they illustrate scenes. Give this a watch if you just need a feel good story.


This one is so simple. Just watch it okay. There’s a lot of feelings that this simple animation brings out. A lot…brb crying. Anyways, watch it. The best part is just how simple the emotional gestures are. This will always be a favorite of mine.