Animation Inspiration 110

I feel like it’s been ages since I threw up some inspiration on this blog. Been prioritizing other projects that are of a larger scope and letting my Friday posts slide a bit. I’ll work on posting more inspirational posts in the future.

YIN teaser | by Nicolas Fong | Tumblr: those-visions-have-no-end

Loving the textures, cel animation, and optical illusional style of this teaser. I’m excited to watch the full short. Keeping an eye out for this!

A is for Albert | By Studio Lovelock |

Love this alphabetical adventure following a feisty child named Albert. He really loves to help out, fix things, negotiate, and party. Enjoying that every letter has its own story featuring him. Great animation and very fun to watch!

You can also view these animations on

Looking forward to the weekend! Hope everyone else is too and excited for my Monday post. Make sure to check back then because it’s a special Valentine edition!

~Kendall Hotchkiss




Animation Inspiration 103

Spent all day working on a project with a friend. Got back from that and took a nap…basically accomplished no personal projects. -sigh- I think tomorrow will have to be a day of working in coffee shops or something. Working at home is starting to get distracting.

Whitechapel Gallery – Mary Heilmann – Summer Exhibition Teaser | By Emmanuelle Walker

Loving the textures in this piece. Interesting incorporation of movement for the exhibition.

Zubroffka 2016 | By Kijek / Adamski

Shiny lights are shiny. I’m mesmerized by the movement of the lighting in this piece. Great geometric designs.

Kangaroo & Animation Inspiration 94

When you got lots of work to do tomorrow because you spent too long in the planning stage today.

G–AAAH | By Lizzy Hobbs

So I can’t post this one here since there are domain restrictions, but you should check out the video! It’s got a creative stop motion style and is really interesting to watch. I’m fascinated by the style and would love to give it a try one day.

Icons of Punk  @ Polyester Studio | By Joan Chung

Love the style and fun playful nature of this piece. It’s a really interesting introduction and has great transitions! Also that ending lettering. ❤

Animation Inspiration 91

I did not budget my time well this past week so an all-nighter is ahead of me. Project due at Midnight Sept 30th EST. So just some quick inspiration while I go back to the grind.

Nerdist News Bumper | By Maxwell

Because I’m a fan of the Nerdist and I love the movement of the type in this.

Stranger | By Ori Toor

This is an interesting effect. I love the quality and music. It’s an interesting style to watch.


Animation Inspiration 90

Due to an upcoming deadline I’ve decided to withhold the updates for the title sequence until it is finished and uploaded to both Vimeo & Instagram. Which should be tomorrow night…or very early morning Friday. I’m hoping for midnight tomorrow night since the deadline is Friday at midnight. Yay.

In other news, I’ve apparently done at least 90 Animation Inspirations now. -celebration-

LoopdeLoop: Neighbours | By Thesmithereens

Great short narration. I’m in love with the storytelling of this piece. Beautiful music too!

Mower Animation Test, Summer 2016 | By Isaac King

Cute little reminder of Summer. Especially now that Fall is here. Love seeing the grass grow in this piece!

Animation Inspiration 89

Not gonna lie I didn’t even get to animating today…I had plans to, but decided to watch that debate. I’m gonna turn in early and wake up to animate.

Timeshare Math | By Jeff Moberg

Love the transitions of this. Very fun simple design. Reminds me of School of Motion animation projects. Reminds me, I need to go back through my lessons to make sure I don’t forget anything. Great fun piece with interesting information!

OFFF By Night 2016 – Title Sequence | By The Mill

I’m fascinated by these credits. Would really love to learn the process of these. If they used particles or liquid mattes or some other technique. I’m super interested in how this was created. I did find a case study on this by the Mill. Turns out they used 3D and rendered in 2D effects. I would still love to see a tutorial on at least a couple methods of how they created the design. I’m super mesmerized by this.


Animation Inspiration 84

Ehhh…still recovering from the craziness of this past week. I’m need some more recharging time before I jump back into animating my title sequence. More inspiration friends. If I don’t get any work done tomorrow def will have stuff on Monday.

Pokemon Generations Episode 1: The Adventure

Loving this cute animation of Pokemon Generations. Can’t wait to see more!

Vancity – Credit Card Financial Literacy | By Matt J 

This has such a great animation style! I love the way the animator handles the control of your eye, especially where there is a lot of things to looks at. It’s got great pacing and a good narration to help illustrate their point. Love the illustration style and colors so much!

Animation Inspiration 83

Not gonna lie I’m done for the night. Just straight up too much networking this week and I need to sit down and just write some thoughts on paper for myself so I don’t forget things. Also just process everything properly. The extension on the contest was really nice. I just took today off from working on that since I’ve been trying to cram it all in. This week has been crazy.

I’m yawning like crazy and need a shower. Enjoy some Animation Inspiration while I go get ready for bed and crash.

Urban Peak – Invisible | By Legwork

Love watching pieces by Legwork. This one has great style and storytelling without dialogue. I love how each scene flows together to blend the narrative. Sad story, but impactful storytelling.

Floppy Disk | By Markus Magnusson

Lol. Love this one. Had to watch it a couple times in my sleepy state, but laughed both times. This opening scene tho. Love that cinematic touch that helps lead the eye. Very fun piece and funny ending! The minimalistic design and simple actions are great for this comedic theme.

Animation Inspiration 81

So I’m going to a concert tonight. My usual work on that title sequence time will be taken up by screaming at the All American Rejects & Blink 182…soooo…Animation Inspiration.

Hot Yellow | By Mikhail Kalinin

Love this bumper. The hot dog is a great embodiment of slasher and psycho thriller films. Also love that color palette.

Taking Flight | By Moonbot Studios

Stop whatever you’re doing right now to watch this. It’s the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a long long time. This animation gets to sit next to Up n my head. It’s so wonderful and I love both the animation style and stories. Oh my, love love love this. I love stories about imagination and kids. One of my absolutely favorite genres (maybe story type? idk) to watch. Just watch it! I might cry from how precious this story is.

Youtube Inspiration

Title sequence is officially behind schedule, but not worried yet. I can catch up tomorrow. I did a brainstorm with my friend, Emily. That stirred up some more ideas so I have a longer collection of items to illustrate for the sequence.

Since I’m lacking in progress, I pulled a few of my favorite videos to watch. These are some Youtubers and their videos I love.

Creative Spaces TV EP. 10| A Helmet You Actually Want to Wear | By Sara Dietchy

Sara is currently one of my favorite Youtubers. She creates great content that focuses on humans specializing in different creative fields. Creative Spaces TV is a docuseries that follows creatives through their processes and the spaces they work in. The interviews are always amazing to watch and I love getting to see glimpses into these spaces!

Indoor Plant Serial Killer | By CommunityChannel

I love Nat’s comedy. She has hilarious topics like killing plants, king-sized candy, or comparing umbrella stress to baby stress. I love how well her examples get acted out, and her scripts. Anytime I need a laugh she’s at the top of my list.

The Quick Version of My Signature Celebrity Kitten Eye | By Lisa Eldridge

For those of you who enjoy makeup I recommend watching any tutorial Lisa has to offer. For one thing she has that perfect ASMR voice (at least to me she does), and secondly her enthusiasm for her craft is visible in every video. She’s so knowledgable with constant references to a makeup style from this designer or time period in most of her styles. It’s nice to hear the history and evolution of a style, rather than just how a color pops and is trendy right now. If you’re at all interested in makeup give at least one video a try!