Halloween GIF & Ants

I spent a large portion of today working on a Halloween GIF for School of Motion’s Jack Mo’ Lantern contest. ¬†So many transitions and I really haven’t created much in Photoshop’s timeline since early this year, so, I ended up learning about onion skins and all the timeline features. So many transitions between those shapes. T’was crazy.


Do not research bugs and animals that bite and sting before you go to bed. NOPE. JUST NOPE. You get things like this.


Animation Inspiration 14

Today’s Animation Inspiration seems to have a theme of perspective. Meaning the unique uses of perspective in the shot¬†as well as the lense one views the story and designs on the page. Both pieces are certainly unique in perspective as well as in stories. Enjoy!


Wonderfully creepy and beautifully illustrated story about teeth. I love the different perspectives of seeing everything through the mouth! I also like the age progression as the narrative builds with it. Unsettling near the end, but absolutely worth a watch!


This informative mograph is mesmerizing. I love all the different levels of play in each scene. As well as the simplicity of each movement that makes up what looks both complicated and simple designs. I would love to see the styleframes and process that got to these designs. Especially for the acronym LISA’s explanation. The type lockup in beautifully done. Great to look at from an illustrative graphic design perspective as well as motion.

Animation Inspiration 9

Tea Consent

This video is an important one. It’s very important so you should watch it. Consent is an important issue, and not one that should be debated about. If you need help understanding the concept of consent then please watch this video. And if you already understand consent, consider watching this video as a refresher, or just because you want to see a cool animation about tea. Either way I think this is a video that conveys it point cleverly and definitively. It’s straightforward about its thoughts and has great visuals to illustrate the point even more. Keep everyone safe friends and make sure you understand consent. ‚̧

Slow Wave

I might have some nightmares now. This is a creepy animation, do not watch it before bed if you sometimes think your house comes to life while you’re asleep. Also I have a very strong urge to attempt to read¬†House of Leaves¬†by Mark Z. Danielewski again. I never did finish that book because I felt like I was slowly descending into madness along with the characters. Might have to try again after watching this short, which is wonderfully creepy. Once again, it does play upon the idea of nightmares so if you’re like me and don’t sleep too well when you watch creepy videos right before bed, watch it earlier in the day.

Anyway, lovely story. I love watching pieces that don’t have dialogue. There’s something wonderful about the usage of sound and visual animation that makes me excited. It’s nice to be shown a story rather than told, hence the reasons I love film & animation. Slow Waves takes on different angles and lighting to showcase “Sleep disturbances from outside and within.” I love the setup of the piece through different points of view. I hope you enjoy this short!



Stillness Part 4

Been awhile since I’ve added to this story. Check for the¬†beginning parts in the Stillness category on my sidebar.


“I’m ordering a CT scan to see if there’s something else going on inside your head that might be causing the amnesia,” Doctor Wells told Clase. She was alone in the hospital room with him. Well, as alone as she could¬†be with the strange ghost like thing following her still and the hands trying to strangle her. “And you’re sure you remember nothing about the incident or specifics about your¬†husband?

“I’m trying, but honestly all I remember is standing out on the dock at the house onward. There’s moments where I know I should be feeling something about¬†him, but I just don’t know what,” Clase said. Her eyes ducked down to study her hands. There were little cuts and bruises over her arms and some strange birthmarks she couldn’t remember ever having. “These are strange birthmarks,” she said. “I don’t remember having these.”

The doctor’s eyebrow raised. “That’s a good sign that you remember something.”

Clase looked up at him. “Oh…I guess I do.”

“Do you remember if you have siblings at all? Family vacations?” he asked.

“I think I have a sister…named Alice, but she lives in Florida,” she said. It was surprising to have a distinct memory that came effortlessly.

“That’s a good sign. You probably just have some post-trauma amnesia combined with retrograde. That means you don’t remember the cause of the head injury, and it seems you are missing a few crucial life moments,” he said jotting down some notes.

“Like getting married,” Clase said sadly. “I just don’t know how I can forget my husband.”

Dr. Wells looked at her with a sad face. “Well, we will figure this out. I’m going to go order the CT scan. If you want I can notify Damien and/or Dr. Gifford that they¬†can come in. If you’re not ready, that’s okay, with amnesia patients it’s always a little jarring and hard to know.”

“Uhhh…Yeah, go ahead and let them know, but tell them I need a few minutes alone before they come in. Just want to process it…” Clase said. Dr. Wells nodded and left the room.

As soon as he did Clase looked up for the wispy white man. She stared at it, her eyes trying to process what it was. The streak of white was always changing like smoke or water, and his face would float with it.

“What are you?” she asked when they made eye contact. The man’s mouth¬†opened to speak but she could hear nothing.

A thought popped into her head. I am Agirara. You are Clase.

Clase swallowed hard. “Hi…Agirara…” she muttered staring at the ever changing streak.

You don’t have to speak out loud. Simply think and I will respond.

Okay…Who are you? What are you?

I am a wizard spirit¬†here to help defend you from the demon’s attacks. I warn you, do not close your eyes again for any longer than to blink. The demon is nearly at full power and will surely kill you if he gets the chance.

I’m sorry…Demon?

It’s hard to explain. Just know that you are not crazy. He has taken your memory, but he can’t take your soul unless you are near death. Don’t sleep, stay awake. I can contact the witch here in your world to help, but if you sleep before she can help…Well you will be gone.

KNOCK. Clase jumped as someone knocked on the door. It swung open gently and Dr. Gifford peaked in.

“Sorry…Did you want more time alone before we came in?” he asked seeing her face.

Clase glanced at the spirit of Agirara who simply stared at her. “It’s fine, come in.”

Stillness: Part 3

Day 18 of 365.

So, tonight I’m just not in the mood for animating my project. I’ll devote some time to it tomorrow. Instead I’m going to continue pantsing the story Stillness. If you haven’t read parts One & Two, make sure you do that before you read this next part. I really have no clue where this story is going, but I’m having fun finding out.

Stillness: Part 3

The¬†jeep¬†rolled slowly down the dirt road. Damien was driving the car like an old granny in Clase’s opinion. Even in her medically impaired¬†state of amnesia she could tell he was uncomfortable with mountain driving, and thus slow. The men had insisted on wrapping her in a coat and a blanket, then cranking the heat up in the car as they drove through the winding road. It made her feel warm, but sleepy.

Dr. Gifford sat in the back with her, checking her every few seconds to make sure she was okay. Clase had shut down a bit after the phantom hands had tried strangling her. She hadn’t said much since then, and the silence in the jeep was starting to annoy her. She wanted Damien to ask a bunch of questions, but he seemed concentrated on his driving. Gifford on the other hand was either checking her or side glancing at her. His opinions about her state being silently broadcasted.

“Can you just stop that?” Clase said after the rounded another corner and she saw Gifford glance again.

“Stop what?”

“Stop looking over at me as if I’m a bomb. I get it, you’re concerned.”

Damien piped in, “He’s a doctor honey, of course he thinks you’re a bomb.”

“You too, stop that. I don’t remember you,” Clase snapped. She stared¬†out the window.

A white streak, barely visible in the fog, was drifting next to her. She snapped back in fear as a face appeared in it.

Damien was saying something, “…I’ll get your memory back.”

A hand reached out grasping toward Clase. Clase slammed her eyes shut in fear. Maybe if she couldn’t see it the phantom would go away.

Hands grasped her neck. Icy fingers and nails digging into her skin and squeezing. Clase clawed at the hands trying to rip them off her neck, her eyes still shut. She couldn’t breathe. She could hear shouting, but it was distant.

“CLASE!” Dr. Gifford shouted. Clase felt the car breaks slam hard and she opened her eyes as she jerked forward in the seatbelt.

Silence for a brief second, and then Damien twisted around to look at her.

“What’s going on?”

Gifford pulled Clase’s chin up gently. She swallowed, feeling the raw pain from the phantom hands.

“You’re bleeding…” Gifford whispered. “How?”

“Are those bruises?” Damien asked.

Clase looked between them both before shoving the jeep door open. She held her neck up to the side mirror. Red and blue bruises had appeared up and down her neck with small fingernail cuts. They seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

The car door slammed and Damien appeared around the edge of the jeep. “What’s going on?” he stammered, “Where-Where did that come from?”

Gifford shifted behind her. Clase swallowed unsure of what to tell these people.

Damien’s¬†eyes locked with hers, staring into her soul. She wanted to lie and say that it was nothing. To tell this man she barely knew that she was okay, that nothing was there. There was true fear behind them, but instead what came out of her mouth was, “The hands…”

“What hands?” Damien asked slowly.

“The phantom hands. They keep trying to kill me,” Clase said. It sounded so stupid. “They just keep…They pulled me down in the water, and just now tried to strangle me.”

“So…now you’re being killed….” Damien searched for a better word, but failed, “by a ghost?” He added, his voice cracking a bit, “And you can’t remember me.”

Clase felt a strong urge to comfort him, and started to move toward him. Damien held up his hands and shook his head. “Get in the car.”

Clase swallowed hard, hurt by the reaction. He clearly thought she was crazy. She turned back around. As she did she saw the white streak. A tall man was standing partially in it, staring at her. She froze. He shook his head and pointed to the car. Clase, shaking did just that.

The rest of the car ride down to the ambulance was in silence. Clase felt her head pounding every time someone shifted slightly. She ended up staring out the window to¬†see if the man was following. He was. He floated along in pale cloud, his head and hands reaching out like he was superman. She was terrified of him, but felt oddly comforted that she was communicating with this…human? She didn’t know what he was.

To be continued…

The Moldy Home : Part 1

Day 2 of 365 stories.

Foam and a moldy¬†aftertaste had settled in Maya’s mouth. The girl slouched annoyed at the smell of the dusty house she had entered. There was black and green mold growing all over the wooden doors. Maya pulled a black curl behind her ear and covered her mouth as she followed the sound of water dripping.

“Maya,” Eric called out from behind a door. Maya rolled her eyes and followed the man through the abandoned house. Her friend eyes were lit up like a christmas tree as he snapped photo after photo of the falling apart architecture. “Look at these old chairs!” he exclaimed excitedly.

Maya pushed against the door that was separating them with her elbows. It swung forward with a crackling that made her cringe. Her eyes looking upward to see if anything was going to fall down on her. Certain that the doorframe was indeed steady she inched her way into the what looked like the dining room.

Eric was already on the far side of the room photographing the texture of yet another door. He was bouncing on his toes lightly as his nimble and spidery fingers snapped photos. His lense looked like an extension of his his nose as it peered in closer and closer to some random object he found interesting. Maya raised an eyebrow as she watched with folded arms.

“Did you see the chairs?” Eric said swinging his camera lense around and snapping a photo of her without permission. Maya scowled for a moment before looking around for the chairs he wanted her to see. She spotted them next to the large broken window. There were two wooden dining chairs with a soft curve in the body. She tilted her head, studying them.

“Oh my‚Äď” Eric started, but cut off suddenly. Maya lifted her head to see what he was up to, but realized that he wasn’t there anymore.

“Eric?” she said quietly. Her voice echoed strangely in the old house. A sudden cold feeling in her stomach. She was by no means superstitious, meaning not a believer in ghosts, but she couldn’t help being worried. She blinked, unmoving as she tried to breathe silently in hopes that Eric would answer right away.

“MAYA. THIS IS THE FUCKING HOLY GRAIL!” a loud excited voice screamed from around the corner. Maya breathed loudly, annoyed, but relieved. The girl marched forward toward Eric to see what her comrade had found.

The side room was the kitchen pantry and inside were mice, an angry feral cat, and a very excited Eric photographing the former two. His ginger hair flopped to the side a bit and freckles stuck out despite the low light. The feral cat screamed loudly at Eric before he caught a mouse in his mouth, flicking his tail angrily at the interruptions. Eric crouched down snapping the photos again and again.

“You moron, you scared me,” Maya said her tone taking the motherly approach it did when she felt scared. “Don’t do that.”

Eric paused and glanced up at her. His eyes staring into her in the familiar way that he usually did. He studied her expression for a moment longer before deciding on his response.

“Sorry, just got overly excited. Do you want to go for a flick later?” he asked gently knowing her reaction already.

Maya smiled. “Of course you know my answer. Why do you bother asking?”

“Courtesy,” he replied snapping photos again.

“Hey,” another voice suddenly said. Both Maya and Eric spun around toward the voice as panic flooded them. There was a tall man with a mustache and greying brown hair standing there. “What are you two doing here?”

Maya opened her mouth trying to answer the question, but the man just pointed away. “Get off this property now and I won’t call the police. Get.”

The two ran, skirting past the man and through the moldy doors. Eric led the way as Maya tried to keep up with him. They reached the front door. Eric reached for the knob only to pull back abruptly. Maya hung back waiting for him to fiddle with it and open the door.

“What’s taking so long? Open the door,” she said glancing back alarmed that the man would come yell at them again.

“There’s no door knob,” Eric said looking around with a puzzled expression.

“What are you-” Maya said peering around the door but realized her friend was telling the truth. “What the? How do we get out?”

“Not sure. Through the window perhaps?” Eric said turning around as he did. Maya felt something brush her neck and twisted around. Nothing was there.

“Eric…I’m scared,” she whispered. Her chest tensed and something seemed to be catching in her throat. Her heart was beating loudly in her ears.

Eric ignored her as he saw something move. He opened his mouth to tell Maya only to jump back suddenly as the feral cat ran screeching toward him. He knocked his arm into Maya who twisted around. The cat jumped past them toward the door, scratching at it and meowing angrily. It twisted back around when it realized the door wasn’t going to budge. His fur had puffed out and he was glancing around nervously.

“Kids move,” the voice of the man said suddenly from the hallway. Both Maya and Eric jumped. The man walked past the two, kicked the door hard and it popped out, swinging toward them. He turned and nodded to Maya and Eric who followed the man out the door. The cat running angrily after the man.

To be continued & reworked another evening.