Happy VDay!

Sorry, this post is going up late. I was running behind because had to prioritize my job search this last week. I still wanted to show you what I made and hope you enjoy it!

These are some Nerdy GIFs having to do with animation & design! I have a ton more ideas that I’ll have to save for next year or maybe I’ll post some later this month. Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day and celebrated love!

Animated GIF  - Find & Share on GIPHY

Animated GIF  - Find & Share on GIPHY



Perfect is the Enemy of Good

So I made a small step for my website update. Not quite a rebrand, yet, but I wanted to get new projects up for a job application. So the portfolio page has been updated and populated with a few more projects for viewing. I am working to navigate the site toward videos and illustration eventually. The rebranding process has been quite difficult because I’ve been wavering in the audience due to what my goals are. I’ve been confused about pushing toward hiring managers, freelance work, or just personal projects. They’re all a little different audience wise so picking the projects has been weighing on me. The job app reminded me to just post the projects and get it all up there.

Of course, I have more to add and change, but trying to live by the quote of ‘Perfect is the Enemy of Good.’ I was reminded of this today. I realized I’ve been stalled by the rebrand because of the need for the perfect way of posting projects and the perfect bio…etc. It’s been exhausting on my mental health because I keep working toward a goal only to doubt it because I’m not covering another target audience. Just being reminded of the quote changed my whole perspective on the website today. Better just to finish and have some little misalignments in the design than to continuously start over because it’s not perfect. Glad I made progress.

I also drew this earlier today. I’m calling them all Cactus Rats. Would be an interesting project to illustrate more of these Cactus Rats and give them all little stories…might be an interesting side project.


Till later friends. Remember Perfection is the Enemy of Good.


One of those nights where all I want to do is curl into a ball and read. So gonna go do that. Not even going to bother with excuses for not finishing that website tonight. Just me procrastinating.

Mom Bday & Pangolins

Spent today finishing up my mom’s bday present and working on some job apps. Here’s a link to my mom’s bday present. I made her a bunch of GIFs related to inside jokes and stories she has.


Also inktober pangolin ink drawing below!

Animation Inspiration 81

So I’m going to a concert tonight. My usual work on that title sequence time will be taken up by screaming at the All American Rejects & Blink 182…soooo…Animation Inspiration.

Hot Yellow | By Mikhail Kalinin

Love this bumper. The hot dog is a great embodiment of slasher and psycho thriller films. Also love that color palette.

Taking Flight | By Moonbot Studios

Stop whatever you’re doing right now to watch this. It’s the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a long long time. This animation gets to sit next to Up n my head. It’s so wonderful and I love both the animation style and stories. Oh my, love love love this. I love stories about imagination and kids. One of my absolutely favorite genres (maybe story type? idk) to watch. Just watch it! I might cry from how precious this story is.

Updates & Animation Inspiration 78

Update to the previous post on the recreate a title sequence contest. For the title sequence I’m going to focus on the book choice since that will determine the mood. From there I can try to find a 2D sequence that I can mimic which fits that same mood. I probably should have done that earlier today, but instead I went down the rabbit hole that is Art of the Title. Too many title sequences in my head now.

Bootcamp is also done. I didn’t quite finish the character throwing the ball like I wanted to today. Combination of lack of willpower and complicated tweening process turned into me getting only partially through the tween. Really love keyframes, really hate tweens. Character Animation is hard. It sounds stupid to say that, but it’s just hard. Seriously even though I’m not finished with the course (I can still complete the rest of the lessons just no more critique time) I’ve learned so much! It’s crazy seeing how much School of Motion has kicked my ass and changed my animation skills. I’ll try to have an updated reel for you guys to see soon. Just taking my time trying to really learn that art of animation first. Love you SoM. ❤

Since I haven’t progressed far on the title sequence contest, nor finished all the bootcamp stuff I’m throwing up some inspiration. Depending on how crazy my weekend is I might have another update for these projects, but I’m trying to spend some time reading too. I haven’t gotten too far in my Bout of Books goals. Just want to finish at least one book by Sunday. Which is doable if I actually sit down to read.


Rocklets + Mogul | By Zublime

This is like a completely animated Skittles commercial, but better because it’s animated.

Madita | By Animography

I love Animography! They always have fun fonts to watch animate. This one is great because the promotion has such a strong story to it. Beautiful transitions and sound design. If you don’t know about Animography, they create animated typefaces which you can purchase and use. I recommend checking them out even if you can’t buy, because they’re super fun and great for inspiration! There are a couple free types you can download. Love this!

Animation Inspiration 69 | AKA When You’re Too Sleepy To Make Good Work

So I spent my evening going down to Denver and helping my mother shop for a lamp. Plus sitting in really long terrible service at a restaurant. Got back and started working on the videos only to crash. Literally fell asleep editing the video. Sometimes you just have to call it a night no matter how much you don’t want to. I’m at that point even though I want to work. I’d rather have a full video tomorrow than try to edit while sleepy. Since I’m heading to bed I’ll leave you with some inspiration.

Lovers for Green Man 2016 – Crock | Lovers

Those illustrations. Love it…and not just because I’m falling asleep and getting a little blurry eyed.

Places of Residence | By Julie Reiters

Creative transitions and topic.

Animation Inspiration 67

Since I’m trying to still clean and get myself back to the top of my game I’ll just be providing some inspirational animations until I create something I feel worthy of the internet.

Science World: How do you stop mosquitos from spreading disease? | By Polyester Studio

This is cute. It makes me laugh and reminds me of how much I hate mosquitos.

Coke Contour | By Gareth O’Brien

Nice and simple animation with fun shapes and definitely on brand.

Animation Inspiration 57

I’m starting on some animations for my selfi animation so I’ve been looking up cool ways to animated letters on and off screen. These are a couple short inspirational lettering videos I found. I’m excited to start this process. Wish me luck. I’ve never tackled a mograph of this length and complexity before.

Osman Lettering Motion |By Osmangranda

Moodboarding some animation styles I’m looking at for my selfi animation. This one is a fun one to see because of all the lettering I’m doing. I love the way the letters write on and off. The color transition is interesting. I love all the remaining circular dots as it fades.

Lettering Animation – Pool Party | By André Luiz Fronza

Love the sound animation. A little jumpy frame wise, but overall love the splash. I do wish some parts were a bit faster. I think getting in and playing with the frames would be smart to make it smoother. I also love the sound design with it. It’s def a cool idea and I’ll be keeping it in mind for my selfi animation ideas.

Animation Inspiration 56

My Brother | by Audrey Yeo

I love the transitions and different scenes in this video. The way things move from a scene to a close up are amazing. Lovely shadows and lighting too.

Fractalicious 4 | By Julius Horsthuis

Pretty sure these are just scifi landscapes. These are just homes of aliens we haven’t met yet. Seriously, straight up out of science fiction. LOVE IT.