Missing This

I miss this blog too much to miss another day. -cry- I tried to soft ban myself until I had updated my website, but decided to do a rebrand. This has resulted in a much larger and longer project than the ban is meant for. On the other side of this, the ban was to motivate me into being productive…which…didn’t work so well.

Aside from extending a 4-hour project into a 1-2 week long project, I’ve taken up Neopets again. This comes at a bad time as I am heading into the rebrand and trying to finish all the projects I started this year. Thank the creator of Citrus, without you, I would be wasting a lot more time playing Hasee Bounce and collecting lint jelly from the not-so-secret jelly world on Neopia. I would also be tweeting more about how unproductive I am being and the woodpecker that is knocking at my second story window. The cat wants to eat you, please stop, Zorro knocks over my lamp and BB8 toy every time you try to eat a bug.

In other news, I am still taking on the three goal challenge I started. I keep adding more tasks which make reaching the end goals more difficult. Working on scaling back the ideas exploding and being realistic with what is accomplishable in a day. I find myself underestimating how easily I get distracted. Hence Citrus, planning, and focused goals.

I do better when I know what I want to accomplish and why. I’ve been having difficulties creating a new home page, about me, and organizing my portfolio. I attribute this to waffling on the target audience. I keep switching between targeting freelance clients and hiring managers at motion design companies. I know there is overlap, but I’m struggling with that focus. It affecting the brand image I want to create. To the point where I want to split into two websites, but I don’t. Even writing these thoughts makes me conflicted. I’ve been working on different strategies to figure out what I want. Will do another one tomorrow morning and hope my head clears.

Updates will come soon. I will be posting despite not finishing. The writing help clears my head and reminds me to keep making progress instead of letting the failure consume me. Plus, you keep me accountable and excited to show off process.

Thanks for reading!



Learning to be Stigma Free

Today I leave you with some videos on the topic of mental health. ‘Cause I’m working on being stigma free. I have not been diagnosed with a mental disorder, but I frequently identify with people that have mental illnesses. I am also starting my own journey in wellness. I recently took the difficult step in just asking for some help because I’ve been really struggling recently. Not easy to do with all the stigma surrounding mental health. Thankfully I have really supportive family and friends. It was a nice relief to finally ask, and stop avoiding it. Also, I’ve decided if I’m going to make my upcoming animation surrounding the idea of mental health I need to practice what I preach. If you couldn’t tell my animation topic is on mental health. I am slowly learning to be stigma free, and it’s proving very difficult to want to post this update, but I’m going to force myself. Just got to put it out there and try to not worry about it.

I’ve been watching a ton of Kati Morton videos which is part of the reason why I decided it was time to ask for help. She’s extremely encouraging and has a ton of great resources if you’re like me and struggle with even wanting to open up about it, or just want to learn more about mental health topics. I personally have realized that I deal with a lot of my problems through art, but that I also need support from other resources. She has a great community online of which has encouraged me to take on this topic.

Now, I leave you with some videos that have reminded me that I am only human.