Xmas Gift Drawings

I drew a dog. Now I have to finish shading it and colorize before drawing another dog. Also started some other work for the holiday gifting. Just a lot of animation stuff to do as well as working on things for the Adobe Creative Residency. Starting on some of the projects related to the ideas I have. Also gotta get this blog in order. I haven’t decided if I want to continue posting in 2017. If I do then I need to organize the blog better, especially with all the art I create. I’ll let you know in the upcoming weeks what I decide.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 1.29.12 PM.png




Character Sheets – Snackadoodle & Ralph

Day 20 of 365

Finally found a good amount of time to concentrate on the animation process for Snackadoodle. I named the dog, Ralph. Today I got some good progress on the way the two characters will look, and practiced drawing them. One of the many skills I need to work on is drawing characters consistently. I draw them once well and then after that fall apart usually, so the goal today was really get the simplistic method of drawing them down.

I broke the characters down into basic shapes for drawing. Ralph is made up of triangles & squares and then refined into his boxer shape. Of course Snackadoodle is 90 percent blob with a triangle shaped head, and a tail. I worked (harder than I probably needed to) to figure out the best nose shape for the fat rat. I created a quick little turn around character sheet so that I can reference it when I start animating it.

Goals tomorrow are start the animation process (like I’ve been telling myself to do for the past billion days). I really would like to have the first couple seconds done, but depends a bit on how I feel. Sometimes when I finally get to this I only feel like working for 20 minutes, which isn’t a lot of time for animating.



Slow Progress

Day 19 of 365.

Bit more focused on work today and thus didn’t get around to working on animation till really late. Spent my free time getting excited over mographs & #mochat on Twitter. Need to start prioritizing this in the evenings.

Today’s animation progress is small. I redrew the characters again, this time aiming for a very simplistic drawing. I’m playing with the most basic of shapes and testing out which shapes would be easy to draw. You can see them below.

I decided I liked a boxer for the dog. I’m trying to figure out how I want to draw his legs, ’cause Snackadoodle is really simplistic in comparison. I’ll figure it out.



In addition to this, I got really excited and intrigued by these animations by Cindy Suen! I really want to make this animation in this minimalistic style. Need to crack down on my free time instead of watching videos if I want to achieve this style. I really love how fluid everything is. I also like that there’s a bit of process seen in the two animations. I like the style of the lines moving and then seeing how it looks colored in.

View more of her stuff here: http://cargocollective.com/cindysuen



Goals for tomorrow are get myself back on track by doing these earlier. I’m starting to push this too late in the evening, which results in the fatigue of the day weighing on me. I tend to get easily distracted as a result & don’t follow through, so the earlier the better. I’m going to prioritize getting the rough started as well as simplifying the story a bit more. More to come soon!


Snackadoodle vs Dog animatic 2

Day 16 of 365.

There’s lots of little details I need to workout with this story, but I have a full animatic at least. Not a well drawn one, nor is it even close to a finalized story, but it’s got the basic formula. Beginning, middle, end. I’m thinking I might move the scene into the kitchen so I can get a Twinkie into the story. Snackadoodle can drop in on dinner and cause a scene as he tries to steal a Twinkie on his way out of the kitchen…I might be getting a bit ahead of myself. I don’t have a lot of time to animate this, and it’s a bit of a long story to do that in.

I’m trying to think of ways to make the scene a bit simpler so all I have to animate is the rat and dog. I do like the people freaking out, but for sake of simplicity I can probably take them out and still have the same story. Perhaps the rat falls on the dog instead and then gets stuck trying to get through the tiny opening, only for the dog to take pity and push him through it. Other options can be that Snackadoodle is dragging a Twinkie he found toward the opening only to be discovered by the dog…Hmmm…little things to think about. I’ll have to work this out tomorrow night.

Goals tomorrow are narrow down the final story and redraw at least part of the animatic. Make it more simplistic and keep in mind that I need to make time to break down this animation. Also pick a breed for the dog.

Looping animatic version 2.0 starts after “the end.”


Snackadoodle Animatic

Day 15 of 365.

Start of an animatic for the Snackadoodle vs Dog/Family animation I’m working on. Very rough start to it. I’m still working on ideas for an escape plan. Also thinking about some different angles for the scene. I tried to just get the scene out as fast as I could, because I tend to get focused on details. Also, I’m running late tonight.

As far as goals tomorrow I want to have one full animatic, the rough of the story from beginning to end. So tomorrow I plan to refine the beginning scenes and create an escape plan for the rat. If time allows some character development for the rat, dog, and people. It’d be nice to have a bit of a rough sheet I can look at for details. Depends a bit on time though. The main goal is just having the story down.


Note: GIF is on repeat and starts with the rat running around the picture frames. Probably should have uploaded in video form…but I’m going to wait to do that until I have a full video animatic.