Day 16 & 17 of 365

Mylard threw a punch into the air randomly as she felt the random tug on her foot again. To her surprise, it connected with something. At first, she thought it was Tomkin, but after another scream from her rival from far away, she realized it had to be something else. Mylard swung again hitting it again. This time it hit something vulnerable. The creature tugging on her pulled away. She kicked now hitting it again. The creature withdrew.

Still scrambling in the dark Mylard found something strange at her fingertips. It was a smooth surface. When she touched the room changed again. A bright light blinded her and Tomkin. It startled the girls as the creatures retreated and what looked like the outdoors appeared. Only it was fabricated. Everything around them was fake. Fake grass, a bright light that tried to mimic the sun, strange scents that reminded them of flowers, plastic flowers for that matter were planted around them.

“Uhhhh…Tomkin,” Mylard said.


“Touch the black boxes. They change the room,” Mylard said. Tomkin nodded and turned around looking for any of the boxes.

Mylard spotted it across a fake pond which was made of paper. She walked over to it and touched it. The room shifted again. This time they were on a spaceship.

To be continued…


Day 8 of 365

Who’s ready for this ending?

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six

Verona fired first. He shot Fell squarely in the chest with a laser, killing the alien. Ellis could be heard screaming as far as the street. Mr. Sandburg shot Verona in the right shoulder and reloaded, preparing to hit Verona in the head. The other Sandburg aliens scattered.

The shooting only lasted a minute but when Verona was done he’d shot everyone but Ellis, Marilyn, and Mr. Sandburg. Verona was bleeding heavily. Marilyn was angry at watching her family and friends die. Her inner voice screamed in agony watching family members dying. She ignored it. Mr. Sandburg had one last shot.

The sirens could be heard in the distant. Police were coming. The aliens could also hear another alarm, one none of the humans could. It was a buzzing like bees that echoed in their heads. The sound of angry officials. They had made a disturbance, and in their exile that could mean death.

“Better end this now,” Mr. Sandburg said. Verona sighed and nodded. They shot at each other. Both died moments later.

Marilyn was left standing next to Ellis her mind felt blank and a creeping loneliness began to fill her. She was alone. She looked at the bodies of Diana, Preston, Fell, Derrik, Mrs. Sandburg, and Mr. Sandburg. All slain for a foolish bargain that probably wouldn’t work. She found herself crying. The emotions of this host holding on to her. Marilyn stumbled out of the house and ran into the woods just as someone knocked on the door.

Stories of the night the Sandburgs were slain became common and turned into ghosts before the lore took hold of the house. No one knew who the strange man was and why he held an odd weapon. Even as long as Ellis lived no one understood what had gone down.

Ellis was the first cast as a victim of the crimes, but the press turned on him making him the murderer for a while. He was declared a lunatic, admitted to several hospitals upon making claims that the Sandburgs were all aliens. Let out on good behavior he finally found an alien of whom recognized him. He babbled to her about everything he had seen and heard, asked many questions, and finally realized it was Marilyn’s alien. But the moment he did she was gone leaving him feeling insane. All that he could conclude was that he made the mistake of returning to the house.

The End.

365 Stories | 001 of 365

Happy New Year!

I’ve decided on another 365 Day project! I’m going to write a story every day. So hope you like story time because a lot of words are coming at you this year.

Some of these might span multiple days because I don’t know where these stories end. The plots might get out of hand, but this is all for good fun practice. I’m excited to create and push my creativity.

Hope you enjoy the first one below!



The pie was fresh out of the oven when Mr. Sandburg arrived, but by the time they all ate it was cold and nearly everyone wanted to throw it away. Dinner had always been awkward for the Sandburg family, but they did their best to eat in peace without so much as a scowl or under the breath mutter of annoyance. The three brothers never looked each other in the eye and the youngest sister rarely spoke when she came. Mr. Sandburg typically read his newspaper during dinner, ignoring the rest of the family, and if someone tried to interrupt he would go to bed.

Marilyn was the youngest sister and would sit in the corner reading a book. She hardly ever looked up from the pages trying to escape into the words. Diana the eldest of the family siblings always helped prepare the dishes while her mother dictated the correct way to prep the turkey, stir the soup and cut the greens. Derrik, Fell, and Preston were brothers by blood but as far as anyone was concerned they must have had different upbringings. Derrik was the town apothecary never daring to leave the small town in which the Sandburgs lived. He didn’t stray far when he came of age. Fell was the devil child having left before he came of age, stealing from neighbors and even his own family on his way out of the town. Preston had moved away for college and independently wealthy after going into the mining business. The siblings were never friendly with each other.

Mrs. Sandburg during this particular dinner felt a little off after ordering Diana to take the mushroom casserole out of the oven and cover it with foil. She ignored the strange twinge in her upper chest and continued on telling her eldest to go fetch some water from the well. She began chopping some carrots for the salad while Derrik sat upon a stool in front of the counter watching her. It happened quite fast and Derrik didn’t know how to react, but Mrs. Sandburg was dead. She fell on the countertop with her knife skittering to the ground in a clatter.

Derrik stared at his dead mother confused about what to do. He hadn’t even stood up to check on her before Diana returned from getting the water. The eldest sister sighed while placing the bucket of water next to the sink. She did not seem distressed at the sight of her mother.

“Finally,” Preston said picking up the knife on the ground and setting it in the sink. “I was beginning to think she’d never keel over.”

“Can you take the body out to the garden, Preston?” Diana asked. “Fell help him.”

Preston nodded and picked up his mother by her shoulders while Fell reached for her legs. The two siblings carried their mother out in silence. Diana turned to Derrik who was staring at the scene with his mouth half open.

“Derrik could you clean up the carrots and slice some new ones. Dinner is nearly ready,” Diana snapped at her brother. Derrik nodded slightly shaken at the whole ordeal but he took a breath and carried on as if nothing had happened.

The Sandburg family continued with their dinner as if nothing had changed. They all sat down at the table with a single empty seat. All of them ignored each other and ate the mushroom casserole in silence. Mr. Sandburg put down his paper at the end of dinner and looked at his children.

“When do you think Mrs. Sandburg will return? I’m quite fond of her,” he asked.

“Just after the sunset, I believe she’ll awaken,” Marilyn replied looking up from her book briefly. “I can’t imagine it’ll be that hard to get up and running.”

The family tried to eat dessert but Derrik kept fidgeting. “Can you please stop Derrik?” Fell snapped. Derrik stopped squirming in his seat.

Mr. Sandburg chimed in, “Fell remember Derrik is still the newest implant. He still has the memories of the original Derrik controlling the body.”

“Doesn’t change the nervous energy rolling off of him,” Fell retorted. “This family is by far the worse family we’ve taken over. None of these siblings talk to each other and the controlling mother–”

“–Fell, you’re just as prone to the feelings of your host’s body. After all your host is incredibly suspicious and a kleptomaniac,” Diana interrupted. “Father, how long until we can rid ourselves of these feelings?”

Mr. Sandburg rolled his eyes. Marilyn was the one who answered, “We’ve only assimilated into the hosts for the last week. The only ones who are past the feelings of their hosts are me and father. Even then we’re all still forced to listen to their thoughts of horror and express ourselves in this sill manner. I wish Marilyn would shut up about how she really misses being in control of her own body. It’s not like she lived anyway. She’s never gone outside of this town. I’m sure Preston’s body has got better stories than what I get to experience.”

“Would you two stop fighting. We’re 5,500 years old and you two still fight like that married couple you were in the middle ages. I swear one of these days I would love to just assimilate alone,” Mr. Sandburg said. Fell and Diana looked away from the table.

The Sandburgs had been controlled by aliens for the past week. The process of taking over a family or herd always took a week or two. First, the head of a household or alpha, depending on the type of animal or body, would be taken by Mr. Sandburg. He’d learn how to control the body he was in and navigate through memories the creatures had. From there it was important that he’d help assimilate his second in command, in this case, Marilyn. From there Diana, Preston, Fell, Derrik, and their mother was the order of taking over this particular family unit. All under the control of aliens that had lived on earth for thousands of years.

It startled the family of aliens when someone knocked on the door. They all turned to stare at the door hoping that the person would just go away, but they knocked again. Marilyn looked to Mr. Sandburg who rose to his feet, warily. He opened the door a crack to look outside. A young man by the name of Ellis was standing outside holding flowers. He smiled at Mr. Sandburg.

“Mr. Sandburg, how are you this evening? Is Diana home?” he asked grinning and trying to look past him.

“No,” Mr. Sandburg’s alien retorted. The real Mr. Sandburg tried to control his body by shouting out Help! We’re being invaded by aliens! but only his alien heard.

Ellis’s grin faltered. “I’m sorry Mr. Sandburg, did I offend you? I didn’t mean to. Is there anything I can–”

“You can leave,” Mr. Sandburg’s alien interrupted.

Ellis, taken aback tried to swallow his pride. He held out the flowers wondering what he had done to offend him. “Could you give these to Diana when she does return. I’d love to take her–”

“Leave now sir,” Mr. Sandburg’s alien snapped. He shut the door in Ellis’s face.

He turned to face the family. His face was dark.

“Do we have to leave so soon?” Fell asked. “I swear we just took over these bodies.”

“I haven’t even been assimilated for more than 10 minutes,” Mrs. Sandburg’s alien said entering the room from the backyard. The mother walked over to the counter. “Also, why did I have to go last this time?”

Marilyn rolled her eyes and looked at Mr. Sandburg. “Should we leave?” she asked.

“I’m not certain,” Mr. Sandburg replied.

“I think we should let Diana go out on a date,” Fell replied with a mischievous grin. Mr. Sandburg glared at his son.

“I don’t recommend it. Even the real Diana doesn’t like that boy,” Diana’s alien said. “I say we just ignore it and carry on.”

“But don’t you want to have fun?” Fell asked. “I think we’re entitled to some fun.”

“What is our goal with these bodies?” Preston interjected. “Should we even be having fun in them?”

Ellis knocked on the door again interrupting the discussion. He had only walked as far as the driveway before turning around, plucking up some courage to ask why Mr. Sandburg already hated him. Mr. Sandburg opened the door again.

To Be Continued…

LitCon 2017 |Where Fiction Meets Real


babelfishHello, I’m your host Caesar Flickerman!

Now if you haven’t yet, please open your swag bag where you will find a small glass with a yellow Babel Fish provided by The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Please put the fish in your ear for translating. This will allow you to communicate will all the literary characters today as well as the authors.

Welcome to the first LitCon! LitCon is a new event connecting readers, authors, and fictional literary characters. We have a great portal system to bring everyone through so we can enjoy our time discussing our fictional universes and create friendships. Thank you for all attending LitCon! I want to give a shoutout to Eventbrite for all their help in planning this conference! Without their help, we would not be sitting here talking. I also want to thank Hogwarts for everything. Jo, Ms. Rowling, has been very gracious in talking with that magical world to help pull strings to create those realm portals. They are amazing hosts and I can’t thank you enough for helping us put LitCon on!

Now if you all were looking at your schedules this conference spans two days but is suspended in time. We worked with some lovely people from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to create this little bubble for everyone to participate. Thank you to Hogwarts for hosting us on these days. The Room of Requirement has a great space for our conference.

Thank you for all attending our panels today. The schedule is in the swag bag if you need a refresher after this. We will be momentarily starting off with our first panel Landscapes & Cityscapes: World Building and Living Practically at 8:30 AM. If you’re looking for the time the Room of Requirement has a giant clock over to your left to look at. Following that, we have a great panel about Literary Dishes: Descriptions in Appetites at 10:15 till lunch at noon. We will have some dishes at the end which the House Elves insisted on preparing. If you have any allergies or issues regarding that please let me or the volunteer staff know. Speaking of which can we please give them a big applause for helping us out!

Following lunch at 13:30 we will have a lovely discussion in a roundtable about Growing Up Literary: Characters & Authors. I should not have favorites but I’m really excited about it! Our following panel is Transportation in Your Fiction: The Realities of Travel at 3:15. At 4:45 we will have a break for dinner and at 6:30 our keynote speaker, Ransom Riggs, the author of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children will be talking. After we will have a quick statement about tomorrow’s events and then we can turn in or play games and discuss. Many of the fictional characters and authors have provided alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage samples from fictional worlds to test.


I’m so glad you could all make it and look forward to talking to many of you as the days progress. As a reminder, the volunteer staff of LitCon are all here for you and if you need any help please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thank you for your participation and a big thank you to the speakers, for giving your time. Now presenting LitCon 2017!

Hope you enjoyed reading this! I had fun designing and coming up with an idea for the concept. It’s a little different from what I usually do, but a step toward many projects I want to accomplish during the 2017 year. Had fun animating the fish and illustrating Caesar Flickerman in the colors I picked for the theme of this fictional conference.

If they are questions around this silly post let me know! I, of course, have been coming up with more random ideas related to events in LitCon. I hope you enjoyed this and more posts coming soon!

Happy reading friends!
~Kendall H.

Sidenote: I do not own any of these characters. This is intended for fun and I did not get paid for any content. The writing and drawing in here are my own, but all characters are copyrighted to their authors. All for fun!

Art Updates | Concepting

I obviously still have a ton of work to do for the concepting stage of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) title credits, but I did start some illustrator sketches for the Man Seeking Woman style. You can see a few early concepts I have. I’m a little frustrated that I haven’t been able to get myself to work on these more. It’s not that I’m not excited, but I’ve been a bit out of sync working wise. I spent most of today cleaning my room since it’s been gathering cobwebs and dust.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.30.06 PM

You know what I think it is? I think it’s the fact that I haven’t properly exercised in a week. I’ve been slacking. Will have to remedy that tomorrow and see if it helps.

Lettering update, I will be posting that to IG and twitter tomorrow. Maybe an early post here just so that you guys can see. I spent today outlining and sketching the letterforms again. Still tweaking, but will have it up on the social media soon!

I got distracted and worked on this piece while watching the Adobe Twitch channel. They were working on Fantasy Environments so I sketched this. A bit off topic from my original art projects, but better than no art at all!


Untitled “Demon” – Part 3

I still have no clue where I’m going with this story, and clearly I’ve been watching too much Charmed.

Part 1
Part 2

“You know, you’re not a very polite roommate!” he said grasping a plain white tee and dressing himself.

“Oh please, Roland. Like you’re ever polite when I’m dressing,” Raymond said dropping the discharge papers on her bottom bunk. “Also, you’re not our roommate.”

“At least you got him to cover up that nasty belly hair,” Jenny said as she kicked back in her desk chair in the corner. “He’s been a free man since you got yourself in the meds for the weekend.” She pulled at her dirty-blond ponytail and grinned at Roland who glared.

“I see you’ve been putting him in his place,” Raymond replied with a giggle as she sat back into her cot.

“I feel like she tried to take your place as the supreme nagging wife,” Roland said rubbing his dark beard and walking over to drape an arm around Jenny. Jenny pushed it off went to punch his stomach hard. He pulled back and gasped at her. “Those are my jewels, not your punching bag!”

“Next time you touch me I won’t miss,” Jenny hissed. Roland rolled his eyes and instead crossed back towards Raymond.

“Roland, if you want to protect your balls don’t go near her,” Andrick said entering the room. He grinned and leaned up against Raymond’s bunk. “I suggest hiding behind a locked door in your own room, if memory serves me this isn’t your room.”

“Which begs the question why Roland is wandering around in his boxers here,” Raymond teased. “I don’t recall lifting the rule about hiding Roland’s hairy chest.”

“Yes, Roland, why you’re wandering around in your boxers?” Andrick hissed with a grin.

Roland lifted his head and said dramatically, “I’ll have you know I needed some fresh air.”

Jenny and Raymond snorted. Andrick chuckled, “Put your pants on.” He picked up the crumpled pants on the ground and threw them at Roland. Roland rolled his eyes with a grin.

“So, Raymond, I hear you’re suspended for three weeks,” Jenny said leaning forward in her chair, her expression a little more serious with curiosity in her eyes.

“You heard right. It’s more like five because it doesn’t start until after medical leave ends,” she replied.

“You’re going to be out for five weeks,” Roland groaned. “But you’re, like, the best!”

“Doesn’t change the fact that she jumped without a partner. I might add without hesitation,” Andrick said. “Ugly Duckling here just went for her mark, and Mister Duck wasn’t so happy about it.”

“Not like you tried to remind me,” Raymond snapped. Her dark eyes lashed out at her brother.

“Well you can keep me company on desk duty,” Jenny said. “I’m still suspended for another month.” Her voice dropped as she looked down at the floor, fidgeting with her hair. Raymond swallowed wishing she was back in the medical ward for a moment.

Roland buckled his belt, ran a hand through his hair. “Look, you weren’t at fault for that. You shouldn’t have gotten a three month suspension,” he said. “It was faulty wiring on the catcher and no one knew that the demon would choose such a public area for a kill.”

Andrick glanced down at his feet for a moment. “Dinner is in 10. Um, Ugly Duckling, commander wants to see you after you eat. He needs you to record a report for some analysis.”


Untitled “Demons” Part 2

Read Part One

Part Two

Raymond woke up in the infirmary. She groaned dramatically as she opened her eyes. No one was around her of course. Why did she bother vying for attention if no one was there? She glanced over at the machines beeping in sync with her heart. She sighed and pressed the orange button on the side of her bed.

“Hola sis,” Andrick said whisking the white curtain aside a moment later. She raised an eyebrow at her older brother. He was smirking at her. “Ugly Duckling lives another day to be ridiculed by her siblings!”

“Too bad you’re terrible at insults.” Raymond raised her bed as she spoke. Andrick wrinkled his nose as the smirk twisted into a scowl. “Now you gonna enlighten me on how bad the damage is?”

“Not sure I want to anymore,” he said.

“Oh come on, you know you want to tell me I’m dying–or worse living,” she taunted. Raymond smirked at him despite a shot of pain through her shoulder. The back wounds from the lizard demon were clearly still healing.

“Andrick, stop taunting your sister,” Vyl hissed brushing past his son as he walked into the room.

Andrick’s face fell serious and he stood up straighter. His eyes glued to the doctor’s white lab coat. Raymond swallowed hard and heard the sound of the heart monitor speed up as their father commanded the room. She could see her father’s dark eyes harden as he approached her.

“Raymond, you know better. No portal jumps without a partner. Rules are rules, you break them and you can lose your life,” he said calmly. Raymond felt herself shrink as her father spoke. “You’re suspended from field duty for three weeks after your release from medical leave.”

Raymond felt her jaw harden in anger. That just wasn’t fair. “Three weeks? But no one else is–” she started to argue but her father’s eyebrows raised and his eyes flashed angrily at her. She halted her argument, opening her mouth and carefully wording the next sentence, “I am sorry for my disobedience. I will serve the time for it.” She could feel her eyes welling up as she spoke.

“Good. Now your bandages will need changing. A nurse will be here in a moment. Your call to Andrick was timed well enough that the demon poison only did surface damage. You have some level 2 burns on your back and level 3 on your arm. If all goes well you will be released tomorrow afternoon with some ointments for your wounds and extra bandages. Medical leave will be two weeks with physical exercises,” he snapped. Vyl sighed heavily letting his medical and commander self relax for a moment. “I’m glad you’re safe Raymond. I am sorry that you’re on suspension, but you did well in catching the lizard demon. I’m proud, but it was stupid to go through the portal alone.”

Raymond felt her face burn, her eyes staring at the curtain behind him. She hated having a father that was her commander. She wanted him to leave. Vyl nodded at her and reached out, squeezing her hand for a moment before turning and leaving. She held the tears in while he nodded at Andrick who shrunk back under his father’s gaze. Their father exiting the room.

“You can cry now,” Andrick said gently as soon as their father was out of range. He turned as his sister let the sob escape. He walked over to the bedside, pulling up a chair and rubbing her hand gently. Raymond pulled away.

“Why is he such an asshole?”

“For what it’s worth, you did a great job bringing the demon down,” Andrick said, attempting to comfort his sister.

Raymond wiped the tears from her eyes and heaved a breath. She turned back to Andrick. “I’m fine stupid. So what did I miss?”

“Nothing important. Just Roland almost broke his arm and lost his top bunk in an arm wrestling match to Penn,” he said smirking. Raymond raised and eyebrow and grinned back at her brother as a giggle escaped her lips.

“Of course.”

Dragons, Dragons, lots of Dragon plots

Day 6 of 365.

Today’s story concepts are reworks from past ideas for National Novel Writing Month (NaNo WriMo). For long stories I am an excellent world builder, but not so much storyteller. For last November I wrote down several concepts for a specific world I’ve created. This world is similar to ours, but a more futuristic SciFi, and most importantly contains dragons. I want to bring some parts of these concepts I’ve created in this world to life, possibly in one or more of the shorts I plan to animate this year. In all the concepts below I have one singular main character, Emerson, but different possible arcs for her background and story. Keep in mind that the original ideas for these stories is a novel length plot, or a series. If I animate a concept it’ll be in the same world, but with plot on a much simpler scale.

Some notes that will help understanding wise. These concepts are fluid in my world building, depending on how I structure my plots. Typically Auvusson is a country or capital and Vermatt is a major city or state within it. Also, about 90 percent of my plots do not have magic. The dragons are similar to the way we treat horses in our world. I do like the idea of having magic in the world, but in combination with science and technology. I just would need to way to fit it into a plot if I do. Until I have a plot or world rules decided on, the rules are very fluid.

  • Emerson is growing up on a dragon farm. One day a wild dragon lays an egg nearby and then abandons it due to an illegal dragon hunt. Emerson’s family takes the egg in as one of their domestic dragons. After the dragon comes to the age of flight and selling there is controversy because of its genes and wild line. People try to destroy the farm and attempt to kill the dragon. Emerson’s father is killed in the process, leaving the family on their own. Grown up Emerson must take charge of the family farm, deciding on how to deal with the wild dragon. To release to the wild? Sell to a bidder? Euthanize it? All of this and deal with her father’s death.
  • Emerson grew up around dragons on the family dragon farm. When the World Dragon Flight (or Fight) Competition comes to a nearby city she decides to enter the competition despite her family’s wishes to not. The competition, however, requires a small team. Emerson works to assemble a team in hopes of winning. When she finally gets them all together she’s confronted with being the underdog in a world she doesn’t quite understand. Her team, of only a couple months, must work against school and professional competitors.
  • The most elite Dragon Academy has offered Emerson a spot for training. Emerson wants more than anything to be on the school’s Flight (or Fight) Dragon team, but can she even make it to practices with her work and school schedule? Emerson finds that through her own talents that the coaches might be willing to give her chance, but some of her teammates aren’t nearly as welcoming.
  • Emerson is cocky after joining the Dragon’s Flight team. She’s a major winner, but now she’s beginning to act out. So much that she might cost her the team. When she discovers a cheater during an unauthorized dragon flight she has to choose between her own punishment and theirs, or attempt to beat them herself.
  • When the annual Dragon Races open up Emerson’s team enters, excitedly. The race is dangerous but their team perseveres. At the end of the race a bomb suddenly explodes in the stadium, injuring and leaving mass panic. Before passing out Emerson sees her dragon and others stolen. The nightmare is far from over when Emerson is considered to be a suspect. After a year of finger pointing she makes friends/falls in love with a rebel in disguise. The rebel turns out to be the mastermind behind the attacks. Questioning only leads to more questions, and now Emerson must decide on a side. Especially when she learns her dragon is still alive and the reasons behind the attacks.
  • When a rare dragon egg is laid and found by Emerson’s family, they find themselves in the middle of a media frenzy. There are attacks to steal the dragon egg from several different groups of people. One night Emerson finds her own Uncle trying to steal the egg. Her father is killed attempting to convince him to give the egg back. Her Uncle smuggles the egg away on a train, and, unknown to him, Emerson too. When discovered by her Uncle, he finds himself conflicted between saving his niece and being paid. Her uncle tries to go for both, but is stabbed in the back, literally, by the company. He dies just as the dragon hatches and forms it’s first human bond, with Emerson. The company tries to kidnap and kill her, but the baby dragon defends her. Emerson and the dragon try to escape. Before she does she realizes that the company is owned by her mother. Now what?
  • One person is nominated from every town in Auvusson to be an ultimate dragon rider. The riders patrol the towns and become types of leaders, but still answer to the president. When Emerson finds herself as the Vermatt Dragon Rider she also finds that she must answer to Auvusson’s most vile and corrupt leader. He sends her to destroy towns instead of save and protect them. So, naturally, she rebels. The result is her own witch hunt. Now she must flee and find a way to save her own town of Vermatt.

There’s a few more ideas I had, but they’re quite honestly sh!t. These concepts still need a lot of work before I even begin to use them as full stories. I plan to develop a set of rules magic and science wise in the future, which should help in how I set up plots. Or vice versus, find a plot that defines the rules I set up. As far as taking these into an animation short I intend to use the world and rules I have. Reminder, these concepts are structured for a novel, another goal for 2016.

Till tomorrow friends,


Day 4 of 365.

Hands. They were pink and red, still full of warmth. Fresh off the train were the pair of eyeballs, arms, and tongues. The left thumb stuck up and fingers curled as if it were mocking the idea of hitchhiking. The mercenary picked it up roughly and turned to his customer.

After the exchange the mercenary handed the body parts over to the small man. The man seemed to curl over himself, thin and short, an old man. He had a warm coat on and dark herringbone hat. The man took the body parts from the mercenary, placing it in his red bag. The bag looked more like a pillowcase than anything else. He shuffled away from the line that had started growing behind him.

He continued on his way for a long while, down the gravel road and through the market. It was a hustling and bustling place. People bringing parts for sale constantly. The man paused only to wait for a pair of men fighting over a toe. They knocked each other and into his path before a large mercenary pulled them to their feet. He threatened the two with a finger pointed at the nearest market. Fresh parts were always a fair price, no matter the condition of the skin and bones. They scuttled away, angry, and the man continued his walk through the market.

At the edge of the market was a line to leave the premises. The open field bottlenecked to this point where every man and woman lined up, obedient. The man shuffled along. His thoughts wandering as he did. He reached the outpost, another mercenary guard reached his hand out. He placed in it the red bag, the hand shifting as he did. The guard looked in and nodded to a small woman. She nodded back and pressed a stamp onto a piece of worn paper. She handed it to the man as the guard gave the hand back.

Out in the open the man headed to the bus stop. He was alone there, watching the rest of the shoppers head to cars and walking toward the sea. The bus came and he sat alone on it. The driver hummed a tune that seemed familiar to the old man, but he couldn’t place the name of it.  The man rode the bus until it was almost outside and the driver had announced the last stop. Then he walked.

The last stop was at the edge of the forest. The man headed to the lone path which wound its way through the trees. It was pitch black before he could see the simmering light of a cabin. He sped up, as if reenergized by the sight. The man knocked gently at the door when he reached it. His wrinkled face weighed upon his blank expression.

The door cracked a bit. Light spilled out across his feet and blinded him slightly. It was an old woman. She sighed, tilted her head and looked at him with pity. The old man held his red bag out to her. She shook her head. He moved closer to the door and motioned to her again. With a sigh the woman opened the door wider and let the old man in.

Inside it was warm and smelled of a crisp fire. There was a large cauldron over the fireplace. Something green with purple chunks simmered in it. The woman motioned to a chair and table. He placed the red bag atop and pulled the left hand out. The thumb was still curled up.

The woman walked up behind him, rubbed his back, and then took the hand. He watched as she took the hand over to the kitchen cabinet. She grasped a knife and began chopping up the fingers. Each bone snapping as she came down forcefully with the blade. He watched as she worked. Not saying a word, only moving to sit and take his coat off.

She dumped the chopped hand into the cauldron. It sparked pink and black fire when the hand hit it. Smoking something red. The man could smell something sweet, like an apple. She hummed a song. The man cocked his head, it was the same song he’d heard the bus driver singing. He sighed happily watching the woman stir the pot. She paused and glanced back at him, smiling slightly.

The woman cooked the potion for almost an hour, in silence with the man watching. More ingredients were added and the cauldron’s contents had changed from the green to a bright purple with now orange chunks. It sizzled, an almost sighing sound. Satisfied that the potion was indeed done she poured it into a metal cup.

The man watched her, leaning forward eagerly as she brought the cup toward him. He reached out with wrinkly hands, but she paused. They made eye contact for a moment and then he dropped them. He was frowning, watching her with sadness. The woman licked her lips, sighed, and then placed the potion on the table next to him. The man stared at it, wanting to drink it, but obedient.

The woman returned to the cauldron and poured another cup. She sat down across from the man, lifted her cup. He stared, suddenly afraid of it. She sighed, reached her hand out to him. He watched it. The calloused old fingers of a witch. He placed his hand in hers, expecting warmth. It was cold, a dead feeling. He once again made eye contact with her. Her eyes were grayer than he remembered, older than her body. Her white hair was tangled around her neck, parts of it stuck in her necklaces. It was thin and frail like the grasp of her fingers now. He wondered if he looked like that now. Frail and old like her.

She squeezed his hand gently and held her cup again. The man did the same. His hand trembled a bit, the cup shaking the potion a bit. Then they drank.

The liquid was thick and grotesque. Chunks went down his throat, scratching it. He could taste the fingers of the man, and it made him want to throw up. The man continued drinking the potion though, until it was all gone. The liquid settled slowly in his stomach and he tried to ignore the aftertaste.

The woman was still holding his hand as he set the cup down. She had a nauseated expression, shaking her head.

Pain suddenly stabbed the man’s stomach and he released her hand, grasping his stomach. He had been poisoned! He stared at the woman, confused and betrayed as a burning pain spread from his stomach up through his chest. His throat suddenly burned from the liquid, like he’d swallowed fire. Then just as quickly as the pain had come it was over.

He looked at the old woman for an explanation, but there was no longer an older woman before him. A youthful woman sat in front of him. Her hair blond and thick. He could see the same nose and face shape as before, but she’d aged backwards.

The man looked down at his hands. The wrinkles of time were gone. He touched his face, looking for the familiar wrinkles on his aging face, but everything was smooth. Fresh and smooth. The man gaped at the woman, scared and surprised. She smiled again, leaned forward and held out her hands. He placed his new hands in them, feeling warmth. And then he just stared.

Her eyes were old, older than her body. Gray and old, but her skin and organs had cheated death again. He stayed there staring at them for a long time realizing that soon, his eyes would look the same.