Mad Lib Giggles

Oops, not paying attention to the time tonight. I was out late at an interesting meetup dealing with sound design and creative technology. Very interesting stuff. Might do a better review tomorrow. I make no promises.

Here’s a funny video I think you should watch. Got to wake up early tomorrow so I apologize for the quick post. Better stuff should be coming your way tomorrow.


Corn Mazes & Owls

Went to a corn maze today with one of my best friends. T’was aMAZEingly fun to navigate and get lost.

Throwback to my favorite cornfield song.


Animation Inspiration 83

Not gonna lie I’m done for the night. Just straight up too much networking this week and I need to sit down and just write some thoughts on paper for myself so I don’t forget things. Also just process everything properly. The extension on the contest was really nice. I just took today off from working on that since I’ve been trying to cram it all in. This week has been crazy.

I’m yawning like crazy and need a shower. Enjoy some Animation Inspiration while I go get ready for bed and crash.

Urban Peak – Invisible | By Legwork

Love watching pieces by Legwork. This one has great style and storytelling without dialogue. I love how each scene flows together to blend the narrative. Sad story, but impactful storytelling.

Floppy Disk | By Markus Magnusson

Lol. Love this one. Had to watch it a couple times in my sleepy state, but laughed both times. This opening scene tho. Love that cinematic touch that helps lead the eye. Very fun piece and funny ending! The minimalistic design and simple actions are great for this comedic theme.

Animation Inspiration 42

Since I haven’t had proper time to sit down and really work on my selfi mograph here’s a couple animations I’ve found earlier this week. Hope I’ll have some time tomorrow to get some work done!

Resonance: The Interpreter’s House

I’ve been replaying this over and over again for transition ideas. I love Jr.canest’s animations. The perfect type of animation inspiration for me.

Contraband Corned Beef: The Sandwich That Snuck into Space

My favorite part of this animation is the angry NASA employee. His facial expression and movement makes me laugh every time. I love the style of this too.

Also R.I.P. Muhammad Ali.


Shaun the Sheep Movie – Animation Inspiration 21

Just watched the Shaun the Sheep Movie, FINALLY. So good! Loved every bit about it and laughed almost the entire film. So cute. If you haven’t seen it, do so now. Everytime I see a movie with some sort of mograph or animation in, I look up the artist and look at the places they’ve worked at or are currently working at. I hope one day to see my name up on the credits for a mograph or at the very least a studio that I work for. I wanna to make title credits!

The film had great overlap for both kids and adults. The claymation is so flawless to the eye. I love the intricate details and how they play into helping their puns and jokes. The counting sheep part makes me laugh so much. Also the villain was great! I’m always excited to see Aardman films. I’m a Wallace & Gromit fan as well as Creature Comforts. ❤ It’s nice to see an expansion of the characters after watching the little shorts created for such a long time. My dad use to record every single one and then have the family gather every couple weeks to watch them all in one go while we ate dinner. This was a brilliantly scripted film, especially with the lack of spoken dialogue. I commend any film that shows rather than tells, especially since they seem to forget that aspect in film these days.

Since I love mograph so much I always stick around for credits if I see one. I pause films just so I can google the designers, or if I’m in the theater I take notes either by phone or scribbles. The artist who worked on Shaun the Sheep Movie is Ciaran O’Connor. I suggest you head over to his portfolio for a look at other the great work he makes. Below is the section he made that was in the film. He worked with Gavin Strange, the graphic designer to bring this section to life. I really loved the way this worked into the film and seeing the memes makes me smile even more.

Once again if you have yet to see Shaun the Sheep Movie fix that now. It’s a great film and officially joining the ranks of my favorite animated films. It’s heart-warming and hilarious for both kids and adults. The only other film in recent times that’s got a similar vibe is Zootopia, but I think the challenge Shaun the Sheep had was no dialogue, well except animal sounds. I love that it’s like watching a Buster Keaton film in that sense. Love the easter eggs and hope everyone else had as much fun as I did trying to find all of them!

Anyway, enjoy and watch the film asap! I might watch it again…depends on time of course.


April Fools

When you get home at midnight it’s best just to find something quick to discuss than it is to try to edit two vlogs and then post them. -sigh- I’m already behind on VEDA and it’s only just begun. :c I’ll have to readdress my strategy for vlog editing tomorrow! Probably means sacrificing some sleep so I can vlog in the mornings.

Instead of my vlogs I’m going to redirect you to some great April Fools pranks from yesterday! I hope you enjoyed yesterday! I know I did.

This one has all of the Google pranks.

So did you pull any good April Fools pranks?

I love the LEGO Batman Trailers!

I’m so excited for the LEGO Batman Movie. These two trailers made my day. You should watch them if you haven’t yet. They have the perfect amount of funny in them. Also the animation is amaaaaazzzing. #goals One day I’ll learn how to use 3D software to make animations like this. Till then, my 2D work awaits!

Speaking of which…I need to formulate a new plan on my animations. I’ve been slacking. Gonna have to get myself back on track this next month. Hoping that VEDA helps me be more productive. I think it will. Usually when I have something like that it forces me to stay on task. Not to mention that I gotta make my videos a bit more fun than just sitting around on photoshop. Anyway, watch the LEGO trailers below. I’ll get back to you with the status update for my goals tomorrow.


I’ll Hold

Well..this blog is starting to turn more into an inspiration blog than it is stories….Still in the theme I might add, but not quite the original idea I was going with. I’m going to be reassessing what I’m focusing this blog on this weekend, as well as the structure I intend. In the meantime enjoy this amusing short called “I’ll Hold.” Loving the shots in this, and the guy is an amazing dancer.

Wrapped in Comedy Shorts

Getting wrapped up in some stories tonight. Now I want a blanket just for watching videos in.

I found some hilarious shorts with great scripts for you to watch. So much suspense and giggling. Also read this Medium Article before you watch the second one. It makes it that much better and hilarious. Especially since I read this when it came out and now that this video exists, I’m even more pleased.

Beauty & The Popcorn King

Day 39 or 365.

Watched this story and couldn’t resist creating this little lettering piece tonight. Olan Rogers is one of my favorite Youtubers because of his great storytelling skills. He’s always delivering some crazy story in some funny voices and great hand movements. He’s super expressive and makes me laugh. If you’ve never seen his videos watch the two below. They’re my favorites.