Day 10 of 365

Continuation of yesterday’s short story. This one is fun, will have some additional assets later this week to go with this tale. Hope your week is going well!


“Welcome back to RING! I’m your host Valrose Meteor! If you’re just turning into this exciting race of Ring we are now down to our final two players. Two ferocious women that have taken out the 20 other females in this game. One’s saucy and sweet and the other is spicy with a little kick to it. If you haven’t been following us for the earlier part of the game make sure that you catch up on our app! RING! is the name of it!” A loud charismatic man shouted at the camera with a grin that felt like it was its own entity.

Behind him, the screen sparkled to life and focused on the individual women competing. They were running in a small maze with stun guns. Mylard was short with bright purple hair with a couple freckles. She found herself one of the remaining two contestants in this massive competition, and honestly, she was terrified. She felt like every moment leading up to this had been on big mistake after another. There was no possible way she could get to this point.

The camera shot panned away from Mylard to Tomkin a tall woman with orange hair that flowed straight down to the violet tips. She had a pair of sunshades propped up as a headband to keep her hair out of the way. Her frosted lipstick matched the shade of her dyed hair and glittery eye makeup. She was chewing a stick of gum and carried her stun gun over her shoulder casually. Tomkin seemed comfortable walking through the maze waiting for the inevitable confrontation with Mylard. Contrary to her relaxed look her thoughts were racing. There’s no way I’m winning this. I’m up against Mylard of all people. She’s going to get me before I get the ring.

Valrose Meteor popped back into the frame as the cameras continue following the girls. “How ’bout that Ringers! Lets recap who these fine ladies are and find out what their defeated rivals think of them!”

Close up shots of their faces and quotes from when they started the game 72 hours earlier flashed across the screen. This Mylard has her hair in a braid to the side. She attempted to smile but Valrose held the stage.



Animation Inspiration 22

Ode to a Flower

Love the circular motion of this piece. I’m fascinated with the artful animations that created this. It’s nice to be looking for the reinforced motion as well as the eye trace movements. Animation Bootcamp is being constantly reinforced when I see mographs. Give it watch and study the movements. My favorite part is watching the words/letters animate on. Love when they break down words and use the offsetting animations to build them. I also like watching the many twirls of the flower and the patterns used to animate them on. Hope you are as excited as I am about the animation. ❤

FIFC Toronto 2016 Titles

WATCH THIS NOW. WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. Just do it. Especially if you like games (vintage), title credits, and animation. Of which I love all three.

This title sequence got me all excited to reread Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and the movie. Mind you this has nothing to do with that book, but that was what my brain computed when I saw the opening. Because that book is all about vintage games. This is exactly what I wanted to make for my thesis last year, but didn’t have enough of the skills and knowledge to do so. I wonder if they’ll (Giant Ant) get to make the title credits for the film…if not this is what I want those credits to be like. Whoever gets to work on the movie’s opening or closing credits I hope I get to be an intern/worker on that or at the very least interview you on the process of creating it. Now I’ll just drool at this title sequence for FITC Toronto 2016 and dream of getting to make my own animation of similar proportions.

My favorite transition is Snake to Pacman, followed by the racer section. I love the clever sequence of popping on names in the fighting games and the first person player POV. Just this entire thing is something I’ll be spending weeks drooling over and analyzing. Oh my goodness. I’m gonna rewatch it now.

Me: #goals


Trailers: Glimpses into Larger Stories

Teasers & trailers, an brief glimpse into a larger story. They’re little moments of film and animation that get you to infer a story, but not so much that you know too much. There’s certainly a skill to creating a trailer. At one point I was going to attend a workshop called “The Art of the Trailer” to learn more, but it got cancelled. I wish I’d had a chance to go to that, because learning how to tell just enough of a story to hook people is important. It’s difficult knowing how much to give away, and how much to keep secret until you can see the whole film. Today I’m sharing a couple trailers I recently watched that do a great job of teasing their larger stories. Watch on my friends!

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

This one is a great little history lesson and set up to the game. Although I am not a big gamer this creates a great atmosphere, and polarizes the sides that will be fighting in the game. You know what side we’re fighting on and who we’re up against. The video is fluid with history and scenes that are important to the French Revolution. I really love watching how a trailer sets up a plot line for a viewer. This trailer doesn’t disappoint and does a perfect job at explaining the story for the viewers and gamers.

The Jungle Book

This is not the trailer you think it is. Not the movie one, but a book trailer instead. I’ve been very fascinated with this trend of making teasers for books coming out. Aside from my obsession with title sequences, I spend a lot of time observing the new book trailer trend. It’s funny that one has to make a short film to get someone to read these days, both sad and amazing at the same time. It’s sad that books have so much to compete with, but on the other hand it opens up a door of creativity that I love. It’s fun to see how a group of people interpret a book’s core elements and can make a stunning trailer from that. Also seeing your favorite characters come to life is the greatest, even if it means ruining my imagination a bit.

This Jungle Book trailer is very simplistic with very subtle hints at the old Disney version. The flat graphics are a great stylistic choice. I like that you see enough of the elements that remind you of the story in there to know that it’s the Jungle Book, but not too much. The music and sound direction does a great job of bringing you into the story. Also it does just what a teaser trailer is suppose to do, it teases the story. I like to think of it as telling an entire story on twitter, but in a single tweet. Only replace tweets with animation or video. Great animation on this piece and beautiful color palette. Now I want to go pick up my own book to read. ❤


Trailers are an amazing place to look at for brief synopses of stories. They tell you enough to infer a full story, but not so many details that you don’t feel the need to go watch the story or read it. There’s a beautiful art to figuring out what those elements are, and how you display them changes the branding of a film, book, game…etc. They’re very integral to which films we see and what we read these days. What are some of your favorite trailers? I hope to find some more and continue a conversation how to make great teasers and trailers.

Thanks for reading!

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