Happy VDay!

Sorry, this post is going up late. I was running behind because had to prioritize my job search this last week. I still wanted to show you what I made and hope you enjoy it!

These are some Nerdy GIFs having to do with animation & design! I have a ton more ideas that I’ll have to save for next year or maybe I’ll post some later this month. Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day and celebrated love!

Animated GIF  - Find & Share on GIPHY

Animated GIF  - Find & Share on GIPHY



Dino Updates & Planets

Imamakeathing. Worked on a class for Skillshare today. I decided to make a class on how to create a planet in photoshop. More updates on that later since will have to film and edit the short video classes together. You can see a quick example of what I’m aiming for below. Just a very simple class to learn basics of photoshop blend modes, brushes, masks, and filters.

I originally had the plan to do some lettering, but I didn’t feel comfortable teaching it because most lettering skills I’ve learned come from Skillshare. No need to over saturate the market when I can direct people to the classes I learned from. Plus, I feel this style is underrated and super easy to teach. I have a lot of photoshop knowledge so I want to teach what I know and understand. I’ve been using photoshop since my middle school days so it’ll be nice to teach some of the methods I’ve learned.


On another note, I have a silly animated dinosaur which I’m still debating is the right type of animation for the application I’m applying for. I don’t want to push the project longer than tomorrow so just whipping up quick animations styles. I love the tribal look but am iffy on the ‘rawr’ part. I don’t think I have enough time to test walk cycles out, but it’d be a fun challenge for the future. Colors still being picked and still deciding how to accurately put into the application without disrupting the flow. It’s relevant but I have to make sure the hierarchy is the right balance of animation skills and good responses for questions.


Excited for what tomorrow brings! I have to get some overdue lettering done for a friend, some reading, get the rebrand finalized, and finish a job application…all while still hanging with the fam. If it gets too hectic the reading might get thrown to the last moment. Hope not, I have a ton of library books I want to finish before they get returned! Night friends! Hope your days are productive!

Halloween GIF & Ants

I spent a large portion of today working on a Halloween GIF for School of Motion’s Jack Mo’ Lantern contest.  So many transitions and I really haven’t created much in Photoshop’s timeline since early this year, so, I ended up learning about onion skins and all the timeline features. So many transitions between those shapes. T’was crazy.


Do not research bugs and animals that bite and sting before you go to bed. NOPE. JUST NOPE. You get things like this.


I spent today hanging out on the Adobe Live stream. It reminded me that I haven’t actually worked in After Effects in awhile…especially when I tried to use shape layers. I at least created Evan Abram‘s eyebrows. I’ve concluded that working in Illustrator is more efficient for my workflow.


Still working on that title sequence. I didn’t really get a chance to get into it today. I opted for watching the live stream and learning techniques from the awesome people there. Learned tons and hope that they do another one.

Plans are get some animation done tomorrow and write a life update. I haven’t done one of those in a long while. Plus I never typed up a recap of Denver Startup Week events. Just feeling a little unfocused this week. I’ll have to get myself back on track tomorrow. Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!


Animation Inspiration 87

A very mograph day today. Woke up to watch EC Abrams live stream on Adobe. T’was lit. Watching it again in the morning followed by animating. Title sequence wise I went back to the illustrations. I didn’t spend as much time with that step as I wanted, so I added another quick part. I’m going back through and adding the shots that I originally cut out due to time restrictions. Although, if I’m not careful I’ll be in the same boat as last time. I’ll do a cut off with fixing illustrations of tomorrow night. From Thursday on will be animation.

Since I don’t have a lot else from that leaving some inspiration again. One longer one and a very short one.

Werebeast | By Blink Industries & Nickelodeon International | Created by James Lancett

I want a full series with these characters. LOVE IT. Just love it. The illustrations are amazing and a hilarious plot. I just want more. I’m so sad it’s a short and not entire series. Just want to delve into the characters more and the strange world they’re in.

La Forêt | By GIF TEAM

I love when animation mixes with analogue techniques and styles. Very beautiful design and makes me want to pull out my paint. Will have to experiment after watching the loops on this piece. The sound design is amazing too! Great piece!

Extended Deadlines are the Best

Good news, I can sleep tonight. After all that stress about making the deadline for the Pond5 Title Sequence contest this week they extended the contest till the 30th!!! I CAN SLEEP GUYS. SLEEEEEEEP. Which is important because I have a lot of networking opportunities tomorrow…after the 4 I’ve already done this week….so much follow up. I’m so tired, but having so much fun. Denver Startup Week is so amazing!

Since the contest is extended I halted my hasty animating. Now I can focus on making good animations and finessing, rather than rushing. Still going to hustle and get more animation done tonight, but now I can stop at a reasonable time like midnight. There’s no need for me to look and feel like my animation right now.

Here’s a short preview. Ignore the real cursor. If it wasn’t obvious I was prepared for a long night considering how tired I’ve been from Startup Week. Glad I can relax a little bit. Still got tons to do, but now I can have better animation!!!



Animation Inspiration 65

We spent most of today hanging out with family and driving so I don’t have a ton to show you today. Here’s some Animation Inspiration to inspire you to create tomorrow!

Shh! We Have A Plan – Trailer | By Chris Haughton

This is cute! I love the character designs and simple plot. Adorable trailer!

Soviet Cars GIFS | by Nikolay Ivanov

Love these loops. I’ve never animated a car, it looks like it’d be a bit complicated with all the different moving parts. Although, it probably can’t be much more complicated than figuring out how to make a smooth character animation. I love all the different moving parts on each vehicle. Would love it if I could see more animated gifs of the cars in action!

Animation Inspiration 51 | GIFs

Been a busy day helping out my sister and working on Character Animation projects. Just posting some cool GIFs tonight as a result.

Here’s to feelin’ good all the time | by Chris Phillips

Photo Camera | By Mantas Graužinis

Pinwheel | By Richard Perez

BUM | By Linn Fritz

Sketches & Animations

Yay Selfi Animation Progress update!

So I went back to the sketching phase again. I want more cohesive frames than what I’ve been creating for my Selfi Mograph ideas, so I decided to go back through and start over. These look much better lettering wise and creates a more stylized design. Plus much closer to the images in my head.


This was also a nice round of lettering practice. I really want to get the details down before I start animating. I’ve also made a few takes of my voice recording these. I’m still not set on any of those, but for now I’ll use them to animate and sketch to.

I also made a little test animation of my beginning “Hi” bubble.


I’m excited about the progress. I’ve been frustrated the last few days with the direction and many ideas bouncing in my head. They’ve been conflicting a bit, so going backwards and starting the sketching process again has been so helpful. It’s also good practice in cell animation.

Till tomorrow friends,


Animation Inspiration 48

Another GIF edition of Animation Inspiration. Hope that they inspire you to create more!

DeadLift | By Vladimir Marchukov

Ep 07 | By Eran Mendel 

Tiger vs Bear | By Denis Krol Krasavchikov

Little Kitty | By BERG