2017 New Year Words

I’ve decided to forgo the 365-day habit this year, this is a change after two years. I love daily habit building resolutions, but I find that I don’t really work on those projects but scramble something, anything, together last minute. I’m working toward quantity rather than quality. In some ways, this is great for measuring progress and keeping me going, but at the end of the year, I don’t know how much quantifying has helped. It’s changed me somewhat but I need something better for 2017.

As I work toward many different goals I have picked three words of value to keep to. The first word is Move. This word represents movement in time, steps toward or away from a goal. I hope to move forward, but I must not stand still. Although 2016 I stepped forward in my mindset I did not move far in career and location. I want to avoid being still. The word ‘move’ also applies to getting my body moving in exercise. Lastly, as a love of animation, I want to move those drawings and create. Which leads to my second word, Make.

Make comes from Neil Gaiman’s Make Good Art speech. I remind myself to make good art no matter what has happened in life, good or bad. I want to make 2017 my year. I create my year and I will make my projects and goals happen.

The third word has always been a word I held close to my heart but for some reason never dare to work on. It’s Empower. I want to inspire and empower others to do what they love to make and move their world. I plan to find ways to enable myself so that I can build others up. I like the word empower over things like inspire and value because it means that I’m helping others to grow and feel confident to do things themselves. It’s permission to be your own boss to allow someone to claim their rights. Just thinking about the word gives it power and grows the idea. It’s a beautiful blossoming idea in my mind and I want to take the strength of that word and give it others as well as empower myself.

There are many projects and goals that I have but I want to stand by these words for the year. To use them as a measurement for my growth. If you’re still looking for what to do for your New Year’s Resolutions perhaps pick a word or more. I suggest keeping it to three at max because words hold weight. Picking too many might leave you confused and conflicted. I feel like these three are mine for the year and I hope they will guide me to make good choices with my time, relationships, work, and goals.

I’ll be showing more of my projects in 2017 and how these words help me create them. Please bare with me for the next week while I redo my website and clean up my internet homes. Lots of dusting to do!

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!


More Vectors & Monday Goals

Today was draining…got some vectoring done, but we had a memorial in the middle of the day so I felt pretty emotionally drained after that. I wasn’t expecting to get much done after it, but I’m still finding myself frustrated with how behind I am. Tomorrow will be busy, but excited to take on the crazy this week will offer!

I have plans to rise early and work work work until I have to go down to Denver. There’s a panel for Denver Startup Week in the middle of the day on Meow Wolf. Super excited to attend! I might bring my computer down with me so that I can get some work done after the fact, or get on a bus back right away…I have yet to decide. Goal is to have all vectors done, animation files prepped, at just one animated square. I got this. #tired


Monday Life Updates & Pokemon

Today is a Monday, which means time for lifey-goal-update time. So far feeling lots better. I think the routine of exercising every morning aka go to that Pokestop that’s far away every single morning has been super helpful. I puts me in a better mood for the day and I’ve been finding that I can concentrate for longer periods of time without feeling frustrated and upset. I know that’s what the doctors and life advice columnists have been saying for years, but I’m really bad at following advice involving exercise.

Aside from my intense need to go catch Pokemon and get more pokeballs I’ve been reading again. The Booktube-a-thon was an immense help in breaking my long dry spell. I realized that I haven’t finished a book since March. It’s near the end of July and I’m very behind my reading goal of a reasonable 24. I know I can read more books than 2 a month if I actually just read instead of say that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve been really into online articles and blogs for reading, but I’m trying to get away from that. Booktube-a-Thon really did help a lot, and the excitement over Harry Potter & The Cursed Child is getting me in the spirit. I have plans to continue making Booktube videos and will likely have a wrap up video tomorrow.  I got distracted today so didn’t get to filming. And I realized I forgot to finish my poem…oops. Need to put that in my bullet journal.

The next step in project burnout recovery is to get back into my animation goals. I have a six week course for School of Motion that I need to step up to the plate and finish. For some reason one of the first things I cast aside was learning character animations when the burnout set in, of course at that point I was chalking it up to procrastination…but when you realize that 4 weeks have gone by and you haven’t touched that course you start to wonder what the underlying problem is. I didn’t even realize 4 weeks had passed until they said it was the ‘break’ week meaning that new courses wouldn’t be up for a bit so that everyone could catch up. That’s about when I started realizing I hadn’t truly accomplished anything in a long time and started stressing out even more than I already was. Oh, the burnout clues were all over the place, yet I didn’t notice. Yay reflection.

In art related news I found a some awesome Reform Refograph pens at my local thrift store and plan to break into them for drawing tests tomorrow or Wednesday. I know a couple are already broken, but I’m going to hope I can get some in the old set to work. I’ve never had any technical pens so I can blame one broken pen on myself, the others not so much. I can’t say they were in a great state to when I bought them, but after cleaning they look a bit more promising. However, I’ll be doing one more round of cleaning tomorrow before I put any ink in them. I’ll be taking a trip down to my local art supply store for some higher quality ink and asking them questions in hopes that I might be able to repair the one I broke, probably not, but it’ll be worth a try.

I’m still on that job hunt life. Thankfully my recovered optimism is helping me actually apply. The stress of just sending out a resume would sometimes leave me flapping around like a fish out of water. It was not helpful for actually getting a job, so glad I’m recovering that part of myself again. In addition to that job hunting I’m still writing for Camp NaNoWriMo and other side stories. It’s been a welcome to just muse on a strange thought and dive into a different world for an hour or two. Still writing. Maybe next year’s goal will be edit and publish the novel. I’ll just have to see where life takes me.

That about does it for life updates and sorta weekly goals. Tomorrow I will film and edit a booktubeathon wrap up and maybe try to make the youtube thing a weekly occurring goal. Would be good to get some structure into that goal.

Anyway, till tomorrow friends!

Animation Inspiration 61 | I Want A Job Edition

Since I’ve been working on my selfi (aka find-a-job) animation I’ve been looking at some other people’s internship and job application mographs. I thought I’d share them with you so you can see some of the thought process going into my current project. I hope to have more for you to see tomorrow.

Tiny Ant | By Bee Grandinetti

Giant Ant did say yes, but she was denied her visa to Canada. :C I love the song aspect and all the different examples of her love for the company. If I had any musical talent I would make a song too, but sadly those skills are long atrophied. This is cute and I have the song stuck in my head after watching it again. It’s got lovely illustrations too. Very adorable. ❤

Holà! | By Guillaume Mégroz

I love this one because of how minimalistic and straightforward the animation and designs are. I watch this on repeat frequently and it’s one of the videos that inspired me to take on my project. Also the other animations he has are great too.

Hello Buck | By Jonas Mossesson

This one is great because of all the different aspects to the piece. I love that he seamlessly integrates his reel into it too. I also like that he uses his own voice to narrate the script.

Goal Checkins

Time for a 2016 Goal check-in/status update. Been awhile since I’ve looked at them and tracked my progress. Below is a reminder of my goals below, some have changed a bit.

  1. 12 Animations, one per month to get better at animating
  2. Improve storytelling by doing 365 days of stories on a blog.
  3. Minimalism
  4. Find a design or mograph job.
  5. Read 52 books this year.
  6. More videos on Youtube.

Animations have been on pause recently since I spent a long time really trying to finish up the School of Motion projects. Now that it’s done I really just need to get that reel of them together and post it for you to see.  Also I need to rework a few scripts as well as do some concepting. Since I haven’t been animating outside of the homework I’ve been focusing on analyzing other animations.

Which leads into my Storytelling improvement goal via this blog. I would say that my goal is still ongoing, but has taking a pivot towards Animation Inspiration. Although not traditional storytelling the analyzing has been helpful in making sure I keep improving. I would like to see myself really bring back in the creation part though. Meaning creating stories from my own ideas rather than just finding them and analyzing. The blog in itself is still going swell since I’m still updating every night.

Minimalism is going okay. I’m not getting rid of a lot of things, but I am trying to make sure I bring in only things that are of value. This has helped me from buying really useless items just for the sake of how pretty they are. So still working on this. The objective is to pair down to most essential items when I eventually move for a job (hopefully soon.)

Job wise I’m on the hunt for some interesting internships and jobs right now. I’m reworking my website again for it and doing some other things for it. Hoping for something mograph/animation related!

Reading is going slow…I realized today I’ve been sucked into the Netflix bubble. We have it till May for a couple shows my sister needs to watch for her homework. Today my mother forgot to renew it so I was locked out for the day. Oh my god, I didn’t realize how much time I waste on it. I kept going to Netflix when bored only to realize it was the 5th time I’d visited the site in the past half hour. Need to start replacing it with reading.

Youtube is going better. I made vlogs for my spring break trip to New Mexico. The thing is when I got back I realized I don’t like vlogging that much. I’m up for trying Booktube again, but I need to get on my reading goal for that.

This is a reminder to myself to get back on track. Stop watching Netflix. I’ve been derailing my focus as a result. Also, I needed a reminder of what my goals were again. I’d lost sight of the reading one which kind of impairs the goal for Youtube. Gonna have to make sure I do more monthly checkins. The checkins will help remind me to get back on the path and stop wandering/watching aimlessly.

How’s everyone else’s goals/New Years Resolutions going? Start new ones, give up, or pivot any of them?


Milestone Checkin

Today I thought I’d do a bit of a check in on my goals for the 2016 year. We’re far enough in that I can see which ones I’m neglecting and which ones I’m carrying on with or need adjusting. If you don’t know the goals I have the short version below.

  1. 12 Animations, one per month to get better at animating
  2. Improve storytelling by doing 365 days of stories on a blog.
  3. Minimalism
  4. Find a design or mograph job.
  5. Read 52 books this year.
  6. More videos on Youtube.

Below are my quick thoughts I wrote down.


Animation wise I’ve decided to half my goal of 12 this year to 6. (Only if I get really far behind will I lower it to 4.) It’ll be a lot more manageable and it’ll give me the freedom to pad. I’ve been running into the issue of not knowing what I’m doing animation wise so it takes a little longer to learn and then perfect. I also feel a little guilty for not finishing the Snackadoodle one, but also wanting to double up efforts on my mental health idea. I would rather make these viable portfolio pieces and try to understand the mechanics of animation than just make for the sake of quantity.

So, my main goal, the Storytelling habit with this blog is going quite well. Aside from posting a bit late in the evening sometimes and that single day where my internet was being off kilter I’ve kept it up. Like I said in the illustration, I am running into the issue of getting a little off track. I think some solutions to that are to pick some running themes for the month or week and keep within them. It’ll help me organize topics all around. It has been helping that I have picked specific days for the animation goal updates.

I had another goal which was Minimalism. So far rather than reducing the number of items I have I’ve only gotten more, and many of them serve no purpose other than I like them. I’m tempted to try this again later in the year. I want to reduce some items so that if I move–which I’m sure I will in the near future–I don’t schelp along useless items. Also the idea of really being intentional is good practice. I think I need to get back to reading The Minimalists blog. It’ll help put me back on track a bit towards minimalism, and remind me to be more mindful of the items I keep and bring in.

Design job wise I have an amazing contract job with Food on a Truck! It’s been amazing so far working with them and I’m really enjoying it. Even though I love it, I know that I want to be working in the motion graphic industry sooner than later. So as the year progresses and I finish up School of Motion’s Animation Bootcamp I’m continuing my search for mograph & animation jobs and internships. I will make title credits for a living. I will.

So reading…I’ve been slacking on this one. Part of the reason I’m failing that minimalism goal is I keep buying more books. The problem is that instead of reading these books I’m just getting more. This is not helpful.  I’ve decided to start a daily habit of reading for 20 minutes every day. I’ve been in a bad reading slump, one that even Harry Potter hasn’t pulled me out of, so it’s time to start a daily routine. That’s always been the most helpful thing for me, so routine here I come!

And last, but not least, my Youtube goal. I’ve loosely decided that I want a minimum of 2 videos a month, if not more. Biweekly is a good goal considering that I have limited amount of time to film and edit. I’ve been doing reasonably well with the filming aspect for the goal, but finding time to edit has been a challenge. I have a backlog of tags I’ve started for booktube and footage created, but it’s all moot if I don’t post it. So, like the reading and storyteller habits, I’m going to start a routine. Every Tuesday is video day. I just need to upload a video to my channel. You’re welcome to watch my progress, but my videos are still improving. I’m still a bit iffy with the idea of talking to a camera, but that’s half the point of starting the channel. I want to get more comfortable with being on the screen and to stop hiding behind it. It’s weird ’cause I like my voice, but I tend to freeze up in front of the camera. Oh well, you have to start somewhere.

Feel free to keep up with my yearly progress on these goals. I’ll do these checkins every once in awhile to see where I am and what I need to alter. How’s everyone else’s goals going? Are you still keep up with your resolutions? Or did you get off track and need to start again? Let me know via a tweet or comment!