Been Awhile

Goodness, it has been awhile since I last posted. I got sick right after Xmas day. Might be TMI but I threw up for 15 hours straight, so as you can imagine my muscles and stomach are still tender. Following that, I have been traveling. Hanging with family in Chicago for New Years. I feel like it’s been ages since I posted as a result!

I can’t believe there’s only one more day in 2016. I’ll try to find some time to go through my posts and pick a few of my favorites for a wrap on the year. It’s a little difficult being out with family. So many crazy moments and loud family members. Gets a little hard to find focus time. Should try to get up early since this is the family that sleeps in.

I’ll def continue posting during 2017 so I’ll have more to come. Maybe less frequently since I tried to do it every night this year. I plan to shift the focus of this blog closer toward art and animation. This year was self-centered since I using it as a way to improve personal habits and keep track of progress. The blog itself wasn’t exactly honed on one theme and mostly for myself. With the Gary Vaynerchuk brainwashing, I’ve been conditioned to make the blog have value so the blog will def be better. I’ll take a week off so I can update the site with proper goals in mind. I’ll need it to go with the finalize rebrand on my portfolio.

I have a few ideas I’m thinking about committing to for the next year Maybe another 365 lettering or a drawing project for 2017? I’m still musing. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Well enjoy your last day of 2016 (or Happy New Year if you’re ahead of me time wise) and celebrate! One more post coming your way in this year!

❤ Kendall





I need to change up my routine. One of the difficulties of spending so much time at home, working at a desk in my room beside to my bed, is productivity. I’ve been making headway on the rebranding project, but at the same time feeling aimless. It’s weird because I know what two main goals I’m reaching for, Adobe Creative Residency and a motion graphics internship. Despite having these goals to aim for and all the steps written out I find myself replanning the same things over and over.

I think it comes down to the environment. I’ve been sitting at the same desk facing the same direction for too long. I’m always clear on my goals and the way to achieve them when I go out to a coffee shop or the library, but the moment I’m back in my room I’ve forgotten the focus. It’s a constant battle to get myself on track. Regardless of the tabs open, music playing, motivation mantras, I am distracted. I’ve turned sitting at my desk working into a zone where Youtube and Twitter are the main focus. My routine has taken up habits of browsing for nothing and then trying to refocus only to accomplish only 5 minutes of productivity before I’m distracted again.

I’m not certain what strategy will help fix these feelings and distractions that only seem to exist sitting at home, but the first attempt is changing the routine. I think I’ll take my computer downstairs to work in the office area or out for coffee. Just need to change the scenery so I can get some work done. It’ll give me some clarity as to what’s stumping me in this rebrand. Which as far as I can tell is the routine of self-doubt and bad browsing procrastination. Excited to see if this strategy helps me tomorrow.