Monday Life Update | Exercise & Animation

It’s Monday which means life updates!

I am working on Animation Bootcamp. It’s nice to get back into the swing of things, after realizing I haven’t touched After Effects in so long. I’m starting a personal project with mographs which I plan to launch on Tuesdays. Depending on production I might launch it tomorrow, but since I’m still working out my exact process for this particular project I don’t know if it’ll be ready. Depends on productive I am.

As for health I am doing much better. The combination of getting on a regular sleep schedule and exercising is really helpful. Also eating better and being more productive as a result. It’s amazing what happens when you actually listen to science and doctors.

This past week was really great as far as morale boost. I’m obsessing over the Adobe Creative Residency which is helping with my goals in the long run and reminding me strive for more learning opportunities as well as empower other creatives. I’m looking into doing a couple tutorials or infographics as a starting point in that process. Reading Harry Potter & The Cursed Child was helpful in adding to the reading streak I’m getting back into. Great fun with the nostalgia and an enjoyable experience. Video review coming soon before I leave for camping!

For this week I might be working ahead on a few posts since my family plans to go camping from Thursday to Sunday. No internet means no blog posts. I’m debating about collecting Animation Inspiration and scheduling the posts ahead, or sketching and posting when I get back. I have until tomorrow evening to decide so I will worry about that later. If you have a preference let me know via a comment below or tweet.

That’s it for life updates this week. It’s exciting to see improvement in such a short time! I hope everyone is having a good start to their week! Talk to you tomorrow!



Last NM Road Trip Vlog

Yay finished with the road trip vlog. I still have some other things I want to make related to the trip, but the vlog is done!

I had fun. Learned a few things from this past week when it comes to vlogging here’s 5 of them.

Lesson one: Do not vlog with gum in my mouth. Really distracting and gross.
Lesson two: Pay attention to where your fingers are.
Lesson three: I need to be more energetic while talking to the camera. That’s probably because I’m camera shy. Working on that.
Lesson four: Always make sure you have enough space to record.
Lesson five: I need to invest in a tripod. And a better camera. Vlogging on my iphone is a little hard because of the limited space I have.

I have plans to do VEDA. In the meantime I have other things to work on to prep for the upcoming month, like backing up my computer and cleaning up my files. I have a lot of files I do not need on here. :/ Till tomorrow, here’s the last vlog.

I also have a playlist if you want to watch the entire vlog series, or if you want to catch up.