Animation Inspiration 107

Lots to do tomorrow so heading to bed early. Here are some very cool animations to keep you inspired!

A True Story – Carly | By Guille Comin

Love the message for this and the illustration style that supports the narration. I love seeing these because they inspire me to create things, nerdy things specifically!

Disney X D – Gravity Falls ID | By Golden Wolf

Been following Golden Wolf’s Instagram and getting inspired by their animation transitions and 2D style. Love the focus this piece has and transitions of each character’s heads. The simple pattern design in the background is a really great way to make the whole piece work together. Will continue watching more Golden Wolf animations!


Animation Inspiration 106

Work Story: Motivation | By Oddfellows

Some interesting information with awesome animations! Love the transitions from shape to shape.

Greetings from LWZ | By LWZ

Sweet little parallax animation. Love the simplicity of the movements combined with beautiful illustrations.

Animation Inspiration 100 | Creatures

…I was lazy today. Had all day to write that blog post and post it…but youtube videos are just so distractingly fun. Not a productive day. Most of today has been procrastination…hmmm…need to get work done tomorrow as a result!

On the flip side, I did go see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. Full dress up while falling in love with Newt Scamander and Queenie. All the characters were amazing, especially the animals. Oh my godddddsssss…I want all those animals. Also want a couple short spinoffs of some parts. I’m not going to do any spoilers here, but if you did see it dm me!!!!! I need people to talk with!

In light of being lazy I hunted down some creature themed animation inspiration..and just realized this is my 100th Animation Inspiration post. -celebration-

Sea Creature | By Beat Reichenbach

Love this breakdown. Informative in seeing how the scene was built. I admire the design of the creature and the process of the creation.

Character/Creature Reel 2015 | By Jason Brown

Love the turnarounds of each character and creature of this reel. Fascinating to see all that detail and design work put together. Well sculpted and interesting.

Animation Inspiration 99

‘Allo fam. Was hoping to have my Startup Weekend stuff done today, but I’m still finishing up a lettering post for it. Started it a little late in the day, but if I concentrate and focus all day tomorrow it’ll be up as well as have progress on other projects. Just need to put up blockers of social media and I’ll be fine.

Here’s inspiration again…I really need get more work done.

Preposterous – A Short About Absurdity | By Florent Porta

Love this piece! It’s one of the reasons I love animation. Changing the rules of the world. Absurd moments that can only be created through animation.

SILENCE (extrait) | By Emma Carré

Excellent piece with some interesting sound design. It’s got a good narrative and design. I admire the edits and movement of items like the car as well as character. The illustrations are great with fun line work. Makes me want to edit some of the ideas I had early on this year.

Howler Monkey & Animation Inspiration 92

I’m stuck trying to find words for a job application tonight. You know when you see a perfect opportunity but no clue how to make that opportunity work for you? That’s where I am right now. Seeing awesome and having no clue how to jump on the train. I’ll have to find a way to get on it tonight, but while I’m figuring that out check out today’s Inktober and watch some animation inspiration!

There’s Always A Way | By Dennis Hoogstad

Very cute and inspiring piece. It’s perfect for combating my current state of mind which is “omgimnevergonnafindajob”, so if you’re having any similar feelings I suggest having a watch. I love the game aspect to it and the simple shapes. Great minimalistic approach and feeling!

Motion Graphics Trend: Liquid Motion | By in60seconds

This is a compilation of liquid motion examples, a trend spotted. I recognize a large amount of these, having featured them here on the blog, and think that it’s a current trend. Although this video was posted awhile ago, but I think it’s still a relevant trend considering all the ones I’ve seen. Although it might be because I love the style a lot and find myself drawn to it. Either way, great animations to watch.

Animation Inspiration 91

I did not budget my time well this past week so an all-nighter is ahead of me. Project due at Midnight Sept 30th EST. So just some quick inspiration while I go back to the grind.

Nerdist News Bumper | By Maxwell

Because I’m a fan of the Nerdist and I love the movement of the type in this.

Stranger | By Ori Toor

This is an interesting effect. I love the quality and music. It’s an interesting style to watch.


Animation Inspiration 88

Feeling sick so just gonna post inspiration and go to bed. Tomorrow will have to be catchup day.

Marvin Chun – Decoding The Mind (FoST 2016) | By Future of Storytelling

Love the illustrations of this piece! Also great narration!

Book Universe | By Explain Ninja

Woosh, wooosh…this is me adding my own sound effects to those fun transitions. Lovely design!

Animation Inspiration 85

Yay it’s Sunday night, which means I will actually get stuff done tomorrow Weekends always get taken over by family time. Also I finally feel better after that long week of networking. I went to 6 major events which involved lots of networking, plus a concert and meeting…I’m surprised I had any energy at all considering I’m a big introvert meaning I draw most energy from being alone. Seriously surprised I was even peppy at any of those events.

‘Nyway, here’s some Animation Inspiration.

History of Japan | By Bill Wurtz

I feel like I’ve shared this before, but either way you should watch this. It’s a fun strange animation with great information and narration. Very quirky and hilarious.

Far West Far City | By Alkanoids

Love the action and movement of this piece. Very quick and great movement. The viewers eye is drawn around the screen perfectly! The sound design is great too.

Animation Inspiration 84

Ehhh…still recovering from the craziness of this past week. I’m need some more recharging time before I jump back into animating my title sequence. More inspiration friends. If I don’t get any work done tomorrow def will have stuff on Monday.

Pokemon Generations Episode 1: The Adventure

Loving this cute animation of Pokemon Generations. Can’t wait to see more!

Vancity – Credit Card Financial Literacy | By Matt J 

This has such a great animation style! I love the way the animator handles the control of your eye, especially where there is a lot of things to looks at. It’s got great pacing and a good narration to help illustrate their point. Love the illustration style and colors so much!

Animation Inspiration 79

I just spent 7+ hours in the passenger seat of a car. Not in the mood to do much designing tonight, nor writing for that matter. I’m gonna leave you with some Animation Inspiration so I can wake up bright and early tomorrow, followed by lots of work. Hope everyone had a relaxing and fun Labour Day, and one that wasn’t sitting in traffic due to fires and car accidents.

Wonderloop – Ocean Motion | By Wonderlust

What better way to relax than watching a loop of the ocean and a cute octopus?

Propz–Food | By Animade

Well that was a twist…