Art Updates

Got some good art projects on the way. Been trying to get as much done as possible during the day, but gotta do some other work and family time too. Here’s a little preview of an upcoming project I’ve been working on for the last couple days. Got a lot to work on. The lettering styles don’t match as well when transferred from hand drawn to digitally illustrated. I spent awhile vectoring it only to scrap that whole lead because it didn’t fit the style I want. I have to add the last words in the quote which are ‘I am one’ and design the illustration. It’s from the book The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie. She asked me to do this since I had a few lazy days of waking up after 9 AM. It’s technically punishment for waking up late, but I always have fun working on these so maybe I should sleep in more.


I hope to have a finished version done by the end of the weekend, but no promises since I have so different projects to do! I always get so busy working on gifts during the holiday season. Not to mention that now I’ve been asked to learn Sketch for UI/UX design work. It’s not hard but it’s a different workflow from Adobe products so the key commands are going to take some getting use to. I just finished listening to the Animalators episode with John Schlemmer the Motion Lead at Google. I’m fascinated by the idea of incorporating motion into UI. I’m going to read through the Material Design Motion guidelines for some extra homework. I’m really interested in how all of that works. Who knows maybe it’ll get me a job at Google? Probably not, but I’m interested in reading that nonetheless.

Here’s a quick update on that dog Xmas gift I’m working on. Not satisfied with the coloring style, might return to that black and white version but clean it up. It could be a case of more detail too. I’m in that middle area of not sketchy nor polished enough.


That does it for the art updates of the day. I will be working on lots tomorrow so tune in for the rest of the work and final versions!




Animation Inspiration 8

Just one video today, but to be fair it’s a bit of a longer one and has a lot more layers. I love it, and it’s well worth a watch.

Uncanny Valley

This short is set up as documentary on virtual reality gaming in a futuristic world. The virtual reality is taken to whole new level with game play on these nose rings that allow for full immersion. The film interviews gamers and their views on how gaming has changed their lives.

This short film/animation blew my mind. It’s amazingly well done. Well constructed script with a great ending. The animation is so amazing. I love the glitch effect and colors. The game world is beautiful. The short comes with a twist that, I personally, didn’t see coming. I don’t know if anyone else did, but it does play with the mind quite a bit. I want to jump off of the plot line and write my own story in conjunction with the twist. It’s an interesting storyline and idea, and I would love to see more of the world they have constructed for the viewers to see.

Of course I don’t want to give anything away, so I can’t talk about everything I want to, but I love the way they set up gaming in parallels with addictive behavior. It’s an interesting take on pushing current cultural views of gaming even further. By that I mean it takes on that idea that gaming is addictive and a pull away from reality. It does a good job in accentuating the rabbit hole of those types of habits in the documentary format.

I also love the technology presented of putting that nose ring device on your nose to play, and the fact that everyone is floating around while playing adds to the world built. Even though I know it’s not real, I want to know and understand how the science of that works. What does the controller access in your nose to create such a fascinating virtual reality? Of course it’s fake, but it reminds me of the Harry Potter universe where you just want to understand more about the structure of this world and the history or science of things.

I’m not going to dive into anymore because of spoilers, but if anyone wants discuss more about this let me know. I would have to talk more with anyone who’s seen it! Send me a tweet or comment below if you do.

Hope you enjoy Uncanny Valley as much as I do!