Digital Plein Air Sketches

I got distracted by the internet today. I did make this as a result of the distraction, although, t’was not the original reason I got on the computer. Sometimes I go on the Adobe Twitch to motivate me to work. Instead of animating, I saw that Syd was doing digital plein painting, so I joined in at the last hour or so to create these two scenes. Was a fun idea and quick project. I’ve never thought of going through Google Earth and finding awesome places to draw from. So, new pass time activity.


Update on other projects, still really behind on the camping video. I also need to “eat the frog” and finish animating for bootcamp. I have a new desk setup with a large monitor which helps with animation and video editing. So much nicer to animate with a lot of screen real estate. I don’t know why I didn’t move my monitor up to my room sooner. It’s so nice! The camping video is taking awhile due to lack of a tripod. Takes longer to find good footage. I’m gonna stop complaining about my lack of progress and go work on something.

Hope you all made something today! ‘Cause at least you’re making something, which is better than nothing.



Reflections on January

Day 31 of 365

Hello friends!

Okay since my internet is going up and down speed wise I’m gonna do a quick update now and then a more in depth one tomorrow. Hopefully our internet will work by then, if not I’ll try to be in a coffice for most of the day. It’s suppose to snow heavily in Colorado tonight, so depending on the terribleness of the storm determines if I can even go to a coffice…but I’ll probably have to go anyway. Internet is essential for me to work.

So updates animation wise, I have yet to finish. That’s okay I realize that I started prep too late in January. I’m still aiming for 12 shorts by the end of the year, maybe not once a month, but as long as I get them done. It helps that I’m taking this Animation Bootcamp course. It’s giving me the skills that I didn’t realize I need to be able to achieve the animations I want to make. Since starting that I’ve been able to put into perspective the amount of time it’ll take for a single person to create an animation from scratch. As a result last week I came to the conclusion that I started the Snackadoodle animation prep too late in order to accomplish my ideas. Because of this I set myself up for a failure rather than a win.

Also, I want to make sure that I’m taking time to create quality content. One of the things I learned from last year is that just because I made 365 days of Lettering doesn’t mean I made quality lettering. Sure I got tons of practice, but I can’t say that it’s all quality. If I’m going to post animations for the world to see I expect to be proud of the work I make, and not just throw it up for the sake of meeting this goal. It’s fun to rush things every once in awhile, but at the end of the day I still want this as a portfolio piece. Where I am animation wise I can say that it certainly sucks. So as I continue into February I intend to keep working on the Snackadoodle animation and perfecting it along with my storytelling ability.

Aside from animation I can tell that I am improving my analytical skills for stories. Really taking the time to remind myself to look for the character’s desires, and how those motivations affect the story. I tried a variety of different types of storytelling this month which has helped me approach ideas in different ways. I plan to continue that idea into this next month, but I plan to set a schedule. This blog is great because it helps me plan ahead for the next day and month, as well as see what I can do better in the future. I’m pleased to be improving several skillsets by throwing myself into this new habit.

Some goals for February I have:

  • Finish Snackadoodle Animation
  • Create a quick animation for my Dad’s Birthday
  • Finish/Update Stillness and see where that goes
  • Make a schedule for the month & stick to it
  • Read some stories & analyze them
  • Write a script and send to Boulder Film Incubator

I’m excited to see what I come up with this upcoming month and will update you on Snackadoodle process soon! I’m glad that you have all come along with me this far and are still progressing on your New Year’s Resolutions! Thank you for taking the time to read and check in on my work. I appreciate that you take time out of your day to read the silly stories I make up or watch a GIF. Thank you. ❤