Corn Mazes & Owls

Went to a corn maze today with one of my best friends. T’was aMAZEingly fun to navigate and get lost.

Throwback to my favorite cornfield song.



Sloth Inktober

Failed to prioritize my website today and now it’s late so I want to go to bed. Looking like an earlier start tomorrow since I picked cleaning and family celebrations today. Yawning as I type this and trying to keep my eyes open. So here’s my sloth inktober.

Inktober Porcupine

I really need to fix my sleep schedule again. Been staying up later and later and still waking up at 9. Not helpful. Also planning to get back to that internship animation I got distracted from. Would be a lot more useful for that job searching if I had more animations to show. More on that in the days to come.

Here’s my Inktober post of the day. I want to learn more about porcupines now! I didn’t realize that they’re divided up into two different families. Also that some live in trees.

Booktube-A-Thon | Challenge Day 3 | Book Title Slip In

So this is the culmination of just having fun creating something different. I learned a bit more on how to use Audition, although I really don’t have an ear for this kind of stuff so I can’t really say I know how to use it well…but the point is that I learned something new. I also was reminded of how much I love photomanipulations. Been awhile since I’ve done that. All in all good creative day. Have a few more things to work on before bed tonight, but for now celebrating the wins of my day!

Question for you! What did you do today that you’re proud of?

I’m proud of finishing this Challenge Video and still having extra time in the day!



Last NM Road Trip Vlog

Yay finished with the road trip vlog. I still have some other things I want to make related to the trip, but the vlog is done!

I had fun. Learned a few things from this past week when it comes to vlogging here’s 5 of them.

Lesson one: Do not vlog with gum in my mouth. Really distracting and gross.
Lesson two: Pay attention to where your fingers are.
Lesson three: I need to be more energetic while talking to the camera. That’s probably because I’m camera shy. Working on that.
Lesson four: Always make sure you have enough space to record.
Lesson five: I need to invest in a tripod. And a better camera. Vlogging on my iphone is a little hard because of the limited space I have.

I have plans to do VEDA. In the meantime I have other things to work on to prep for the upcoming month, like backing up my computer and cleaning up my files. I have a lot of files I do not need on here. :/ Till tomorrow, here’s the last vlog.

I also have a playlist if you want to watch the entire vlog series, or if you want to catch up.

Sleeping Disease at 40 MPH – Road Trip Vlog 1

Practicing those timelapse skills today. I’m really in love with watching Casey Neistat’s videos so I thought it was time to test vlogging. I want to make other types to videos, but I have to start somewhere, so vlogging a trip seems like the best idea. Hope that you like this. I’ll have another one up tomorrow.

Story Campaigns by Device

I watched these signature stories by Device, produced for American Express. I really like the simplicity of these stories. The narration of their brands that they have crafted with very simple shapes built upon each other to show off what they’re saying. It’s different from showing a photos and short films of the stories because the illustrations build upon what the narrator’s voice. It creates an image of these people without forcing you to box in their face and brand by showing photos. This gives the stories a dream like feeling and helps to make the customer visualize themselves.

These are great advertisements. It’s a great little campaign and they harmonize each story together via animation, but they also separate them by personalizing it with the narrations. I love when campaigns are easily recognizable because the style and stories go together. They can be strong on their own, but you can tell they belong together at the same time. These animations do that very well in a cohesive narrative through script, copy, illustration, and animation. Hope you enjoy!


Trailers: Glimpses into Larger Stories

Teasers & trailers, an brief glimpse into a larger story. They’re little moments of film and animation that get you to infer a story, but not so much that you know too much. There’s certainly a skill to creating a trailer. At one point I was going to attend a workshop called “The Art of the Trailer” to learn more, but it got cancelled. I wish I’d had a chance to go to that, because learning how to tell just enough of a story to hook people is important. It’s difficult knowing how much to give away, and how much to keep secret until you can see the whole film. Today I’m sharing a couple trailers I recently watched that do a great job of teasing their larger stories. Watch on my friends!

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

This one is a great little history lesson and set up to the game. Although I am not a big gamer this creates a great atmosphere, and polarizes the sides that will be fighting in the game. You know what side we’re fighting on and who we’re up against. The video is fluid with history and scenes that are important to the French Revolution. I really love watching how a trailer sets up a plot line for a viewer. This trailer doesn’t disappoint and does a perfect job at explaining the story for the viewers and gamers.

The Jungle Book

This is not the trailer you think it is. Not the movie one, but a book trailer instead. I’ve been very fascinated with this trend of making teasers for books coming out. Aside from my obsession with title sequences, I spend a lot of time observing the new book trailer trend. It’s funny that one has to make a short film to get someone to read these days, both sad and amazing at the same time. It’s sad that books have so much to compete with, but on the other hand it opens up a door of creativity that I love. It’s fun to see how a group of people interpret a book’s core elements and can make a stunning trailer from that. Also seeing your favorite characters come to life is the greatest, even if it means ruining my imagination a bit.

This Jungle Book trailer is very simplistic with very subtle hints at the old Disney version. The flat graphics are a great stylistic choice. I like that you see enough of the elements that remind you of the story in there to know that it’s the Jungle Book, but not too much. The music and sound direction does a great job of bringing you into the story. Also it does just what a teaser trailer is suppose to do, it teases the story. I like to think of it as telling an entire story on twitter, but in a single tweet. Only replace tweets with animation or video. Great animation on this piece and beautiful color palette. Now I want to go pick up my own book to read. ❤


Trailers are an amazing place to look at for brief synopses of stories. They tell you enough to infer a full story, but not so many details that you don’t feel the need to go watch the story or read it. There’s a beautiful art to figuring out what those elements are, and how you display them changes the branding of a film, book, game…etc. They’re very integral to which films we see and what we read these days. What are some of your favorite trailers? I hope to find some more and continue a conversation how to make great teasers and trailers.

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below of a favorite trailer of yours and why it’s your fave, or tweet this at me!