Lettering Wednesdays

*Technically it’s Thursday since I’m posting this before going to bed and it’s after midnight, I’ll try to post earlier in the future. 

I’m not finished with this lettering piece but I thought I’d screencap the drafts I’m working on for you. It’s a nice bit of process while I figure out word hierarchy. It’s a quote I feel is quite relevant these days and an important issue.

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.
-Edward Abbey


Will have a post on Friday with some fun illustrations. I was hoping I’d get a reply from someone before posting it, but it doesn’t seem likely so I’m just going to post it on Friday. Excited to share that with you, it’s a fun creative piece that I spent a lot of time working on.

Happy arting friends!



Lettering TASU

Finished making this today! I’m pleased with the lettering and design style. Different from what I usually make. I’m going have to refine this style and work on more projects like this! I’m heading to the airport in a bit to go pick up my brother. Excited to see him and his girlfriend. Will update you with more work tomorrow.


Lettering Process

Here’s quick process shot of my lettering project so far. I’m done with the finalization of the layout and sketches, but indecisive if I want to go back to ink it. It looks fine in graphite, but I did it all on graph paper…so the photoshop edits have been difficult. Hence why not finished. I’ll update you tomorrow, but probably going to push the actual finalizing till Tuesday or Wednesday.

I’m leaving on a quick weekend visit the grandmother trip. That means 5 hours in a car tomorrow and on Monday when we drive back. I don’t have the greatest of surfaces to work on while there so if I decide to ink, I will hold off. Just because I want a lot of desk space and quiet concentration time. Family trips tend to be constant interruptions. Very disruptive when trying to ink and not make wobbly lines.

Since, I don’t have deskspace I plan on using all downtime possible to work on the title sequence. I’m leaning toward the Man Seeking Woman title sequence just because of the challenge it entails, but I have keep in mind that I don’t have a lot of time left. It might be more fun and interesting, however I have a tendency to overestimate my abilities thus bad estimates of the time it takes to finish. Aiming for all assets for sequence to be finished by Monday night so that I can spend as much time animating as possible.

Now I got to go pack, so night friends.


Booktube-a-Thon | Sketching

The Booktube-a-Thon is coming up from the 18th to the 24th of July so I’ve been working on some sketches for my TBR video. I’m trying to use it as a practice round for the selfi animation since it’s going to have a similar style. Plus more animation practice which I’ve been slacking in. Here’s some sketches to show that I am working on something, just been a little distracted with all the ideas in my head lately. Note, I am on a trip so I don’t have a proper scanner at this moment so phone photos. Just some fun lettering titles for each of the challenges. I’m going to be vectoring and animating them tomorrow night when I get home.



I Am Witch, not a no-maj

Nope, not a no-maj in sight today. As far as I’m concerned my letter got lost or if worse comes to worse I’m a squiii….nope, can’t say it. I’m a witch and you can’t tell me otherwise. I am sorted into Ravenclaw and will continue to be a Ravenclaw until I find out more about Ilvermorny. I am part of a lost generation of witches and wizards.

Harry Potter is one of the greatest stories I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. There are more, but the thing I love about Harry Potter is that the universe is ever expanding. There’s just a constant wealth of information that JK Rowling spits out, which in turn makes the world feel that much more real. It’s the reason I believe. How can such a detailed world be imaginary? It can’t be imaginary when you can explain full governments and school systems from all over the world in detail. It can’t be imaginary. How could it be? It seems absurd that we can miss all of this, but at the same time the laws of the wizarding world make it make sense. So, I am a witch who has somehow lost her letter to Ilvermorny.

The video below is an introduction into the new information about the wizarding world of the USA. It’s a fascinating read and only makes me try to find the magic more. I’m convinced that my letter to Ilvermorny, if they send letters, got lost for some reason. I’m a witch and just don’t know it yet. I can still believe these things because JK Rowling makes the story so real, which it totally is.

So, do you believe?

Psst….go to Pottermore!