Snakes, Weird Al, & Website Coming!

My website is coming along well. If I just put Citrus on for all day tomorrow I’ll be able to finish it for tomorrow. Just need to keep me from getting distracted. I’m attending Creative Mornings in Denver tomorrow, but after that, I will be working on the website till it’s done!

Here’s a fun video to watch and my inktober drawing after that.

Anacondas are a little scary especially after watching those Animal Planet videos of them trying to constrict children. D;



Animation Inspiration 13

Howdy friends!

Some updates & announcements will be coming your way in the next couple days or so. Been so busy that I haven’t sat down for some proper thinking time about what I want to talk to you guys about. There’s just been so many things on my mind and ideas are continuously popping into my head as to where to branch off into. I’ll have you a long post on goals and such soon here, but you’re going to have to wait a couple days for that one. I need to sit down with a cup of tea and make another life map as well as a check-in sheet of all my goals for the year. Updates soon, I promise. Till then Animation Inspiration continues so that I have time for sleeping. ❀

Les Théoriciens

This one for some reason makes me think of the Muppets and Wallace & Gromit. There’s that fantastic quality of the two fighting with this hilarious mimic of words from that strange noise they have. I love the simple ideas of the talk bubbles done in these beautiful styles that speak volumes as to the debate going on. It’s a wonderful short piece that says all of what they want to say without words.


I’m not sure what this brand is, but I like it. Wonderfully amusing in such a way that a literally LOLed. I want these unicorns as GIFs. I want to join this unicorn party too. I love the bright flashiness of it. UNICORNS!!! Also the quick simple storyline makes my heart swell and spreads a grin on my face. Loving it.