Happy VDay!

Sorry, this post is going up late. I was running behind because had to prioritize my job search this last week. I still wanted to show you what I made and hope you enjoy it!

These are some Nerdy GIFs having to do with animation & design! I have a ton more ideas that I’ll have to save for next year or maybe I’ll post some later this month. Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day and celebrated love!

Animated GIF  - Find & Share on GIPHY

Animated GIF  - Find & Share on GIPHY



Animation Inspiration 110

I feel like it’s been ages since I threw up some inspiration on this blog. Been prioritizing other projects that are of a larger scope and letting my Friday posts slide a bit. I’ll work on posting more inspirational posts in the future.

YIN teaser | by Nicolas Fong | Tumblr: those-visions-have-no-end

Loving the textures, cel animation, and optical illusional style of this teaser. I’m excited to watch the full short. Keeping an eye out for this!

A is for Albert | By Studio Lovelock | studiolovelock.com

Love this alphabetical adventure following a feisty child named Albert. He really loves to help out, fix things, negotiate, and party. Enjoying that every letter has its own story featuring him. Great animation and very fun to watch!

You can also view these animations on Aisforalbert.com

Looking forward to the weekend! Hope everyone else is too and excited for my Monday post. Make sure to check back then because it’s a special Valentine edition!

~Kendall Hotchkiss




–yawn– Had a long day down in Denver. Fun, but long. Here’s my save the animals Inktober post and a Kickstarter for The Purpose Hotel. 


Geeking out and a Syd Weiler Immitation

If none of this makes sense sorry. I’ve tried really hard to type out things coherently explaining stuff, but I’m tired and words don’t seem to be working too well. I’m actually at that point were I’m starting to wonder if there’s a ghost in my room again and I keep freaking out at all the little noises. I need to go to bed.

Basically, all you need to know right now is I’m imitating Syd Weiler’s style. She’s a really talented illustrator who is currently an Adobe Creative Resident. I’ve been geeking out over the talented individuals of the residency recently and after watching her work on the Adobe Twitch channel I got all inspired. I haven’t really seen her sketch from start to finish so I kind of just mimicked it from memory. She draws these amazing logs and stumps which are beautiful to look at. I’m excited to see the project she’s working on during her Residency. I def recommend checking out her other stuff as well as looking at other residents’ work. I promise to elaborate on their stuff tomorrow. I’m just really tired right now and I def need to get some sleep. Once again check out her work and take some time to appreciate her beautiful illustration skills!


A Very Dan Brown Themed Trip | Booktube-a-Thon 2016 | Day 6

My book spine poetry video is coming soon. I’ve been trying to balance reading and getting challenges in for the day of rather than backtracking. I really do want to finish that one though, so I should be up soon. Instead I did today’s challenge which is Literary Book Travels. Basically pick literary locations you would want to travel to. I had so many different places I wanted to go, but for the sake of sanity just ended up picking Dan Brown’s mystery books. He has so many different places that are rich in history as his main locations, and they’re all places I want to go to. If I had more time would have illustrated some places and maybe animated them. There’s also the potential to create some travels based around fictional worlds like Narnia & Hogwarts. I’ll have to leave that for another week though. Till then I need to read more, only one more day left of this readathon!

Animation Inspiration 68

I have to go to bed early because my friend made a challenge with me that I have to start waking up to take selfies by 9 AM. This is an effort to fix my sleep schedule which is very off at this point. So tonight I bring you these lovely animations.

2D Animation ORBS FXES | By Ivan Boyko

It’s completely normal to make your own sound effects, right? ‘Cause that’s what I did when I pressed the play button. Shows you how much I’ve matured since kindergarten. Woooshhh, pssshooooshwoooshoooowowooshhhhhwoooohhhhhshpppppssssstttttsshoooo….ww……okay I think I made my point.

The Design Conference 2016 event titles | From The Design Conference

Absolutely loving these whimsical event titles. They’re very fresh and bouncy and have that summer feeling to them. Very happy and cool. Love the cutouts and sketch look to them! Great fun music to go along with it too!

Animation Inspiration 67

Since I’m trying to still clean and get myself back to the top of my game I’ll just be providing some inspirational animations until I create something I feel worthy of the internet.

Science World: How do you stop mosquitos from spreading disease? | By Polyester Studio

This is cute. It makes me laugh and reminds me of how much I hate mosquitos.

Coke Contour | By Gareth O’Brien

Nice and simple animation with fun shapes and definitely on brand.

Animation Inspiration 63 | Music Videos

I had one of those days where I spent it trying to be productive but failing entirely. I feel like I tried every single thing I could to get myself motivated, but the only thing I accomplished was a Sudoku. Seriously annoyed at the focus level today. Well tomorrow will hopefully be better, although I’m going on a trip to visit my extended family again so 5 hours of listening to Animalators and School of Motion podcasts. Gotta find some way to be sort of productive since I get carsick easily. If I wasn’t easily motion sick I’d spend the trip writing Nano or animating. Till such a time comes I have some Animation Inspiration for you guys!

Young The Giant: Something To Believe In | By Drew Tyndell

Young the Giant is one of my favorite bands to listen to and this video is absolutely amazing. Seriously beautifully animated and not a dull moment. I love the colors and the cell animation combined with all those textures. I’m drooling. This is such an interesting piece and I can’t believe I didn’t just do my Animation Inspiration earlier today. If I’d seen this 10 hours ago I would have just spent the rest of the day working on my selfi animation. I’m having trouble making words because I love this music video so much.

Also I want this album to be out now…why do I have to wait another month???!??? :C

Koloto – Fay music video | By Sabine Volkert

Sticking with the theme of animated music videos I love this piece. I like having a single character to follow along and interact with the story. It’s got great movement and personality to it. The little blob is fun to watch and keeps the eye focused. Fascinating piece to follow along and fun to watch.


Animation Inspiration 61 | I Want A Job Edition

Since I’ve been working on my selfi (aka find-a-job) animation I’ve been looking at some other people’s internship and job application mographs. I thought I’d share them with you so you can see some of the thought process going into my current project. I hope to have more for you to see tomorrow.

Tiny Ant | By Bee Grandinetti

Giant Ant did say yes, but she was denied her visa to Canada. :C I love the song aspect and all the different examples of her love for the company. If I had any musical talent I would make a song too, but sadly those skills are long atrophied. This is cute and I have the song stuck in my head after watching it again. It’s got lovely illustrations too. Very adorable. ❤

Holà! | By Guillaume Mégroz

I love this one because of how minimalistic and straightforward the animation and designs are. I watch this on repeat frequently and it’s one of the videos that inspired me to take on my project. Also the other animations he has are great too.

Hello Buck | By Jonas Mossesson

This one is great because of all the different aspects to the piece. I love that he seamlessly integrates his reel into it too. I also like that he uses his own voice to narrate the script.

Animation Inspiration 57

I’m starting on some animations for my selfi animation so I’ve been looking up cool ways to animated letters on and off screen. These are a couple short inspirational lettering videos I found. I’m excited to start this process. Wish me luck. I’ve never tackled a mograph of this length and complexity before.

Osman Lettering Motion |By Osmangranda

Moodboarding some animation styles I’m looking at for my selfi animation. This one is a fun one to see because of all the lettering I’m doing. I love the way the letters write on and off. The color transition is interesting. I love all the remaining circular dots as it fades.

Lettering Animation – Pool Party | By André Luiz Fronza

Love the sound animation. A little jumpy frame wise, but overall love the splash. I do wish some parts were a bit faster. I think getting in and playing with the frames would be smart to make it smoother. I also love the sound design with it. It’s def a cool idea and I’ll be keeping it in mind for my selfi animation ideas.