Animation Inspiration 110

I feel like it’s been ages since I threw up some inspiration on this blog. Been prioritizing other projects that are of a larger scope and letting my Friday posts slide a bit. I’ll work on posting more inspirational posts in the future.

YIN teaser | by Nicolas Fong | Tumblr: those-visions-have-no-end

Loving the textures, cel animation, and optical illusional style of this teaser. I’m excited to watch the full short. Keeping an eye out for this!

A is for Albert | By Studio Lovelock |

Love this alphabetical adventure following a feisty child named Albert. He really loves to help out, fix things, negotiate, and party. Enjoying that every letter has its own story featuring him. Great animation and very fun to watch!

You can also view these animations on

Looking forward to the weekend! Hope everyone else is too and excited for my Monday post. Make sure to check back then because it’s a special Valentine edition!

~Kendall Hotchkiss




Animation Inspiration 106

Work Story: Motivation | By Oddfellows

Some interesting information with awesome animations! Love the transitions from shape to shape.

Greetings from LWZ | By LWZ

Sweet little parallax animation. Love the simplicity of the movements combined with beautiful illustrations.

Animation Inspiration 102

Interview, two pots of tea, and lots of family time. Since I had minimal productive time towards working on the rebrand and animation stuff here’s a link to an awesome video to watch. It’s a longer than the usual animation inspiration so just going to post one tonight.

The Most Gruesome Parasites – NTDs Explained | By Kurzgesagt 

I love these because the combination of animation with education is high quality and delightful. I love learning through art and this is a perfect example of why I love motion graphics.

Inktober Day 7 & Animation Inspiration 93


Inktober today left me a little heartbroken. So many extinct animals. -cry-  There’s also Animation Inspiration since I haven’t done much else art wise on here for the last week.

Flip Flop Logo Reveal | By Tenggrenska

Loving the liquid transitions and the sound design in this mograph. Simple and fun piece!


CutOut Fest 2016 – Teasers I & II | By Le Cube

These are quite possibly my favorite teasers EVER. Seriously left me wanting a whole short animation and more. So disappointed that these have endings. I’m at that point where I might download these and save to my computer so I can watch them even when I don’t have wifi. Just these graphics and animation styles…holy…

Howler Monkey & Animation Inspiration 92

I’m stuck trying to find words for a job application tonight. You know when you see a perfect opportunity but no clue how to make that opportunity work for you? That’s where I am right now. Seeing awesome and having no clue how to jump on the train. I’ll have to find a way to get on it tonight, but while I’m figuring that out check out today’s Inktober and watch some animation inspiration!

There’s Always A Way | By Dennis Hoogstad

Very cute and inspiring piece. It’s perfect for combating my current state of mind which is “omgimnevergonnafindajob”, so if you’re having any similar feelings I suggest having a watch. I love the game aspect to it and the simple shapes. Great minimalistic approach and feeling!

Motion Graphics Trend: Liquid Motion | By in60seconds

This is a compilation of liquid motion examples, a trend spotted. I recognize a large amount of these, having featured them here on the blog, and think that it’s a current trend. Although this video was posted awhile ago, but I think it’s still a relevant trend considering all the ones I’ve seen. Although it might be because I love the style a lot and find myself drawn to it. Either way, great animations to watch.

NaNo Seeking Writer | WIP

I spent 8+ hours animating today, and about 8+ hours yesterday. I didn’t make it too far last night before I crashed despite a zillion cups of coffee. At least it reinforced my love for motion design. There are not many other project types that keep my attention that long, aside from lettering. It was nice animating all day.

Aside from tons of animation, I drank a lot of coffee. I do plan to keep animating the title sequence. Due to time constrictions, I pulled out some of the boards. It got overwhelming animating every square and trying to figure out the shape layers. So many null objects. So many. It took me a couple hours to get in the groove. I realize I should have begun animating last week, but I just wanted to keep designing!

This project is so much fun and I’m happy with the current result, although I want a complete version of it still. For that portfolio! I didn’t even get a chance to tinker with the sound design! For future projects, I’ll make sure to start animating sooner.

I’ll continue working on it, but here’s the current state of the animation. Feel free to give a critique since it’s still a work in progress!

Animation Inspiration 90

Due to an upcoming deadline I’ve decided to withhold the updates for the title sequence until it is finished and uploaded to both Vimeo & Instagram. Which should be tomorrow night…or very early morning Friday. I’m hoping for midnight tomorrow night since the deadline is Friday at midnight. Yay.

In other news, I’ve apparently done at least 90 Animation Inspirations now. -celebration-

LoopdeLoop: Neighbours | By Thesmithereens

Great short narration. I’m in love with the storytelling of this piece. Beautiful music too!

Mower Animation Test, Summer 2016 | By Isaac King

Cute little reminder of Summer. Especially now that Fall is here. Love seeing the grass grow in this piece!

Animation Inspiration 89

Not gonna lie I didn’t even get to animating today…I had plans to, but decided to watch that debate. I’m gonna turn in early and wake up to animate.

Timeshare Math | By Jeff Moberg

Love the transitions of this. Very fun simple design. Reminds me of School of Motion animation projects. Reminds me, I need to go back through my lessons to make sure I don’t forget anything. Great fun piece with interesting information!

OFFF By Night 2016 – Title Sequence | By The Mill

I’m fascinated by these credits. Would really love to learn the process of these. If they used particles or liquid mattes or some other technique. I’m super interested in how this was created. I did find a case study on this by the Mill. Turns out they used 3D and rendered in 2D effects. I would still love to see a tutorial on at least a couple methods of how they created the design. I’m super mesmerized by this.



I spent today hanging out on the Adobe Live stream. It reminded me that I haven’t actually worked in After Effects in awhile…especially when I tried to use shape layers. I at least created Evan Abram‘s eyebrows. I’ve concluded that working in Illustrator is more efficient for my workflow.


Still working on that title sequence. I didn’t really get a chance to get into it today. I opted for watching the live stream and learning techniques from the awesome people there. Learned tons and hope that they do another one.

Plans are get some animation done tomorrow and write a life update. I haven’t done one of those in a long while. Plus I never typed up a recap of Denver Startup Week events. Just feeling a little unfocused this week. I’ll have to get myself back on track tomorrow. Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!


Animation Inspiration 87

A very mograph day today. Woke up to watch EC Abrams live stream on Adobe. T’was lit. Watching it again in the morning followed by animating. Title sequence wise I went back to the illustrations. I didn’t spend as much time with that step as I wanted, so I added another quick part. I’m going back through and adding the shots that I originally cut out due to time restrictions. Although, if I’m not careful I’ll be in the same boat as last time. I’ll do a cut off with fixing illustrations of tomorrow night. From Thursday on will be animation.

Since I don’t have a lot else from that leaving some inspiration again. One longer one and a very short one.

Werebeast | By Blink Industries & Nickelodeon International | Created by James Lancett

I want a full series with these characters. LOVE IT. Just love it. The illustrations are amazing and a hilarious plot. I just want more. I’m so sad it’s a short and not entire series. Just want to delve into the characters more and the strange world they’re in.

La Forêt | By GIF TEAM

I love when animation mixes with analogue techniques and styles. Very beautiful design and makes me want to pull out my paint. Will have to experiment after watching the loops on this piece. The sound design is amazing too! Great piece!