Welp rebranding progress is stalled. On the other side of the productivity stick, I finally backed up my computer files, deleted a ton of photos I didn’t need, and updated my computer OS from Snow Leopard to Sierra. Quite a fun and big change I’ve been procrastinating on for the last two years. Six full hours of updating. So fun…so fun. #sarcasm

Spent the earlier half of the day planning for the Adobe Creative Residency proposal. I’m thinking I’ll do some Christmas and/or end of the year mographs for the examples of what I want to create. Still trying to narrow down the main project I want to get done, just know it’s motion design. Too many ideas for animations popping into my head and I find myself adding more every time I open a word doc or notebook. Consulting friends about the projects I have and trying to decide.

Other news is lots of crazy startup things going on and finding/making gifts for the 25th is getting hectic. Still working on getting my schedule together. I need to make one and stick to it. On top of that some internship applications opened so I’m working on applying for those at the same time. Just need to go to coffices more frequently. The other day I didn’t make it to one but I did work at my kitchen table so it helped break up the monotony. Tomorrow I’ll be going into town which helps with time management. I’m always more mindful when I have a schedule to keep.

Still obsessing over the Yule Log  videos and music. That looping music is perfect for concentration. I’ve had that on every time I start working. Although while waiting for all the updates I spent a lot of time writing in my notebook and playing games. I wanted to get some animating in but updates. Plus my Cintiq is acting up. -cry- I’m just thankful it’s still alive. I’ve had it since my junior/sophomore year of high school…which was 6+ years ago. Still painful to know that it’s old and surprised it’s still alive. Cross fingers it makes it to 2017.

Time to get some reading in and sleep. Excited to get some work done tomorrow!



Wrap Ups & New AAR Song ‘DGAF’

Finished my wrap up video for Booktube-a-thon. Includes the spine poetry & TBR lettering I never posted.

Since that’s done I’m now currently distracted by the new All American Rejects Song DGAF.

Animation Inspiration 63 | Music Videos

I had one of those days where I spent it trying to be productive but failing entirely. I feel like I tried every single thing I could to get myself motivated, but the only thing I accomplished was a Sudoku. Seriously annoyed at the focus level today. Well tomorrow will hopefully be better, although I’m going on a trip to visit my extended family again so 5 hours of listening to Animalators and School of Motion podcasts. Gotta find some way to be sort of productive since I get carsick easily. If I wasn’t easily motion sick I’d spend the trip writing Nano or animating. Till such a time comes I have some Animation Inspiration for you guys!

Young The Giant: Something To Believe In | By Drew Tyndell

Young the Giant is one of my favorite bands to listen to and this video is absolutely amazing. Seriously beautifully animated and not a dull moment. I love the colors and the cell animation combined with all those textures. I’m drooling. This is such an interesting piece and I can’t believe I didn’t just do my Animation Inspiration earlier today. If I’d seen this 10 hours ago I would have just spent the rest of the day working on my selfi animation. I’m having trouble making words because I love this music video so much.

Also I want this album to be out now…why do I have to wait another month???!??? :C

Koloto – Fay music video | By Sabine Volkert

Sticking with the theme of animated music videos I love this piece. I like having a single character to follow along and interact with the story. It’s got great movement and personality to it. The little blob is fun to watch and keeps the eye focused. Fascinating piece to follow along and fun to watch.


Adorable Animation Inspiration 47

Humankind Rebrand by Daniel Luna

Cute little graphics that animate adorably on screen. Great branding and use of simple shapes to drive home their feeling of good. I like that music helps with the feelings too. Def a feel good style.

By The River by Will Rose

This is a great little informative piece! I love the colors and shapes of the scenery and the way each of the birds move. The illustrations here are amazing and very adorable. I guess tonight’s unintentional Animation Inspiration theme is adorable. I think my only critique is the length of time some of the longer facts near the end are on screen. I’m not necessarily a slow reader, but I wish they held them longer. I’m glad I could at least pause or go back screen wise. I love this type of fusion of art and education. ❤

Music Inspiration 2

Some music I’ve been listening to recently to keep me company while I work on projects. I would like to note that I am a little late to the party on some music, but better late than never. I’ve been listening to a lot of different tunes lately because of video projects. I keep forgetting how great of a resource Soundcloud is.

I love these tunes currently because they’re catchy, but subtle enough that I can zone them out when working on something important. ❤

Let me know some of your fave tunes you’re listening to!


I’ll Hold

Well..this blog is starting to turn more into an inspiration blog than it is stories….Still in the theme I might add, but not quite the original idea I was going with. I’m going to be reassessing what I’m focusing this blog on this weekend, as well as the structure I intend. In the meantime enjoy this amusing short called “I’ll Hold.” Loving the shots in this, and the guy is an amazing dancer.

Music Inspiration

Some music inspiration for today, all story themed so as to keep in theme with this habit! Some of it’s based on the music itself, but music videos make a major impact on how I remember a lot of songs. They’re really important to the interpretation of the song lyrics. I frequently do my best to listen to the song first without any music video to influence it because once I see it it’s usually the basis for how I feel about it.

Hope you enjoy!