A Very Dan Brown Themed Trip | Booktube-a-Thon 2016 | Day 6

My book spine poetry video is coming soon. I’ve been trying to balance reading and getting challenges in for the day of rather than backtracking. I really do want to finish that one though, so I should be up soon. Instead I did today’s challenge which is Literary Book Travels. Basically pick literary locations you would want to travel to. I had so many different places I wanted to go, but for the sake of sanity just ended up picking Dan Brown’s mystery books. He has so many different places that are rich in history as his main locations, and they’re all places I want to go to. If I had more time would have illustrated some places and maybe animated them. There’s also the potential to create some travels based around fictional worlds like Narnia & Hogwarts. I’ll have to leave that for another week though. Till then I need to read more, only one more day left of this readathon!


Stillness: Part 3

Day 18 of 365.

So, tonight I’m just not in the mood for animating my project. I’ll devote some time to it tomorrow. Instead I’m going to continue pantsing the story Stillness. If you haven’t read parts One & Two, make sure you do that before you read this next part. I really have no clue where this story is going, but I’m having fun finding out.

Stillness: Part 3

The jeep rolled slowly down the dirt road. Damien was driving the car like an old granny in Clase’s opinion. Even in her medically impaired state of amnesia she could tell he was uncomfortable with mountain driving, and thus slow. The men had insisted on wrapping her in a coat and a blanket, then cranking the heat up in the car as they drove through the winding road. It made her feel warm, but sleepy.

Dr. Gifford sat in the back with her, checking her every few seconds to make sure she was okay. Clase had shut down a bit after the phantom hands had tried strangling her. She hadn’t said much since then, and the silence in the jeep was starting to annoy her. She wanted Damien to ask a bunch of questions, but he seemed concentrated on his driving. Gifford on the other hand was either checking her or side glancing at her. His opinions about her state being silently broadcasted.

“Can you just stop that?” Clase said after the rounded another corner and she saw Gifford glance again.

“Stop what?”

“Stop looking over at me as if I’m a bomb. I get it, you’re concerned.”

Damien piped in, “He’s a doctor honey, of course he thinks you’re a bomb.”

“You too, stop that. I don’t remember you,” Clase snapped. She stared out the window.

A white streak, barely visible in the fog, was drifting next to her. She snapped back in fear as a face appeared in it.

Damien was saying something, “…I’ll get your memory back.”

A hand reached out grasping toward Clase. Clase slammed her eyes shut in fear. Maybe if she couldn’t see it the phantom would go away.

Hands grasped her neck. Icy fingers and nails digging into her skin and squeezing. Clase clawed at the hands trying to rip them off her neck, her eyes still shut. She couldn’t breathe. She could hear shouting, but it was distant.

“CLASE!” Dr. Gifford shouted. Clase felt the car breaks slam hard and she opened her eyes as she jerked forward in the seatbelt.

Silence for a brief second, and then Damien twisted around to look at her.

“What’s going on?”

Gifford pulled Clase’s chin up gently. She swallowed, feeling the raw pain from the phantom hands.

“You’re bleeding…” Gifford whispered. “How?”

“Are those bruises?” Damien asked.

Clase looked between them both before shoving the jeep door open. She held her neck up to the side mirror. Red and blue bruises had appeared up and down her neck with small fingernail cuts. They seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

The car door slammed and Damien appeared around the edge of the jeep. “What’s going on?” he stammered, “Where-Where did that come from?”

Gifford shifted behind her. Clase swallowed unsure of what to tell these people.

Damien’s eyes locked with hers, staring into her soul. She wanted to lie and say that it was nothing. To tell this man she barely knew that she was okay, that nothing was there. There was true fear behind them, but instead what came out of her mouth was, “The hands…”

“What hands?” Damien asked slowly.

“The phantom hands. They keep trying to kill me,” Clase said. It sounded so stupid. “They just keep…They pulled me down in the water, and just now tried to strangle me.”

“So…now you’re being killed….” Damien searched for a better word, but failed, “by a ghost?” He added, his voice cracking a bit, “And you can’t remember me.”

Clase felt a strong urge to comfort him, and started to move toward him. Damien held up his hands and shook his head. “Get in the car.”

Clase swallowed hard, hurt by the reaction. He clearly thought she was crazy. She turned back around. As she did she saw the white streak. A tall man was standing partially in it, staring at her. She froze. He shook his head and pointed to the car. Clase, shaking did just that.

The rest of the car ride down to the ambulance was in silence. Clase felt her head pounding every time someone shifted slightly. She ended up staring out the window to see if the man was following. He was. He floated along in pale cloud, his head and hands reaching out like he was superman. She was terrified of him, but felt oddly comforted that she was communicating with this…human? She didn’t know what he was.

To be continued…

Stillness: Part 2

Day 11 of 365.

So this is anything but realistic, but I’m brain dumping this story. Prepare for plot holes, you will fall into many and many a trap I have been snared in. Mostly because I did not come prepared to build bridges across them.

If you haven’t read Part One, make sure you do before continuing with this.


Dr. Gifford was a young man with short blond hair. His hands were gentle as he studied Clase’s head injury. She was wrapped tightly in a thick towel and sitting on the edge of a king sized bed. She stared around the large house as the Doctor continued to inspect her. The master bedroom she sat in had a massive window which supposedly peered out at the lake. She couldn’t see it due to the fog that had wrapped its arms around the house.

Damien stood back aways. He’d changed since getting back and was waiting for Dr. Gifford’s diagnosis. Clase could see him nervously shifting and rubbing a wedding ring every few seconds. Clase wondered why she was so important to him.

“Ow,” Clase piped as Dr. Gifford pressed his fingers lightly to the side of her head again. He frowned in response.

“What?” Damien questioned, fidgeting. “What does that mean?” Clase had an urge to tell him to mind his own business.

“Not enough to diagnose. She needs to go to the hospital,” he responded. “There’s bruising all around the edge of her skull, and there will be experts there that can address the memory loss.”

“Not until the fog clears up. We’ll never be able to follow the road, and I’m doubtful an ambulance will be able to find us,” Damien responded.

“I’ll do what I can, but if there’s internal damage she could die. I don’t advise waiting, even with the fog. It’s been long enough already, also falling into the lake has likely aggravated her injury,” said Dr. Gifford as he leaned back to look at Damien with a serious expression. He pulled his gloves off as he did and grabbed a small light and to Clase said, “Follow my finger with your eyes.”

Clase did as said. In her peripheral vision she could see Dr. Gifford’s small reactions. He had a look of worry and bad news seemed to be on the tip of his tongue.

“How did this happen?” Dr. Gifford asked as he continued examining Clase’s reflexes.

“I’m not entirely sure. I was in here about to take a shower when I heard someone, Clase, fall down the stairs. I ran out to see what had happened, but she was running away as if scared or something was chasing her. It happened so quick, and I’m not entirely sure I even know what happened. Next moment I saw her on the floor in the kitchen. There was blood on her head and…and…then she fainted.”

“Did you call an ambulance before you called me?” Gifford asked looking at Damien.

“You’re closer than anyone else, so I called you first,” Damien said. He rubbed his beard. “I didn’t know what to do, and the nearest hospital is so far away. I mean, if worse comes to worse if the visibility clears up I can fly the helicopter. Although, Clase is the designated pilot, but she’s not in any shape to do that.”

Gifford sighed. “Well, at least you have a neighbor who is a trained doctor. Although, I still think a hospital and ambulance is more qualified. I understand the distance, but personally I think time is of more essence. I think you should call and ambulance now. We can always meet them at the entrance to Raven’s Pass. Even in this fog I could navigate a car there.”

Clase chewed at her lip. She felt left out of the conversation, but couldn’t think of anything to contribute. The feeling reminded her of listening to parents discuss the fate of their child, and being powerless to do anything.

“Clase, do you remember anything at all?” Dr. Gifford asked.

Clase looked up at him. His eyes were light. “Not before the dock. The last memory I have is wondering how I got here.” She felt useless as she spoke. Clase licked her lips.

“Well, Damien. What happened after she fainted? How’d she get to the dock?”

“Uh…she ran. I called you and then the next thing I knew she was standing out there.”

Dr. Gifford sighed. “Well, let’s call an ambulance,” he said. Damien nodded and left to grab the phone. “Clase, is there anything you want to tell me? I’ve been letting you husband speak for you since you seem to have some memory loss, but if there’s anything you want to tell me now is the time.”

Clase felt her lips form the word husband without sound. “Wait?” she looked up at the Doctor confused. “Husband? I’m married?” The young doctor’s face fell as he watched her expression. He tried to find words, but Damien interrupted.

“The phone line is down. I’m going to try the backup, but it’s in the basement. Do you want to get her ready to travel? Her clothes are over there in the drawer,” he said pointing. Dr. Gifford nodded and went to retrieve clothes. Clase looked at Damien…her husband. He turned away. She wanted to say something, but wasn’t sure how to. She felt like she owed him something, but once again her felt a fuzzy block. She watched him leave the room again.

Dr. Gifford selected some pajamas for her to wear, saying something about how it was easier to change in and out. Before leaving her to change in the bathroom he paused. “Clase, is there anything else you remember?” he asked, keeping his voice low.

Clase could tell he was hinting at something, but wasn’t sure what. Maybe the phantom hands? She hadn’t mentioned them to anyone yet.

“Like what?” she asked, careful to keep her voice low.

Dr. Gifford glanced back. “Like, perhaps, do you remember being pushed? Do you remember fighting at all? Do you feel afraid of anyone?” Clase could tell he what he was implying, but honestly she hadn’t a slightest clue if it was a possibility.

“I know what you’re trying to say Dr. Gifford, but honestly…I just don’t remember,” she said. Her eyes welled up a bit as she tried to tell him how much she wanted to know that answer. “I wish I knew…But…”

Dr. Gifford put a hand on her shoulder and nodded. “It’s okay. Just a precaution. You’ll be asked these questions again at the hospital, just be prepared.”

“Gifford!” Damien’s voice called from below. The doctor left Clase to see what he wanted.


“Ambulance is going meet us there asap,” he said. “Clase, are you okay?”

Clase finished changing, staring in the mirror as she did. She could see all the bruising on her head and some dried blood. Her damp hair clung to her face as she moved. She closed her eyes for a moment. The pressure on her shoulders from the hands returned causing goosebumps. They moved suddenly and she felt them against her neck. Trying to choke her. Clase opened her eyes, breathing hard and grasping at her neck. The feeling disappeared and she spun around trying to find the phantom. Her chest heaved.

“Clase?” Damien asked louder walking into the bathroom. He could see her twisting around alarmed. “Are you ready?”

“The hands…” she said. “They…they tried to strangle me…”

“What hands?” Dr. Gifford asked. He was standing behind Damien watching her.

“I don’t know. My head hurts,” she said clutching her head. Pain throbbed as she did and she wanted to close her eyes, but she was afraid of the hands.

To Be Continued.