2016 Highlights & Review

Here are some highlights from 2016 and my New Year’s Resolutions.

It’s interesting looking at to what this blog evolved to. It started with stories and then turned into this journal of trying to keep myself on track with goals and habits. I’m proud of keeping up my habit. Missed a few days but kept to it almost every day this year. Here’s the favorite posts from the year. There’s more of course, but I can’t pick all of them!

Proud of all the hard work I put in this year, but still got a lot to get done. I looked through the original resolutions I had for 2016 to see what I had accomplished and pivoted.

  1. Animation Shorts: Make some shorts to advance my portfolio.
    • Pivoted this one into learning better animation skills from School of Motion. I’m really proud of how far I’ve come in animating with After Effects. I feel more confident in where I want to go career-wise as a result.
    • Created some GIFs and worked on a couple larger animations. Some are not finished but I hope to finish them in January.
  2. Stories: Learn how to tell better ones
    • Changed this to learning through watching and analyzing short animations. I wrote a few stories through the year, but I changed focus to learning stories for animation and film.
  3. Minimalism: Start getting rid of things that don’t add value to my life.
    • I never made a full commitment to this one so…It did save me many times during the year when I did want to buy objects. A good reminder to check if I actually needed it or if I just wanted it. Still need to clean out and donate many things, though.
  4. A career job: Get a career job in graphic design.
    • Got one at the beginning of the year, but after that, I kind of dwindled. I lost a lot of confidence after I had to turn down a freelance project for the first time. November’s Startup Weekend really helped bring back that confidence. I think I will be able to focus better and apply for many things out of my comfort zone now.
  5. Read more.
    • I’m def going to make a habit of reading a minimum of 15 pages a night. I read some books but I’m disappointed in the amount of reading I actually did.
  6. Start a Youtube channel.
    • ACCOMPLISHED. I didn’t post much after the Booktube-a-thon but I started and that was the whole goal. I will hopefully post more in 2017 and find my footing there. I’m still camera awkward, but the more I practice the better it’ll be.

I’m happy with what I’ve done this year, a little annoyed at some parts of the work ethic, but excited to change these bad habits. Can’t wait to see what I make of 2017! I’ll admit 2016 was difficult with all the deaths and the sad moments, but we’re still here pushing forward. I’m just so excited to be out with the old and in with the new. I’m excited to work and make all the new goals real!

Happy New Year friends! Hope you’re celebrating and looking forward to making 2017 amazing! I’ll have a post with my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions tomorrow! Have a great party and stay safe!



A New Project

First off Happy Christmas! I’ll have another post later tonight with more holiday oriented stuff.

We switched the days we’re driving over to see family so I didn’t get to work on things as much as I wanted. Plus the painkillers only a lot me so much time before I fall asleep. Still getting work done, just trying to balance the time.

I’m starting on a new project. The goal is to turn this into a motion comic and have the first chapters up before 2017. This is a quick little introduction to some characters. I am still perfecting the illustration style since drawing humans isn’t my strong suit. The main one is a character called Emerson. Following that are her uncles, Romaros and Darvil.

I’ll be doing more sketches over the holiday. I’m certain that their face shapes will change a bit and the concept art will differ. I have a ton of ideas that I want to get out so there will be no shortage of art on the way. Goal is to sketch portrait a day in any medium. I might post it every day here, or just round up the sketches and do a dump at the end of the week. Depends on how many are done digitally. I also want to start animating some parts of the story so that will be an upcoming thing. Just a lot going on and of course holidays are in motion so getting time to illustrate is difficult.

Anyway, hope your Christmas Eve is wonderful and I’ll have something more tonight!



I need to change up my routine. One of the difficulties of spending so much time at home, working at a desk in my room beside to my bed, is productivity. I’ve been making headway on the rebranding project, but at the same time feeling aimless. It’s weird because I know what two main goals I’m reaching for, Adobe Creative Residency and a motion graphics internship. Despite having these goals to aim for and all the steps written out I find myself replanning the same things over and over.

I think it comes down to the environment. I’ve been sitting at the same desk facing the same direction for too long. I’m always clear on my goals and the way to achieve them when I go out to a coffee shop or the library, but the moment I’m back in my room I’ve forgotten the focus. It’s a constant battle to get myself on track. Regardless of the tabs open, music playing, motivation mantras, I am distracted. I’ve turned sitting at my desk working into a zone where Youtube and Twitter are the main focus. My routine has taken up habits of browsing for nothing and then trying to refocus only to accomplish only 5 minutes of productivity before I’m distracted again.

I’m not certain what strategy will help fix these feelings and distractions that only seem to exist sitting at home, but the first attempt is changing the routine. I think I’ll take my computer downstairs to work in the office area or out for coffee. Just need to change the scenery so I can get some work done. It’ll give me some clarity as to what’s stumping me in this rebrand. Which as far as I can tell is the routine of self-doubt and bad browsing procrastination. Excited to see if this strategy helps me tomorrow.


Weekly Goals & Neopets

Had a weird moment today. Got sidetracked and started looking for jobs at Neopets? I’m not even sure why I would want a job there. Honestly, I want to make over the site. For our senior capstone, we had to redesign a big brand along with a whole launch campaign. I created a whole project on Kennedy Space Center, but halfway through the semester realized Neopets would have been a great option. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because I was already committed and couldn’t change it. Plus redesigning KSC was fun. I never did post that to my portfolio, maybe this week.

Speaking of this week I have three goals to achieve by Friday. I’m trying out the three-goal method, might have made up that name, but you set three goals for six months from now, three for the month, three during the week, and three a day. I have hope that it’ll help me be more productive, especially during the holiday season. Lack of sunlight has me acting like a sloth for most of the winter, so I can really use some goal pep talks.

This week’s goals are:

  1. Thumbnail & styleframes for that short animation I want to make.
  2. Actually, update my website. I’ve been sitting on several drafts for portfolio pages for weeks now. Just need to pick one and post.
  3. Pick the project idea I would enjoy working on for the Adobe Creative Residency and start working on it. I want some examples to put into the proposal.

I have other things to work on during the days, of course, these are just three overarching goals I am going to achieve. It’ll be great to see progress.

If you’ve tried this method let me know. I’m interested to see if it works for people and how it’ll change my productivity. My post on Startup Weekend goes up Monday. Follow my twitter to see a link when it does.


New 2016 Reel

Still working on the introduction animation. I took a little break today to work on my reel since I haven’t been allotting time for it recently. I had more projects I wanted to include, but I tried to keep it to about a minute.

The intro updates will continue tomorrow. For now, I’m please this is finally finished.


A Soup Bowl of Coffee – NM Road Trip Vlog 3

Three days into vlogging and I’m already feeling guilt that I haven’t filmed every single second of my day, but then again… The nice thing about this is that I am mastering my editing skills. Getting a little faster at the edits and figuring out what I like or don’t like style wise. I’m excited to challenge myself in this new medium. I know that once I get home that my vlogs won’t be filled with as many timelapses and jerky pans (I don’t have a tripod, sorry folks :c), and I’ll have to work on my skills at taking to the camera. So tomorrow I’m going to try to work on some messages and themes rather than just journal my day. There’s so many moments for me to elaborate that I have yet to take, and I know that I should. So tomorrow I’m going to work on some more in depth topics of discussion.

Hope you enjoy today’s vlog of the trip!


Also if you’re even watching or reading these thanks you! I appreciate it! ❤