Day 11 of 365

Just keep on going.

Part 1

“Tell me Mylard, what is it about your personality that you think all the fans are attracted to?” Valrose said with a smirk. His green eyes sparkled way too much and all Mylard thought is Why am I here?

“Uhhhh…My down to earth attitude?” she managed to respond. She combs a flyaway hair behind her ear and shifts her eyes between Valrose and the ground in nervousness.

“I think you’re just sparkling and such a natural beauty! Tell me Mylard, how many weeks have you been training for today’s immensely important show? We’re so honored to have you here,” Valrose said. He leaned in closer to her, touching her arm and shoulder. Mylard shifted in nervousness.

“Not long, just since I heard I was entered,” she stammered.

The clip fades off of Valrose and Mylard while the interview between Valrose and Tomkin appears. Tomkin is smiling, relaxed with a cup of tea in her hand. Valrose says…
To be continued…


Wide Open Lettering

Today’s post is a little late, I got sucked into trying to perfect my pieces. So today I decided that I would do some lettering again and think about words as narratives, but not in the traditional sense. By that I mean going back to last year’s 365 days of Lettering. Making words become more than just words by changing its form.

I took the lyrics from Wide Open by the Chemical Brothers and tried to think about how I personally visualize the words, and why certain parts of the song jump out of me. I used color to highlight the words that I, personally, find appealing and important lyrically. Then visually constructed the verse on the paper. Part of the exercise was listening to the song on repeat and just letting myself channel my feelings into it. After lettering it I took it into photoshop and just let myself think about it visually and turn the lyrics into my art.

I also encourage you to watch the video below because it’s visually stunning and tells a beautiful story through the art of dance.