Drew a portrait of my 91-year-old grandmother for Christmas. Hope everyone had a merry time. I know I did getting to visit with family and enjoying pie.


The Selfi Mograph

I’ve taken to referring to this as my selfi mograph… Yup, I’ve reached the point that I’m leaving the ‘e’ off. I forgot to type it and then decided it looked cooler. I feel so conceited, but still going to do it.

Portrait wise I finally found a style I liked and now I just have to decide on the color combo. I can’t decide which I like best yet. Anyway, I’m moving on from this and working on the next part of the styleframes. I hope to start animating by Wednesday or Thursday next week. There’s a lot of parts to this animation I want to take my time on. Really trying to make the best project I possibly can. I’m also piling on another project for Father’s day and will be updating that as well. And can’t forget that Character Animation Bootcamp has started, and I have a couple freelance opportunities I’m starting. I’m going to be living in AE & AI these next few weeks. I’m super excited and can’t wait to drink more coffee.

Warning, I am leaving on a little trip tomorrow. Posts will continue as normal, but I am anticipating a lot of babysitting and family time. This meaning less time to work on projects, so you might end up with more Animation Inspiration fillers than process updates. I just hope I still have time to get my character animations. I’m excited and will continue updates as normal!



sketches – 1

Mmmmmmmmmmmm….ew….I hate drawing myself. I love self portraits, but pencil & marker ain’t my medium for self portrait usually. I like paint better, but I want a caricature style for this mograph. Paint is okay for this type of portrait, but I also don’t feel like trying to paint when I don’t need to. Plus I don’t have a good space to really do oil in, nor a proper photograph of myself that I like.

Till tomorrow, here’s my few sketches today.

Artboard 10Artboard 12Artboard 13Artboard 11

Self Portrait – pt 1

I haven’t made a self-portrait in a long time. Since I’ve been doing a rebranding on my website and reworking my reel, I decided making a self-portrait would be a good idea. The twist that I’m trying to incorporate is turning it into a mograph introduction. I like the idea of introducing myself through my favorite medium. It’ll be fun to teach myself some character animation in the process and really tackle my inner self. So stay tuned for how this project takes shape.

Below is a first “sketch” at mocking an illustration of myself. I’m going to make it more cartoony I think, and really rework some of the shadows. I learned that my eyes are quite small today…Seriously, they get drowned by glasses. Anyways, I occupied most of my evening looking at my coin collection and trying to figure out how much my “rare” coins were worth, I didn’t really get a chance to dive into this illustration as much as wanted tonight. I also need to write myself a little artist statement or script for it. Like I said stay tuned to see how the animation develops. I’m excited.