More Vectors & Monday Goals

Today was draining…got some vectoring done, but we had a memorial in the middle of the day so I felt pretty emotionally drained after that. I wasn’t expecting to get much done after it, but I’m still finding myself frustrated with how behind I am. Tomorrow will be busy, but excited to take on the crazy this week will offer!

I have plans to rise early and work work work until I have to go down to Denver. There’s a panel for Denver Startup Week in the middle of the day on Meow Wolf. Super excited to attend! I might bring my computer down with me so that I can get some work done after the fact, or get on a bus back right away…I have yet to decide. Goal is to have all vectors done, animation files prepped, at just one animated square. I got this. #tired



Nano Prep Night

Camp NanoWrimo starts at midnight so I’ve been prepping for July’s craziness by moodboarding out my characters via Pinterest. I also took some extra time to create a little scenery for some places that the plot might occur at. I dunno, this piece became a little bit more about the landscape than the idea in my head while I drew. I’ll revisit and change some things around. Also much plotting is still needed to be done so updates to drawings will happen soon!