2017 New Year Words

I’ve decided to forgo the 365-day habit this year, this is a change after two years. I love daily habit building resolutions, but I find that I don’t really work on those projects but scramble something, anything, together last minute. I’m working toward quantity rather than quality. In some ways, this is great for measuring progress and keeping me going, but at the end of the year, I don’t know how much quantifying has helped. It’s changed me somewhat but I need something better for 2017.

As I work toward many different goals I have picked three words of value to keep to. The first word is Move. This word represents movement in time, steps toward or away from a goal. I hope to move forward, but I must not stand still. Although 2016 I stepped forward in my mindset I did not move far in career and location. I want to avoid being still. The word ‘move’ also applies to getting my body moving in exercise. Lastly, as a love of animation, I want to move those drawings and create. Which leads to my second word, Make.

Make comes from Neil Gaiman’s Make Good Art speech. I remind myself to make good art no matter what has happened in life, good or bad. I want to make 2017 my year. I create my year and I will make my projects and goals happen.

The third word has always been a word I held close to my heart but for some reason never dare to work on. It’s Empower. I want to inspire and empower others to do what they love to make and move their world. I plan to find ways to enable myself so that I can build others up. I like the word empower over things like inspire and value because it means that I’m helping others to grow and feel confident to do things themselves. It’s permission to be your own boss to allow someone to claim their rights. Just thinking about the word gives it power and grows the idea. It’s a beautiful blossoming idea in my mind and I want to take the strength of that word and give it others as well as empower myself.

There are many projects and goals that I have but I want to stand by these words for the year. To use them as a measurement for my growth. If you’re still looking for what to do for your New Year’s Resolutions perhaps pick a word or more. I suggest keeping it to three at max because words hold weight. Picking too many might leave you confused and conflicted. I feel like these three are mine for the year and I hope they will guide me to make good choices with my time, relationships, work, and goals.

I’ll be showing more of my projects in 2017 and how these words help me create them. Please bare with me for the next week while I redo my website and clean up my internet homes. Lots of dusting to do!

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!


So much to do

It’s always great to see family. Didn’t get a ton done today but hung out with the fam which is awesome. Upcoming projects are on the way and catching up on others. Lots of animations to do and not a ton of time to get them all in. Additionally, I now need to find time to get to a doctor. My hip has gone on the fritz. Can’t find a comfortable position for sitting, standing, or lying down. Resulting in some terrible concentration, but I’m pushing through to get these projects done. Lots of Advil and attempts to rest, but not really working out since I’ve been trying to finish Christmas shopping. But time to stop complaining because I have work to do.

I am starting a new planning system for 2017. Trying out the Passion Planner. Hope that this method will help for the year and stick past January. The only thing that’s ever stuck has been the Bullet Journal, but I’m optimistic because the Passion Planner has reflection writings at the end of each month. I love looking back on the month and thinking about what I can do better. I’ve started filling out parts of it and will let you know how it works.

Some projects being released Friday so stay tuned to the blog and my twitter for updates. Hopefully, I’ll get some sleep and still have some fun.



Spent all day hanging with the fam. It was fun. I was in no way productive as a result, but family time is always important. We bought our Christmas tree, went to a craft market, and found gifts. Since I didn’t do any work today I now have to make up for all that tomorrow. Need to get some sleep and wake up early to work. Especially since I got another idea for an animation project…I have so many on my list, but time and money are killing the mood! Guess that’s why I’m applying for the Adobe Creative Residency. Would be amazing to just work on these head animations forever and ever without worry.

If you’re in need of a good motivational video watch as Gary Vaynerchuk calls a bunch of his fans. Even just watching 10 minutes gets you pumped to get some hustle on! I know I’m inspired to make tomorrow fantastically productive! Gonna get some good rest so that I can get shit done!



Welp rebranding progress is stalled. On the other side of the productivity stick, I finally backed up my computer files, deleted a ton of photos I didn’t need, and updated my computer OS from Snow Leopard to Sierra. Quite a fun and big change I’ve been procrastinating on for the last two years. Six full hours of updating. So fun…so fun. #sarcasm

Spent the earlier half of the day planning for the Adobe Creative Residency proposal. I’m thinking I’ll do some Christmas and/or end of the year mographs for the examples of what I want to create. Still trying to narrow down the main project I want to get done, just know it’s motion design. Too many ideas for animations popping into my head and I find myself adding more every time I open a word doc or notebook. Consulting friends about the projects I have and trying to decide.

Other news is lots of crazy startup things going on and finding/making gifts for the 25th is getting hectic. Still working on getting my schedule together. I need to make one and stick to it. On top of that some internship applications opened so I’m working on applying for those at the same time. Just need to go to coffices more frequently. The other day I didn’t make it to one but I did work at my kitchen table so it helped break up the monotony. Tomorrow I’ll be going into town which helps with time management. I’m always more mindful when I have a schedule to keep.

Still obsessing over the Yule Log  videos and music. That looping music is perfect for concentration. I’ve had that on every time I start working. Although while waiting for all the updates I spent a lot of time writing in my notebook and playing games. I wanted to get some animating in but updates. Plus my Cintiq is acting up. -cry- I’m just thankful it’s still alive. I’ve had it since my junior/sophomore year of high school…which was 6+ years ago. Still painful to know that it’s old and surprised it’s still alive. Cross fingers it makes it to 2017.

Time to get some reading in and sleep. Excited to get some work done tomorrow!


Missing This

I miss this blog too much to miss another day. -cry- I tried to soft ban myself until I had updated my website, but decided to do a rebrand. This has resulted in a much larger and longer project than the ban is meant for. On the other side of this, the ban was to motivate me into being productive…which…didn’t work so well.

Aside from extending a 4-hour project into a 1-2 week long project, I’ve taken up Neopets again. This comes at a bad time as I am heading into the rebrand and trying to finish all the projects I started this year. Thank the creator of Citrus, without you, I would be wasting a lot more time playing Hasee Bounce and collecting lint jelly from the not-so-secret jelly world on Neopia. I would also be tweeting more about how unproductive I am being and the woodpecker that is knocking at my second story window. The cat wants to eat you, please stop, Zorro knocks over my lamp and BB8 toy every time you try to eat a bug.

In other news, I am still taking on the three goal challenge I started. I keep adding more tasks which make reaching the end goals more difficult. Working on scaling back the ideas exploding and being realistic with what is accomplishable in a day. I find myself underestimating how easily I get distracted. Hence Citrus, planning, and focused goals.

I do better when I know what I want to accomplish and why. I’ve been having difficulties creating a new home page, about me, and organizing my portfolio. I attribute this to waffling on the target audience. I keep switching between targeting freelance clients and hiring managers at motion design companies. I know there is overlap, but I’m struggling with that focus. It affecting the brand image I want to create. To the point where I want to split into two websites, but I don’t. Even writing these thoughts makes me conflicted. I’ve been working on different strategies to figure out what I want. Will do another one tomorrow morning and hope my head clears.

Updates will come soon. I will be posting despite not finishing. The writing help clears my head and reminds me to keep making progress instead of letting the failure consume me. Plus, you keep me accountable and excited to show off process.

Thanks for reading!


Weekly Goals & Neopets

Had a weird moment today. Got sidetracked and started looking for jobs at Neopets? I’m not even sure why I would want a job there. Honestly, I want to make over the site. For our senior capstone, we had to redesign a big brand along with a whole launch campaign. I created a whole project on Kennedy Space Center, but halfway through the semester realized Neopets would have been a great option. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because I was already committed and couldn’t change it. Plus redesigning KSC was fun. I never did post that to my portfolio, maybe this week.

Speaking of this week I have three goals to achieve by Friday. I’m trying out the three-goal method, might have made up that name, but you set three goals for six months from now, three for the month, three during the week, and three a day. I have hope that it’ll help me be more productive, especially during the holiday season. Lack of sunlight has me acting like a sloth for most of the winter, so I can really use some goal pep talks.

This week’s goals are:

  1. Thumbnail & styleframes for that short animation I want to make.
  2. Actually, update my website. I’ve been sitting on several drafts for portfolio pages for weeks now. Just need to pick one and post.
  3. Pick the project idea I would enjoy working on for the Adobe Creative Residency and start working on it. I want some examples to put into the proposal.

I have other things to work on during the days, of course, these are just three overarching goals I am going to achieve. It’ll be great to see progress.

If you’ve tried this method let me know. I’m interested to see if it works for people and how it’ll change my productivity. My post on Startup Weekend goes up Monday. Follow my twitter to see a link when it does.


Challenges Day 1

Sorry, my post is late. I had it almost ready to go and then I locked myself out of my computer. It’s fixed now.


Day one productivity challenge and minimalism.

Writing wise, I’m still working on the second half of that goal. Being distracted by SNL. The 10 minutes this morning went by fast! I felt like I’d hardly started when my timer went off. Might make that goal a bit longer if the following days feel the same.

The cover letter goal is near finished. It’s been written and edited with prep for email. I still have to send but have a couple loose ends to tie up. Will send out along with my other cover letter later. Art wise I promise you I made something but it goes along with my cover letter. I don’t want to share it since it’s directly related to the companies I’m applying for.

Minimalism goal achieved! I decided to get rid of this writing fiction guide. I use online guides so this guy has been gathering dust below my bookcase.



Challenges. A daunting and difficult task, but still feasible.

The first being 30 Days of Productivity challenge. This one features the original novel writing challenge, the infamous job search, and a personal art project. Every day I will do something that helps me accomplish these three tasks this month. I already do these tasks, but I want to force consistency with the level of productivity. As remarked in earlier posts this week I’ve been frustrated with my busy to productive ratio. I’ve outlined three tasks I can do to be consistent in accomplishing these goals.

  1. Spend minimum 10 minutes every morning writing and 15 minutes every night.
  2. Write one cover letter every day and email.
  3. Make something and upload to a social media once a day.

The important thing with these three goals is that they’re manageable and will keep me going. I will be updating you on the progress as I go along.

The second challenge is playing The Minimalism Game. With the holidays coming along, meaning the season of gifts, I want to get rid of items gathering dust and accomplishing nothing. To play you get rid of one thing on day one, two things on day two, three on three, and so forth. Will photograph items I am either donating or throwing out and post either on IG stories or Twitter.

Excited to see how this goes. Officially starting tomorrow as I need to head to bed. Should be an interesting month.

Friends & Inktober Day 8

I spent nearly the entire day watching Friends episodes…because I totally have a life. I’m a social being that leaves the house on weekends…for……..walking the dog………Yeah…I’m just gonna spend this weekend watching Friends episodes and Orphan Black. I don’t need to be social, pfffttt…that’s for non-sloth humans. I can totally just live out my life through the characters in TV shows instead of experiencing fresh air.

Well…I did start planning for NaNoWriMo…and I walked the dog and did Inktober…so today wasn’t completely lost. Okay bedtime so I can actually have a productive Sunday. I need to do something. My hustle did not exist today. Just poofed away. Which is disappointing because the day did start out so promising with a skype convo with my friend for brainstorming plots for NaNo. If only I had stuck to my agreement to make the bed every morning and put Citrus on…Well…can’t get back that day. Tomorrow will be more productive. If it isn’t, I’m gonna need some angry shaming looks. ‘Cause today was just ridiculous with the Friends binge watch.

Life Updates

Lovely day today. Life update time!

Spent today watching animation lessons and taking notes. Very productive day, although, I’m still really behind in bootcamp. I am making lots of progress watching the video lessons, but still behind animation wise. Catching up slowly, if I stay on track I’ll be done before critiques close.

Aside from bootcamp catch up I went to see a career counselor last week. The meetings should be helpful in getting me on track job search wise again. Which reminds me, I need to get back into working on the selfi animation. This morning I was coming up with a second round of ideas of how to present the script. Plan is to reassess everything tomorrow morning and make a decisions. The counselor I thinks it’s a good idea to finish getting that in order so I can use it for job applications. I was beginning to second guess the idea because of how much work it was taking. Got torn between finishing it for job apps and wondering if it was taking away from time I should be spending on just applying. After talking with her it helped me realize that it is a good idea, I just have to be careful with the balance of time. Gotta remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect.

I think I might be taking on too many projects again so I might delay some ideas. List below (in order of importance):

  1. Character Animation Bootcamp
  2. Job Search
  3. Selfi Animation
  4. Ogallala, NE Camping Film
  5. Booktube videos
  6. Motion Covers (A weekly project I want to launch)
  7. NanoWrimo

I’m prioritizing the first two which is why the other projects, like my camping video and that weekly project, keep getting delayed. Lots of creative projects to do on top of the usual chore responsibilities and day to day events. Also Lost is very distracting. Very. Constantly having to use Citrus (A Chrome extension) to block Netflix and other social media. So easy to go down the rabbit hole.

So objectives for this week are to get the personal projects in order and focus on just one or two. Hopping around too much is causing me to leave projects unfinished.

Overall last week was good. Some good steps forward, but still catching up and organizing. I’m excited for this week’s projects and shall update you tomorrow!