Day 5 of 365

This story is still winding its way through my head. Will wrap this soon with a new story.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part four


Verona smiled raising the alien gun slightly. Mr. Sandburg tensed.

“Maybe I should just turn you lot in,” Verona said. He looked over the group. “Who’s that?” he asked nodding to Ellis.

“None of your–” Diana started.

Mr. Sandburg shushed her. Verona rocked back on his heels. “I want him. I think he’s good bait. Or maybe I should take one of you. I mean, do you think the Empire is over how you traitors backstabbed them?”

“Like you’re any better,” Marilyn interjected. “If memory serves me, you’re stuck here on this planet in exile just like the rest of us. What was it like getting exiled for falling in love with the prince?”

“That’s a petty insult even for you,” Verona replied. “At least my love was pure intentions. You lot thought it’d be smart to rob from the Empire.”

To Be Continued



Day 2 of 365

Here’s part two. I need to pick an earlier time to do these at. Hope you like the continuation.

Part One if you haven’t had a chance to read it.



Ellis did not like the way Mr. Sandburg stared at him with dark eyes. He nearly lost his nerve. “Mr. Sandburg, please tell me–”

“If you come back Ellis I will kill you,” Mr. Sandburg’s alien snapped. Mr. Sandburg tried to scream again for help.

Ellis was taken aback. He’d fancied Diana for the past year but had he’d known how rude her father was he wouldn’t have wasted hours daydreaming about going out with her. He swallowed his pride and walked away from the house feeling that there wasn’t something right about Mr. Sandburg’s abrupt anger. It would be many hours of analyzing the moment and weeks after the Sandburgs had suddenly disappeared from the town that he realized his mistake. It wasn’t that he left the house it was that he returned…again.

When Ellis returned, slipping around the back part of the house to see if he could get Diana outside to talk, well that’s when Derrik knocked him out. It was a shovel of course. Straight over the top of Ellis’s head, any lower and he could have died. Derrik dragged him inside and tied him up.

The Sandburg aliens stood around him discussing the best way to address this horrible mess. It’d been nearly 300 years since they’d had a similar issue. At that time they were aboard a ship sailing between America and Europe. The family they had assimilated into were beginning to draw attention considering they were stuck on the boat with the same people. Several people brought the strange reactions of the Hendale family to the attention of the captain. It was discussed that they should be thrown overboard should they continue to threaten guests on the boat. The situation escalated quickly leaving several people dead and others in a deadly hostage situation. In the end, the aliens had escaped by assimilating into a pod of dolphins. The rest of the crew and guests upon the boat found themselves paranoid and starving until they drifted into an island.

“Well I think we should kill him before he alerts the police,” Diana said with her hands resting on the knife.

“We can’t kill him,” Marilyn said. “His murder will attract more attention than us letting him go. At least we can spin the story that he’s going crazy if we let him go. Not that many people believe in aliens these days.”

“I agree with Marilyn,” Preston said.

“I think you’re all giving me a headache,” Fell interjected.

Mr. Sandburg stood and quietly said, “I think we should let him go. I’ve done research and if we tell enough tall tales around the idea that he is impulsive and ignorant, well I presume he’ll be considered crazy.”

“I think you should let me go,” Ellis said. He’d become conscious a couple minutes before and was feeling a bit nauseated.  “I can say I hit my head on something.” He glared at the family.

To Be Continued

A New Project

First off Happy Christmas! I’ll have another post later tonight with more holiday oriented stuff.

We switched the days we’re driving over to see family so I didn’t get to work on things as much as I wanted. Plus the painkillers only a lot me so much time before I fall asleep. Still getting work done, just trying to balance the time.

I’m starting on a new project. The goal is to turn this into a motion comic and have the first chapters up before 2017. This is a quick little introduction to some characters. I am still perfecting the illustration style since drawing humans isn’t my strong suit. The main one is a character called Emerson. Following that are her uncles, Romaros and Darvil.

I’ll be doing more sketches over the holiday. I’m certain that their face shapes will change a bit and the concept art will differ. I have a ton of ideas that I want to get out so there will be no shortage of art on the way. Goal is to sketch portrait a day in any medium. I might post it every day here, or just round up the sketches and do a dump at the end of the week. Depends on how many are done digitally. I also want to start animating some parts of the story so that will be an upcoming thing. Just a lot going on and of course holidays are in motion so getting time to illustrate is difficult.

Anyway, hope your Christmas Eve is wonderful and I’ll have something more tonight!


The Purpose Hotel

I am not done with my lettering, more on that later. First off, I want to take the next portion of this post to promote The Purpose Hotel. Jeremy Cowart, the person who’s quote I’m lettering, has a kickstarter which ends tomorrow [Sept 2nd]. The concept of this hotel is that every part of it helps contribute to changing the world. By sleeping there you sponsor a child through the room. If you want faster internet that fee helps combat human trafficking. Each item used helps a someone out in some way and makes some kind of difference in this world. It’s an amazing concept and I hope you will contribute! I don’t have a lot to give money wise so I donated $10. Giving up a couple coffees from Starbucks. There is a $1 option if you really can’t donate much. This project is awesome and I hope that I get to stay in the hotel one day! Please check it out! The Kickstarter is here and you can watch the video below for more details.

Lettering wise I started typing out this post with initial frustration and anger at myself for not being done with my it, but decided it’s not going to do any good. Why dwell on being angry at myself for not being done? Doesn’t change the progress on my lettering. If anything it set me back because I’m spending time focused on being angry at myself instead of actually finishing the product. I know for future reference that if I want a finished lettering product to allow more time for ideas and sketching. At least if I want to have that to a certain caliber that is…I’m trying not to be a perfectionist, but I still want to take my time with the project.

I just realized I forgot something important with both the lettering project and title sequence. I forgot fun. No wonder I’m getting nothing done. I’ve spent the entire week just annoyed at myself rather than enjoying the work. Pffffffffttttttt…I always get the most done when I’m excited and having fun with the project. Obviously not all projects come with butterflies, sunshine, and rainbows, but these are personal projects that are suppose to be enjoyable. I will have to remedy this.

Tomorrow I’m going to have fun and play with these projects. I make zero promises as to where I’ll be progress wise, but I do hope I’m finished lettering since I want to promote that hotel before the kickstarter closes. Got to go to bed early so that I can wake up and draw! 😀

Valentine’s Final Card

So, I did have more planned for you guys, but I’m getting too tired to finish it so I’m just gonna leave you with my two Vday cards and post it Monday. The second is the same as yesterday’s.

Check out Tom Froese’s work and his Skillshare class for info on the technique used.

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day single or not. I know I enjoyed family time and sleep. ❤


Slow Progress 2

Day 22 of 365

Running way behind schedule now, but I’m planning on catching up this weekend despite the busy plans I have. I’m slowly morphing this story down even more an more. I have a floating Snackadoodle now and, not included in the GIF a drawn Twinkie he’s bobbing towards. Not sure what story potential I have there other than the outer space story I created of his adventures eons ago. We’ll see…This story is starting to become a bit jumbled. I’m going to spend the rest of tonight and tomorrow morning refocusing the story and really figuring out what I have time to animate. That’s the biggest issue, do I have time to animate? Some nights I only get 20 minutes so I have to narrow down this soon.

Goals are to make a timeline and narrow down what I need to do every day to achieve the goal of this month’s fully animated short short story. Yay calendars.



Snackadoodle vs Dog animatic 2

Day 16 of 365.

There’s lots of little details I need to workout with this story, but I have a full animatic at least. Not a well drawn one, nor is it even close to a finalized story, but it’s got the basic formula. Beginning, middle, end. I’m thinking I might move the scene into the kitchen so I can get a Twinkie into the story. Snackadoodle can drop in on dinner and cause a scene as he tries to steal a Twinkie on his way out of the kitchen…I might be getting a bit ahead of myself. I don’t have a lot of time to animate this, and it’s a bit of a long story to do that in.

I’m trying to think of ways to make the scene a bit simpler so all I have to animate is the rat and dog. I do like the people freaking out, but for sake of simplicity I can probably take them out and still have the same story. Perhaps the rat falls on the dog instead and then gets stuck trying to get through the tiny opening, only for the dog to take pity and push him through it. Other options can be that Snackadoodle is dragging a Twinkie he found toward the opening only to be discovered by the dog…Hmmm…little things to think about. I’ll have to work this out tomorrow night.

Goals tomorrow are narrow down the final story and redraw at least part of the animatic. Make it more simplistic and keep in mind that I need to make time to break down this animation. Also pick a breed for the dog.

Looping animatic version 2.0 starts after “the end.”