Made so much progress on a lettering for the Startup Weekend post, but it’s not quite done. It’s outlined and mostly inked, but still has some finishing touches I want to do tomorrow. I’m getting sleepy which leads to mistakes. Would rather sleep and finish in the morning then press on and end up with wobbles.

I realize I abandoned the 30 Days of Productivity challenge I started. I have to decide if I want to bring it back, but I can’t say that I’ve been super lazy recently. I do need to refocus efforts on the job search. I’m going out tomorrow with a bunch of resumes to hunt for seasonal positions. Not excited, but I’ve been saying I need to get one for months now…so need to suck it up. Gah, reading back over that just makes me realize how whiny I’ve been this entire year. I revisit that idea at least once a month. Really need to stop complaining.

I’m having one of those moments where I reflect upon on the ‘fails’ of this year…the year isn’t even over. Realizing there’s only one month left and I haven’t accomplished all these goals I set out on. I’ve done a lot, but I’ve also wasted a lot of time and opportunities. Trying not to regret anything. Just trying to figure out what I can get done before the year ends and what I need to do to accomplish these goals.

With one full month of the year left I want to make a couple focused goals for myself. I’ve gone through a lot of different mindsets and ideas over this year, so the goals I made in January have changed a bit.

  1. Make one more animation. Either a general Holiday animation or a specific Christmas Present for a family member. I want to challenge myself to make a narrative piece.
  2. Proposal for the Adobe Creative Residency drafted. I think I’ve neglected to say that I am applying for the residency, but I am. I want to make some really fun animations and work with people from Adobe. I’ve spent a large portion of the year thinking about this and feel that I would thrive in that environment. I’m not positive on what my project is going to be about, but I have a couple projects I want to test out this month.
  3. Apply for a few more jobs and internships in case I don’t get the residency. If it doesn’t work out I want to make sure that I’m still learning.

There are other goals, but I am prioritizing these three. Only one full month left of 2016. It’s time to focus and get shit done.



Adapting Books to New Mediums

Today I’m sharing some unique and interesting adaptations of books to different mediums. I really love seeing how people interpret stories in different ways, and how those stories change as a result. It’s great to see the changes and if those are good or bad for how that story in particular develops as a result.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

An adaptation of the classic Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I like this one in particular because it brought the characters into the modern day setting. This adds specific changes which I think adds to the story by making a multilayer vision of telling it. By that I mean there’s the vlog style of Elizabeth, Lizzie, directly talking to the camera. It involves the viewer as a result. Following that you have other characters interacting in the same way with Twitter accounts, a website, and other Youtube channels. Also by releasing the story in an incremental way on a weekly basis it makes it feel like it’s happening in real time. That helps with creating this modern day setting to explain this classic love story. If you have the time I suggest watching the entire playlist below.

The company Pemberley Digital also has other book to new media formats. They have adapted a lot of classics, like Frankenstein and Little Women, in the same format that they did for Pride and Prejudice. I really admire the new formats they’ve taken on and look forward to what they come up with next!


The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy

Done in a similar format as The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, but with Peter Pan, The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy creates a stunning and interesting play on what it means to stay a kid rather than facing adulthood. It takes that twist of Peter not growing up and sticks him into these situations that are all too real this day in age. I think that’s really what makes this adaptation stick out for me. It’s playing on the storyline of this classic book, while comparing it to realistic moments in our world. It’s still ongoing, and they’re actually looking for help funding their third season to continue the story. If you haven’t seen the previous seasons you can watch the playlist below.

If you like it, consider supporting the Indiegogo campaign they have going on. I know I’m trying to spread the word since I don’t have a ton of money to spend…but I’m considering giving up coffee for a bit just to fund that $10 perk.


Thanks for reading!


A note on this blog, because I’ve been thinking about what I’m doing with the content I am bringing every day. I am going to be refocusing my blog on stories again, and analyzing stories that I post for inspiration. I also want to get my animations back on track, but making that into a weekly update (I think I’ll do Tuesdays, but I’m still deciding). For the most part I’m aiming for an inspiration blog, but focused on stories. Meaning, with videos, I need to actually analyze the content to teach myself and you guys why these are good stories and how they visually articulate the stories I pick. I also want to make sure I include updates on my opinions of artistic content (film, books, music…etc.) and my artwork. With that I need to include the content that inspires these opinions and work.

So, thank you for being patient while I really figure out what I want to achieve on these little journals I create. Also thanks for sticking around and reading or watching the videos I post. I appreciate anyone that takes the time to read these, comment, like my tweets about it, or even share the content I create. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, and hope you have a wonderful night!