Day 15 of 365

Both girls continued their struggle inside the strange room. Tomkin’s glasses didn’t do much to help as she tried to figure her way out of the room. She spotted something strange off to the side as she wandered around. It was a tiny black box. Tomkin walked over to it, tripping several times as her depth perception was interrupted by the strobe lights.

Mylard struggled the breath had been knocked out of her when Tomkin had fallen on top. She rolled over to her side trying to breathe and figure out how to navigate her overwhelmed senses. The stench was getting to her and she wanted to hurl. Tomkin looked like she was ignoring the smell as she walked away. Mylard pulled herself together and stood up. A little woozy but she kept her balance.

Back in front of the screens, Valrose was excitingly narrating the girls, “Look at that, I think Tomkin might be finding her way of this maze sooner than Mylard if she gets that box open. But Mylard is smart so who knows? Who are you rooting for? Remember all cash bets close the moment these girls get out of the room. If my estimations are right, and they usually are, I’m gonna say these two will figure their way out in about 10 minutes! So get your bets in!” he reminded the crowd watching the show. His eyebrows did the shuffle they were famous for.

Tomkin reached out touching the box. The moment she did all the sirens and lights abruptly turned off. They were in pitch darkness with the awful stench.

“What. Did. You. Do?” Mylard asked.

“Uhhh…I––AHHH!” Tomkin screamed as something grabbed her leg and pulled down. She found herself trying to fumble at her laser gun and shoot it but just as it had touched her leg it was gone, “WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUU–––”

Mylard turned abruptly toward the sound of Tomkin’s screams but as she did something tugged at her right arm causing her to trip and fall. The surface of the ground had changed. It felt like cold dirt now instead of the flat hard room. She twisted around trying to look but the darkness only consumed her.



Snackadoodle vs Dog animatic 2

Day 16 of 365.

There’s lots of little details I need to workout with this story, but I have a full animatic at least. Not a well drawn one, nor is it even close to a finalized story, but it’s got the basic formula. Beginning, middle, end. I’m thinking I might move the scene into the kitchen so I can get a Twinkie into the story. Snackadoodle can drop in on dinner and cause a scene as he tries to steal a Twinkie on his way out of the kitchen…I might be getting a bit ahead of myself. I don’t have a lot of time to animate this, and it’s a bit of a long story to do that in.

I’m trying to think of ways to make the scene a bit simpler so all I have to animate is the rat and dog. I do like the people freaking out, but for sake of simplicity I can probably take them out and still have the same story. Perhaps the rat falls on the dog instead and then gets stuck trying to get through the tiny opening, only for the dog to take pity and push him through it. Other options can be that Snackadoodle is dragging a Twinkie he found toward the opening only to be discovered by the dog…Hmmm…little things to think about. I’ll have to work this out tomorrow night.

Goals tomorrow are narrow down the final story and redraw at least part of the animatic. Make it more simplistic and keep in mind that I need to make time to break down this animation. Also pick a breed for the dog.

Looping animatic version 2.0 starts after “the end.”