Day 15 of 365

Both girls continued their struggle inside the strange room. Tomkin’s glasses didn’t do much to help as she tried to figure her way out of the room. She spotted something strange off to the side as she wandered around. It was a tiny black box. Tomkin walked over to it, tripping several times as her depth perception was interrupted by the strobe lights.

Mylard struggled the breath had been knocked out of her when Tomkin had fallen on top. She rolled over to her side trying to breathe and figure out how to navigate her overwhelmed senses. The stench was getting to her and she wanted to hurl. Tomkin looked like she was ignoring the smell as she walked away. Mylard pulled herself together and stood up. A little woozy but she kept her balance.

Back in front of the screens, Valrose was excitingly narrating the girls, “Look at that, I think Tomkin might be finding her way of this maze sooner than Mylard if she gets that box open. But Mylard is smart so who knows? Who are you rooting for? Remember all cash bets close the moment these girls get out of the room. If my estimations are right, and they usually are, I’m gonna say these two will figure their way out in about 10 minutes! So get your bets in!” he reminded the crowd watching the show. His eyebrows did the shuffle they were famous for.

Tomkin reached out touching the box. The moment she did all the sirens and lights abruptly turned off. They were in pitch darkness with the awful stench.

“What. Did. You. Do?” Mylard asked.

“Uhhh…I––AHHH!” Tomkin screamed as something grabbed her leg and pulled down. She found herself trying to fumble at her laser gun and shoot it but just as it had touched her leg it was gone, “WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUU–––”

Mylard turned abruptly toward the sound of Tomkin’s screams but as she did something tugged at her right arm causing her to trip and fall. The surface of the ground had changed. It felt like cold dirt now instead of the flat hard room. She twisted around trying to look but the darkness only consumed her.



Day 4 of 365

Made some good plotting points yesterday, threw half of them out the window for random inspiration. Still following this story.


Part One
Part Two
Part Three

There was a large man standing at the back door holding an alien weapon. The Sandburg aliens tensed up and Mr. Sandburg lifted the gun he held. The man had a large scar on his face and several tattoos that were hard to distinguish on his arms.

Marilyn was the first to speak. “Verona. You found us.”

Verona smirked. “Been a long time coming. What do you go by these days? I haven’t seen you lot since you were rats running.”

“These bodies are Sandburgs,” Fell responded. He was leaning forward in his chair watching Verona. The air was full of a nervous energy.

“You gonna kill us?” Diana snapped. Her eyes darted around the room at the gun Mr. Sandburg had pointing at Verona and alien weapon in his hand.

“Depends. Got anything redeemable? I heard a ship is gonna touch down in the next hour or so. Its drop point isn’t far from here. I wanna trade for some freedom,” he said.

Ellis tried to follow the conversation but found himself in silence and in confusion. He wanted to ask so many questions but the hostility made him feel nervous.

“Even if we had something we wouldn’t give it to you,” Mr. Sandburg said. He wanted to kill Verona, but Marilyn kept giving him looks.

To be continued…

Animation Inspiration 59

Watching animation transitions for lettering. I’m trying to come up with different movements for all the lettering I’ve created for this Selfi mograph. Hoping to have something to show soon. Just been a little slow lately. I think the summer heat is getting to me, wish our house had air conditioning, but alas it does not. Oh well, gotta stop making those excuses and make some headway into this project

Count on Me | By Gentleman Scholar

I love this piece because of the many interesting transitions between numbers. The strange laughing is fun too. It’s a fun piece to watch.

Childline: First Step | By Buck

As usual Buck has an amazing animation. I love the ways they show the words moving and the way that they pop up in the story. The beginning is really amazing with the broken animated words. I love the weight of emotions that places emphasis on each of the words and letters they’ve created. Amazing piece with a lot of feeling in the little details.

Animation Inspiration 54

Some quick short ones. I’m watching the weird film Frank with my sister tonight.

The End teaser. | By David Stumpf

Love this. Very twisted and hilarious.

Future Without Bars – Animation | by Magoz & Jose Lorenzo

This piece has fun transition like the beginning part from climbing stairs to the father sitting in the prison. Great piece!

Animation Inspiration 53

What Do Black Holes Sound Like? | The Atlantic

My dream death is by black hole. Seriously. I would volunteer to jump straight into a black hole just to see what’s on the other side and die that way. I’m still mad at Interstellar. He legit lived my dream death. Anyway, very cool and informative piece my friend, Caitlin Cadieux, from #mochat helped make. Love the colors and illustration style. ❤

Geometry | by Henning M. Lederer

Love the optical illusions geometry can make. This piece does a really great job in showing that. ❤ Very mesmerizing.

Sketches & Animations

Yay Selfi Animation Progress update!

So I went back to the sketching phase again. I want more cohesive frames than what I’ve been creating for my Selfi Mograph ideas, so I decided to go back through and start over. These look much better lettering wise and creates a more stylized design. Plus much closer to the images in my head.


This was also a nice round of lettering practice. I really want to get the details down before I start animating. I’ve also made a few takes of my voice recording these. I’m still not set on any of those, but for now I’ll use them to animate and sketch to.

I also made a little test animation of my beginning “Hi” bubble.


I’m excited about the progress. I’ve been frustrated the last few days with the direction and many ideas bouncing in my head. They’ve been conflicting a bit, so going backwards and starting the sketching process again has been so helpful. It’s also good practice in cell animation.

Till tomorrow friends,


Animation Inspiration 50

Pfffttt….how did I get to 50 of these. Seriously. For that matter how did I make it this far with the posts? On the other side of that it does mean that I need to make more motion design and story posts. Gotta get back on track for the yearly goals.

Copa America 2016 | by Holke79

I love the transitions here and the different textures.

NTMWD “The Journey of Water” | CHRLX

I love the transition of the water glass so much. I’m also a fan of these textures and the colors.

Trees & Animation Inspiration 46

Most of my selfi updates are still in sketch form. I haven’t yet vectored them, but I did start on some background imagery for part of my project. I need some trees and fire for it, so here’s the little sketches I made. Since it’s not much I also have a little animation inspiration for you to look at.


La Effe Rebrand 2016 – Idents by NERDO

I love seeing this style of design. I really should try to mimic it at some point. Great rebrand identity videos.

Animation Inspiration 43

Most of the progress I made on the selfi mograph was done in sketch format and I don’t have good lighting to show you those sketches, so here’s Animation Inspiration.

In other news I realized just now that I seemed to forget to put who the artists are on these inspirational videos. I’m working to correct that. I keep thinking “Oh, they’ll just click on the Vimeo link if they like it.” But in reality it just makes me look like an ass for not crediting them. I apologize for not doing this earlier on, and from now on will be doing so. I’m not sure why I didn’t do it before, so sorry and in the future there will be credits.

TEDxSydney 2016 by Buck

As usual Buck is amazing. Love the texture and patterns used in this design as well as the transitions. I love the way the diamonds move in the beginning. Mesmerizing fun.

Adobe Make It Titles by Mike Tosetto

One of these days I will learn C4D and make things like this. Love this piece. I love the camera and layering folds that create the objects. The colors are amazing and the sound design works perfectly for the title design. ❤ One day, one day I will create something like this…just gotta learn 3D…but working on mastering the 2D before I do that. So soon.


Animation Inspiration 39

So I’m working on a script currently so there’s not really much of an update for my “self-portrait” animation tonight. I’m kind of debating about just calling it an introduction animation instead because the script I’m writing is a little bit more like an intro. Anyway, I’ll have more updates for it soon. While you wait I have some Animation Inspiration.

Hive Llamas

Well…this is interesting. I really love the whimsical style and very short strange animation.

The Last Shot

I love the colors in this western! The illustrations in this piece are beautiful. Absolutely love it. ❤