Day 18 of 365

Mylard stared around at the spaceship’s control center. Tomkin found herself floating upward a moment later. The girls made eye contact, nodded and began looking for the box again.

Valrose was narrating as the two searched. “Looks like they’ve discovered that the box transforms their surroundings! I’m excited to see who’s going to win though! What they don’t know is that there’s always something dangerous lurking in each of these worlds! The more times they go through the spaces the more dangerous the threats are! Now, of course, the question is how do these girls get out of this? We’ll have to find out!”

Mylard spotted something that looked like the box for a moment but upon floating closer realized it was a little portable screen. She grabbed it and turned it on. The screen flickered to life showing a security camera of the spaceship. She swiped through the screen seeing herself and Tomkin floating and a large figure in the corner–wait–she looked up just as the figure attacked her.

Mylard found herself thrown against the controls, sparks flying as she hit them. Tomkin startled saw a dark figure she couldn’t quite piece together what it was, but it came at her. She propelled herself away and into a hallway. Her heart hammering as she aimed to get away. Just as she left the room a loud alarm sounded.


Tomkin froze as she heard it and found herself floating a little far to the left, she hit the metal of the spaceship hard. She winced and looked up. The figure was still coming at her. It moved fluidly and terrifyingly for her as if about to consume her whole.

Mylard floated aimlessly for a few moments in shock as the stinging burns from hitting the controls pained her. She jolted suddenly as she remembered what was going on. She twisted around reminding herself that she should look for the box.

To be continued…


Day 16 & 17 of 365

Mylard threw a punch into the air randomly as she felt the random tug on her foot again. To her surprise, it connected with something. At first, she thought it was Tomkin, but after another scream from her rival from far away, she realized it had to be something else. Mylard swung again hitting it again. This time it hit something vulnerable. The creature tugging on her pulled away. She kicked now hitting it again. The creature withdrew.

Still scrambling in the dark Mylard found something strange at her fingertips. It was a smooth surface. When she touched the room changed again. A bright light blinded her and Tomkin. It startled the girls as the creatures retreated and what looked like the outdoors appeared. Only it was fabricated. Everything around them was fake. Fake grass, a bright light that tried to mimic the sun, strange scents that reminded them of flowers, plastic flowers for that matter were planted around them.

“Uhhhh…Tomkin,” Mylard said.


“Touch the black boxes. They change the room,” Mylard said. Tomkin nodded and turned around looking for any of the boxes.

Mylard spotted it across a fake pond which was made of paper. She walked over to it and touched it. The room shifted again. This time they were on a spaceship.

To be continued…

Day 15 of 365

Both girls continued their struggle inside the strange room. Tomkin’s glasses didn’t do much to help as she tried to figure her way out of the room. She spotted something strange off to the side as she wandered around. It was a tiny black box. Tomkin walked over to it, tripping several times as her depth perception was interrupted by the strobe lights.

Mylard struggled the breath had been knocked out of her when Tomkin had fallen on top. She rolled over to her side trying to breathe and figure out how to navigate her overwhelmed senses. The stench was getting to her and she wanted to hurl. Tomkin looked like she was ignoring the smell as she walked away. Mylard pulled herself together and stood up. A little woozy but she kept her balance.

Back in front of the screens, Valrose was excitingly narrating the girls, “Look at that, I think Tomkin might be finding her way of this maze sooner than Mylard if she gets that box open. But Mylard is smart so who knows? Who are you rooting for? Remember all cash bets close the moment these girls get out of the room. If my estimations are right, and they usually are, I’m gonna say these two will figure their way out in about 10 minutes! So get your bets in!” he reminded the crowd watching the show. His eyebrows did the shuffle they were famous for.

Tomkin reached out touching the box. The moment she did all the sirens and lights abruptly turned off. They were in pitch darkness with the awful stench.

“What. Did. You. Do?” Mylard asked.

“Uhhh…I––AHHH!” Tomkin screamed as something grabbed her leg and pulled down. She found herself trying to fumble at her laser gun and shoot it but just as it had touched her leg it was gone, “WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUU–––”

Mylard turned abruptly toward the sound of Tomkin’s screams but as she did something tugged at her right arm causing her to trip and fall. The surface of the ground had changed. It felt like cold dirt now instead of the flat hard room. She twisted around trying to look but the darkness only consumed her.


Day 14 of 365

Mylard found another dead end. Her frown was starting to droop and she wanted to cry. It’d been nearly half an hour of circles and she felt so confused. She took a deep breath and turned away from the dead end. She tensed hearing a scream which meant that one of her opponents was enduring something horrible. She hoped it wouldn’t be too painful, but was doubtful hearing the screaming. A moment later the intense yelling ended and the maze returned to its silence. Mylard had stopped moving during the yelling.

Taking another deep breath the young woman started again. She was remembering the last thing her sister had said to her. Just do your best Mylard. We know you’ll make everyone proud. She reminded herself of how much an honor this was and how grateful she was to be entered. It didn’t feel great to be in this terrifying maze, but the riches and honor would be worth it. She just wanted to do right by her older sister.

Turning a corner Mylard was surprised to see a clearing an in the center the glowing light of the ring. It was on a blue table and raised up. She froze taking in the sight. The rules were clear. Get the ring and place it on your finger to win. Mylard took a small step towards it, paused and searched. She wondered what would be on her way to get it. In every episode of the game, she had watched there was always something that prevented the last pair girls from getting to the ring.

Seeing nothing obvious she clutched the stun gun closer and inched carefully toward the ring. She felt like she was getting too close as she kept stepping toward it. Just as she reached the first step Tomkin appeared. Her orange hair was tangled and several scratch marks were bleeding down her stomach and arms. She looked around wildly wondering how she’d gotten to the clearing.

Mylard ran up the stairs hoping that it wouldn’t be a mistake. It was. The first step disappeared from her and Mylard found herself falling into someplace dark. She landed hard on a flat surface. Lamps flashed around her in a blinding manner and a high pitched noise filled her ears. But the thing that confused her was the stench. It was horrific and she couldn’t even describe it, but it made her want to vomit.

Valrose delighted that they had reached the clearing announced, “We’re in the final stage Ringers! Shall we see who gets to the ring first? There’s a poll up and running, tap your screen to tell us who you think will win! Mylard a regular girl who just somehow by chance got here, OR Tomkin, the legacy who has to live up to the pressure of two winning women!”

Tomkin froze seeing Mylard suddenly disappear. She had been there one second and then the next she wasn’t. She looked around wondering if the panther would follow her into this clearing. She didn’t want to make the same mistake as Mylard so she skipped the first step. The second one was solid. Breathing a sigh of relief she started toward the third but found her feet glued. Tomkin jerked at them but they were firm. Confused she looked down trying to–suddenly she was falling into the abyss.

Tomkin fell hard on top of Mylard who had barely stood up before being knocked back down. The wind knocked out of both girls and all senses being confused, made everything harder. They groaned and yelled trying to find themselves in the dark.

“OW! GET OFF!” Mylard yelled pushing Tomkin hard. Tomkin found herself suddenly hitting a wall. She yelped as one of her deep scratches got pressed by something.

It became apparent that both girls were in a tiny room of some making. Their senses were meant to be entirely overwhelmed by the experience. Tomkin closed her eyes and pulled her sunglasses down. It helped a little with the light. She turned around trying to understand what was going on.

To be continued…

Day 4 of 365

Made some good plotting points yesterday, threw half of them out the window for random inspiration. Still following this story.


Part One
Part Two
Part Three

There was a large man standing at the back door holding an alien weapon. The Sandburg aliens tensed up and Mr. Sandburg lifted the gun he held. The man had a large scar on his face and several tattoos that were hard to distinguish on his arms.

Marilyn was the first to speak. “Verona. You found us.”

Verona smirked. “Been a long time coming. What do you go by these days? I haven’t seen you lot since you were rats running.”

“These bodies are Sandburgs,” Fell responded. He was leaning forward in his chair watching Verona. The air was full of a nervous energy.

“You gonna kill us?” Diana snapped. Her eyes darted around the room at the gun Mr. Sandburg had pointing at Verona and alien weapon in his hand.

“Depends. Got anything redeemable? I heard a ship is gonna touch down in the next hour or so. Its drop point isn’t far from here. I wanna trade for some freedom,” he said.

Ellis tried to follow the conversation but found himself in silence and in confusion. He wanted to ask so many questions but the hostility made him feel nervous.

“Even if we had something we wouldn’t give it to you,” Mr. Sandburg said. He wanted to kill Verona, but Marilyn kept giving him looks.

To be continued…

Day 3 of 365 Stories

Will try to wrap this story up in the next couple days. I took some time to plot out the story so that it makes sense. I’m excited to keep working on these shorts and hope that you’re still working on your New Year’s Resolutions!


Part One
Part Two

Ellis looked back and forth between the aliens, unsure of how his words would go over. He expected them to reject the premise, but that left them with only the option of killing him. Unless there was another option that came about Ellis expected the Sandburgs to murder him. Although he wasn’t quite sure of the reasons, Ellis knew something was horribly wrong with the family standing around him.

Diana sighed heavily and looked at Mrs. Sandburg who was standing with her arms folded near the kitchen. She was battling the emotions of her recently killed host. The process of assimilating was always interesting. A host had to die to let the alien in, but once in they seem to awaken inside without any control over their body. They experienced everything but someone else was in control. It was a horrifying feeling for their hosts, but the aliens needed to survive.

Mr. Sandburg abruptly left the conversation. Marilyn and Preston started to speak to him as he disappeared. He ignored them as he went to the part of the house his host only knew of. It was a small closet with a hidden shelving unit. Inside Mr. Sandburg removed a shotgun and its bullets. He returned holding it.

Marily and Preston had been heavily discussing ways to deal with Ellis who sat with his eyes rolling. They cut off seeing what their leader held.

“Is that…Where did you get that?” Mrs. Sandburg asked. Her eyes were glazed over and focused on the gun. “Mrs. Sandburg hates having guns in this house! They’re a vile and horrible thing to have around children.”

“We’re all grown up,” Fell snapped. “The youngest is even too old to be here.” Mrs. Sandburg gave him a look and he folded his arms, pouting.

The was a loud crack that made all the aliens and Ellis jump. It sounded like lightning hitting the house. Mr. Sandburg scanned the house trying to figure out was happening. He didn’t need to because the back door slid open. They turned seeing a tall dark figure.

To Be Continued…

Untitled “Demon” – Part 3

I still have no clue where I’m going with this story, and clearly I’ve been watching too much Charmed.

Part 1
Part 2

“You know, you’re not a very polite roommate!” he said grasping a plain white tee and dressing himself.

“Oh please, Roland. Like you’re ever polite when I’m dressing,” Raymond said dropping the discharge papers on her bottom bunk. “Also, you’re not our roommate.”

“At least you got him to cover up that nasty belly hair,” Jenny said as she kicked back in her desk chair in the corner. “He’s been a free man since you got yourself in the meds for the weekend.” She pulled at her dirty-blond ponytail and grinned at Roland who glared.

“I see you’ve been putting him in his place,” Raymond replied with a giggle as she sat back into her cot.

“I feel like she tried to take your place as the supreme nagging wife,” Roland said rubbing his dark beard and walking over to drape an arm around Jenny. Jenny pushed it off went to punch his stomach hard. He pulled back and gasped at her. “Those are my jewels, not your punching bag!”

“Next time you touch me I won’t miss,” Jenny hissed. Roland rolled his eyes and instead crossed back towards Raymond.

“Roland, if you want to protect your balls don’t go near her,” Andrick said entering the room. He grinned and leaned up against Raymond’s bunk. “I suggest hiding behind a locked door in your own room, if memory serves me this isn’t your room.”

“Which begs the question why Roland is wandering around in his boxers here,” Raymond teased. “I don’t recall lifting the rule about hiding Roland’s hairy chest.”

“Yes, Roland, why you’re wandering around in your boxers?” Andrick hissed with a grin.

Roland lifted his head and said dramatically, “I’ll have you know I needed some fresh air.”

Jenny and Raymond snorted. Andrick chuckled, “Put your pants on.” He picked up the crumpled pants on the ground and threw them at Roland. Roland rolled his eyes with a grin.

“So, Raymond, I hear you’re suspended for three weeks,” Jenny said leaning forward in her chair, her expression a little more serious with curiosity in her eyes.

“You heard right. It’s more like five because it doesn’t start until after medical leave ends,” she replied.

“You’re going to be out for five weeks,” Roland groaned. “But you’re, like, the best!”

“Doesn’t change the fact that she jumped without a partner. I might add without hesitation,” Andrick said. “Ugly Duckling here just went for her mark, and Mister Duck wasn’t so happy about it.”

“Not like you tried to remind me,” Raymond snapped. Her dark eyes lashed out at her brother.

“Well you can keep me company on desk duty,” Jenny said. “I’m still suspended for another month.” Her voice dropped as she looked down at the floor, fidgeting with her hair. Raymond swallowed wishing she was back in the medical ward for a moment.

Roland buckled his belt, ran a hand through his hair. “Look, you weren’t at fault for that. You shouldn’t have gotten a three month suspension,” he said. “It was faulty wiring on the catcher and no one knew that the demon would choose such a public area for a kill.”

Andrick glanced down at his feet for a moment. “Dinner is in 10. Um, Ugly Duckling, commander wants to see you after you eat. He needs you to record a report for some analysis.”


Untitled “Demons” – Part 1

I haven’t written a short story in awhile, so here ya go! More will follow.

Raymond stepped forward toward the edge of the running river. The gray coat bobbed on the rock where the demon had disappeared into the portal. Her mouth twisted in annoyance. Just once she would like it if the demons didn’t get away.

She slipped her hand into her pocket and pulled out a long piece of gold string. It shimmered in the evening light as she did. Raymond untangled it and ripped about foot off of it before stuffing the rest of it back in her pocket. She pulled from her other pocket a lighter and lit the string end. It burned a couple inches up the string, sparking as it did. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the mental image of the demon on her head.

Tall with a grey coat and large green clawed hands. It seemed almost human the way it ran, but its feet were too big and every time she seemed to run closer to it the creature would twist and snarl at her. The yellow eyes of the demon piercing her as she tried to catch up.

The string in her hand suddenly grew hot and she dropped it. As she did the air shimmered and she felt a cold wind suck at her. Raymond pulled her jacket zipper up and reached her hand into the portal. The sensation of falling gripped her as she tumbled forward into the portal. Her hands and head squishing and burning with pain as she was between worlds for a moment and then she was falling on dirt and rocks. Her shoulder hit something hard as she rolled to a stop on her back.

“Ooff. One of these days I will stick the landing,” Raymond muttered to herself as she looked up at the sky. There was a single sun and the sky was blue. “Earth. Damn it. They’re not suppose to be here,” she said as she recognized the solar system. She rolled over on to her feet and surveyed her landing spot.

She was in a desert from the looks of it. Sand and dirt everywhere and long horizon from end to end. There were cactus plants and yucca sprouting up. Raymond sighed. Why did she have to chase demons for a living? Now where did that–out of nowhere something clobbered her over the head.

Pain exploded through her head neck as she dropped into the dirt. She rolled over to her side, groggy as she felt a wave of nausea hit. A loud scream of the demon didn’t help the already painful headache. She dug her hand into her pocket searching for her taser gun as she did. Her eyes roaming for a glimpse of the creature. She propped herself up on her arm trying to see if it was behind her or not. She rubbed her head for a moment. It was wet.

Thud the creature landed behind her to her, reaching out and scratching at her arm. She screamed as she felt the claws dig into her arm and rake back along it. She kicked back hitting something as she did. It fell back startled for a second and she grasped her hand along the taser. Her arm burned painfully as she raised the gun and rolled on her back looking for the demon.

The demon had rolled back on his feet and was crouching forward, ready to launch at her. She could see his yellow eyes surveying her as she pointed the gun at him. He bared his teeth, pointed and yellow. He screamed again. Raymond found herself screaming with him as he did, dropping the gun to cover her ears. She knew it was a mistake the moment the taser left her fingertips. He leaped forward, claws reaching out to rip at her heart and neck. She pivoted her body forward into the dirt and felt the claws bury into her back, screaming as they did.

She kicked forward hitting his leg as hard as she could. The demon howled with anger and ripped his claws back, preparing to dig them back in. Raymond shoved her body forward into his legs. He rolled backward, startled but in no pain. She took the second to scramble forward and grab the taser. The demon wasted no second in launching his clawed hand at her face. Raymond clicked the gun trigger. It hit right as she felt her face burn.

The demon pulled back as the shock hit hard, shaking and screaming in response to it. She held it down for a moment longer waiting for it to pass out. It did after a few seconds and she released the trigger, dropping the gun and heaving in deep breaths.

After what seemed an eternity she rolled onto her good arm and sat upright to inspect her wounds. Her skin was already swollen and blotchy with a greenish tinge. “Uuuuuggghhh….why did you have to be poisonous?” she asked the passed out demon. “You had to be poisonous?” her back and arm were having unpleasant tingly burning sensations around them. Raymond closed her eyes for a second pushing the pain away.

Raymond slipped her hand into her coat pocket and grabbed the phone. She hit the red button and held it to her ear.

“What up ugly duckling?” her brother Andrick answered. His grin felt like it was coming through the phone.

“I’ve become more ugly. I got scratched up badly by a lizard demon just now. The poison is already taking–AARRGGhhh–” Raymond yelled as a particularly bad pain shot up her arm. “Shit that hurt! Just come get me and pick up the bounty, I’m going to pass out in a minute.”

“Shit,” Andrick said, “Yo, Ugly Duckling hurt!” Raymond heard someone yell back at him in the background and then another amount of commotion. She didn’t bother to keep listening as the pain hit and she felt the world begin to slip around her. The poison knocking her out as she did.

To Be Continued.


Animation Inspiration 5

Today’s shorts are a bit older, but ones that stuck in my mind. I watched these in college and absolutely loved their stories. The plots are well done and character development amusing. I enjoy the plot twists that happen at the end for both of these.

The Saga of Biorn

This one is a hilarious short about a Viking seeking a death in battle so that he will reach Vahalla, the only real home for a true viking. The trials for Biorn are amusing and watching his expressions of anger at not dying makes the piece that much stronger. I hope you enjoy the humor of this piece.

Unicorns vs Narwhals

What more could you want in an animatic? It’s got unicorns, narwhals, magic, and clouds. Oh and we can’t forget humor. Silly plots are the best. So, I’m not entirely sure if this is the original audio or not. The original version got its audio removed because of a copyright issue, but this one says that they rebuilt it from scratch. It still has all the major plot points and humor in it so this will have to do. I hope you enjoy it!

Stillness Part 4

Been awhile since I’ve added to this story. Check for the beginning parts in the Stillness category on my sidebar.


“I’m ordering a CT scan to see if there’s something else going on inside your head that might be causing the amnesia,” Doctor Wells told Clase. She was alone in the hospital room with him. Well, as alone as she could be with the strange ghost like thing following her still and the hands trying to strangle her. “And you’re sure you remember nothing about the incident or specifics about your husband?

“I’m trying, but honestly all I remember is standing out on the dock at the house onward. There’s moments where I know I should be feeling something about him, but I just don’t know what,” Clase said. Her eyes ducked down to study her hands. There were little cuts and bruises over her arms and some strange birthmarks she couldn’t remember ever having. “These are strange birthmarks,” she said. “I don’t remember having these.”

The doctor’s eyebrow raised. “That’s a good sign that you remember something.”

Clase looked up at him. “Oh…I guess I do.”

“Do you remember if you have siblings at all? Family vacations?” he asked.

“I think I have a sister…named Alice, but she lives in Florida,” she said. It was surprising to have a distinct memory that came effortlessly.

“That’s a good sign. You probably just have some post-trauma amnesia combined with retrograde. That means you don’t remember the cause of the head injury, and it seems you are missing a few crucial life moments,” he said jotting down some notes.

“Like getting married,” Clase said sadly. “I just don’t know how I can forget my husband.”

Dr. Wells looked at her with a sad face. “Well, we will figure this out. I’m going to go order the CT scan. If you want I can notify Damien and/or Dr. Gifford that they can come in. If you’re not ready, that’s okay, with amnesia patients it’s always a little jarring and hard to know.”

“Uhhh…Yeah, go ahead and let them know, but tell them I need a few minutes alone before they come in. Just want to process it…” Clase said. Dr. Wells nodded and left the room.

As soon as he did Clase looked up for the wispy white man. She stared at it, her eyes trying to process what it was. The streak of white was always changing like smoke or water, and his face would float with it.

“What are you?” she asked when they made eye contact. The man’s mouth opened to speak but she could hear nothing.

A thought popped into her head. I am Agirara. You are Clase.

Clase swallowed hard. “Hi…Agirara…” she muttered staring at the ever changing streak.

You don’t have to speak out loud. Simply think and I will respond.

Okay…Who are you? What are you?

I am a wizard spirit here to help defend you from the demon’s attacks. I warn you, do not close your eyes again for any longer than to blink. The demon is nearly at full power and will surely kill you if he gets the chance.

I’m sorry…Demon?

It’s hard to explain. Just know that you are not crazy. He has taken your memory, but he can’t take your soul unless you are near death. Don’t sleep, stay awake. I can contact the witch here in your world to help, but if you sleep before she can help…Well you will be gone.

KNOCK. Clase jumped as someone knocked on the door. It swung open gently and Dr. Gifford peaked in.

“Sorry…Did you want more time alone before we came in?” he asked seeing her face.

Clase glanced at the spirit of Agirara who simply stared at her. “It’s fine, come in.”