Xmas Gift Drawings

I drew a dog. Now I have to finish shading it and colorize before drawing another dog. Also started some other work for the holiday gifting. Just a lot of animation stuff to do as well as working on things for the Adobe Creative Residency. Starting on some of the projects related to the ideas I have. Also gotta get this blog in order. I haven’t decided if I want to continue posting in 2017. If I do then I need to organize the blog better, especially with all the art I create. I’ll let you know in the upcoming weeks what I decide.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 1.29.12 PM.png




Sketches & Project Updates

Today is project and life updates time.

I’ve decided to ink the lettering, but that decision was just made 5 minutes ago so I have no updates for that project. The kickstarter failed so they’re going to launch a new one. I plan on waiting to release the fully inked project around that time so that I can promote it. As an offshoot of Creative Spaces TV, where I heard the Jeremy Cowart quote, I’m tempted to make some handlettering fan art…but I’m officially am back burnering that idea right now. I have Shiny Object Syndrome, thus, I have more important projects I must work on. Should I magically finish all the ones I have going on I will come back to that idea. I always want to do everything at once which results in getting nothing done at all. Must not fall into another burnout from overload of too many projects!

Below are a few quick sketches from my notebook for the title sequence project. I have plans tomorrow for a brainstorm with a friend so I can figure out more items. I need to get a move on this, falling behind according to my schedule. I need to start animating soon or I won’t finish on time!


Night Friends,

Art Updates | Concepting

I obviously still have a ton of work to do for the concepting stage of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) title credits, but I did start some illustrator sketches for the Man Seeking Woman style. You can see a few early concepts I have. I’m a little frustrated that I haven’t been able to get myself to work on these more. It’s not that I’m not excited, but I’ve been a bit out of sync working wise. I spent most of today cleaning my room since it’s been gathering cobwebs and dust.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.30.06 PM

You know what I think it is? I think it’s the fact that I haven’t properly exercised in a week. I’ve been slacking. Will have to remedy that tomorrow and see if it helps.

Lettering update, I will be posting that to IG and twitter tomorrow. Maybe an early post here just so that you guys can see. I spent today outlining and sketching the letterforms again. Still tweaking, but will have it up on the social media soon!

I got distracted and worked on this piece while watching the Adobe Twitch channel. They were working on Fantasy Environments so I sketched this. A bit off topic from my original art projects, but better than no art at all!


Digital Plein Air Sketches

I got distracted by the internet today. I did make this as a result of the distraction, although, t’was not the original reason I got on the computer. Sometimes I go on the Adobe Twitch to motivate me to work. Instead of animating, I saw that Syd was doing digital plein painting, so I joined in at the last hour or so to create these two scenes. Was a fun idea and quick project. I’ve never thought of going through Google Earth and finding awesome places to draw from. So, new pass time activity.


Update on other projects, still really behind on the camping video. I also need to “eat the frog” and finish animating for bootcamp. I have a new desk setup with a large monitor which helps with animation and video editing. So much nicer to animate with a lot of screen real estate. I don’t know why I didn’t move my monitor up to my room sooner. It’s so nice! The camping video is taking awhile due to lack of a tripod. Takes longer to find good footage. I’m gonna stop complaining about my lack of progress and go work on something.

Hope you all made something today! ‘Cause at least you’re making something, which is better than nothing.


Camping items

Some quick sketches of items that I took and used during the camping trip. Still need to do some tweaking. Had fun working through the whole process on my cintiq. Usually I end up with a combo of analogue and digital sketches, but this time I just started in photoshop. I’m pleased with the illustrations.


Thanks for viewing!


BookTube-A-Thon Title Sequence WIP

Working on my title sequences for my BookTube-A-Thon TBR. I was aiming to enter the giveaway for a box of books, but I realized that I didn’t have enough time to finish. So here’s the process of the lettering so far. I’m in the middle of the vectoring and have to still animate it a bit. Not to mention edit all the video I filmed today. Planning on doing some more takes tomorrow. I don’t know if I said this before, but I’m using this as a test run for my Selfi Animation, also, it’s been fun diving into more lettering.

I have a lot to do tomorrow so hoping that I can finish this up and get it done by the end of tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about it. I’m trying to get ahead this week so that I can allot more time to reading next week.


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.06.14 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.58.37 PM

Booktube-a-Thon | Sketching

The Booktube-a-Thon is coming up from the 18th to the 24th of July so I’ve been working on some sketches for my TBR video. I’m trying to use it as a practice round for the selfi animation since it’s going to have a similar style. Plus more animation practice which I’ve been slacking in. Here’s some sketches to show that I am working on something, just been a little distracted with all the ideas in my head lately. Note, I am on a trip so I don’t have a proper scanner at this moment so phone photos. Just some fun lettering titles for each of the challenges. I’m going to be vectoring and animating them tomorrow night when I get home.



Selfi Mograph Update

Wasn’t paying attention to the time tonight. Got caught up in listening to stories from my sister’s trip to Europe. I didn’t realize that it was after midnight until just now.

Selfi Mograph Update: I still haven’t reached animating stage as I had hoped. Been trying to concentrate on editing the script and lettering from there. It’ll come together better when I figure out my voice recording. I’m trying to find the right voice for it. Also, I’ve been stumbling over some of the words I’ve written, not because they’re hard to say but because they sound too formal or like a presentation. I keep changing things as a result, so getting a bit behind as a result. The new adjusted goal is to be animating by Monday.

Here’s some of the sketches so far:


Hopefully will be farther along tomorrow. I have a lot of catchup on Character Animation Bootcamp already so I’m likely to back burner this until I’m at least on top of that.


Inky Valentine Round 2

Quick little update tonight. Worked a bit on some sketches for the Inky Valentine workshop over on Skillshare with Tom Froese. Read my recent post if you need more context. Otherwise going to bed early tonight so not much else for updates. Just working on bringing the valentines to life.



Inky Valentines Moodboard & Ideas

So I’m doing the Inky Valentines project over on Skillshare and wanted to share with you the progress so far. I’m a bit behind on it, but I’ll catch up within the next day or so.

One theme I’m going for is “Tim Burton”-Halloween-Valentine. So I’m looking at things that are a little bit off, but cute. Basically adorably dark. Think Dr. Horrible’s love for Penny, you’re still rooting for it despite it being a little creepy.

Other theme is a very crude Single Awareness Day card. Basically along the lines of making fun of being alone on a couple’s day.

So some items that I think I could draw are:

  • Scalpel
  • heart, not the cute ones we usually draw
  • binoculars & leaves
  • blurry photos of someone from afar
  • laundry (Dr. Horrible) (Frozen Yogurt)
  • restraining order
  • Shrine
  • roofi & wine (…maybe too dark?)
  • Single Awareness Day
    • vaseline & a large rounded object
    • tissues
    • empty chocolate boxes
    • smutty book like 50 shades
    • TV remote or Netflix

I have a feeling that this card might be a little disturbing or vulgar…I’m trying to find that right balance of a dark comedy style for the halloween style. I want you to laugh and think “valentines” day, but not be too creeped out. Depends on how I draw it suppose. I’m thinking a bit about the style of Deadpool humor, very dry. The Single Awareness Day one has potential to be funny, but also feels like the easy option at the same time. I’m thinking about how these objects tell a story of “love” supposedly.

I’ll have updates to this soon since Vday will be here pretty quick. Below is the moodboard for the Dark Valentine. I’m thinking the Single Awareness one will have a similar feeling but with more humor to it.