Day 14 of 365

Mylard found another dead end. Her frown was starting to droop and she wanted to cry. It’d been nearly half an hour of circles and she felt so confused. She took a deep breath and turned away from the dead end. She tensed hearing a scream which meant that one of her opponents was enduring something horrible. She hoped it wouldn’t be too painful, but was doubtful hearing the screaming. A moment later the intense yelling ended and the maze returned to its silence. Mylard had stopped moving during the yelling.

Taking another deep breath the young woman started again. She was remembering the last thing her sister had said to her. Just do your best Mylard. We know you’ll make everyone proud. She reminded herself of how much an honor this was and how grateful she was to be entered. It didn’t feel great to be in this terrifying maze, but the riches and honor would be worth it. She just wanted to do right by her older sister.

Turning a corner Mylard was surprised to see a clearing an in the center the glowing light of the ring. It was on a blue table and raised up. She froze taking in the sight. The rules were clear. Get the ring and place it on your finger to win. Mylard took a small step towards it, paused and searched. She wondered what would be on her way to get it. In every episode of the game, she had watched there was always something that prevented the last pair girls from getting to the ring.

Seeing nothing obvious she clutched the stun gun closer and inched carefully toward the ring. She felt like she was getting too close as she kept stepping toward it. Just as she reached the first step Tomkin appeared. Her orange hair was tangled and several scratch marks were bleeding down her stomach and arms. She looked around wildly wondering how she’d gotten to the clearing.

Mylard ran up the stairs hoping that it wouldn’t be a mistake. It was. The first step disappeared from her and Mylard found herself falling into someplace dark. She landed hard on a flat surface. Lamps flashed around her in a blinding manner and a high pitched noise filled her ears. But the thing that confused her was the stench. It was horrific and she couldn’t even describe it, but it made her want to vomit.

Valrose delighted that they had reached the clearing announced, “We’re in the final stage Ringers! Shall we see who gets to the ring first? There’s a poll up and running, tap your screen to tell us who you think will win! Mylard a regular girl who just somehow by chance got here, OR Tomkin, the legacy who has to live up to the pressure of two winning women!”

Tomkin froze seeing Mylard suddenly disappear. She had been there one second and then the next she wasn’t. She looked around wondering if the panther would follow her into this clearing. She didn’t want to make the same mistake as Mylard so she skipped the first step. The second one was solid. Breathing a sigh of relief she started toward the third but found her feet glued. Tomkin jerked at them but they were firm. Confused she looked down trying to–suddenly she was falling into the abyss.

Tomkin fell hard on top of Mylard who had barely stood up before being knocked back down. The wind knocked out of both girls and all senses being confused, made everything harder. They groaned and yelled trying to find themselves in the dark.

“OW! GET OFF!” Mylard yelled pushing Tomkin hard. Tomkin found herself suddenly hitting a wall. She yelped as one of her deep scratches got pressed by something.

It became apparent that both girls were in a tiny room of some making. Their senses were meant to be entirely overwhelmed by the experience. Tomkin closed her eyes and pulled her sunglasses down. It helped a little with the light. She turned around trying to understand what was going on.

To be continued…


Day 8 of 365

Who’s ready for this ending?

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six

Verona fired first. He shot Fell squarely in the chest with a laser, killing the alien. Ellis could be heard screaming as far as the street. Mr. Sandburg shot Verona in the right shoulder and reloaded, preparing to hit Verona in the head. The other Sandburg aliens scattered.

The shooting only lasted a minute but when Verona was done he’d shot everyone but Ellis, Marilyn, and Mr. Sandburg. Verona was bleeding heavily. Marilyn was angry at watching her family and friends die. Her inner voice screamed in agony watching family members dying. She ignored it. Mr. Sandburg had one last shot.

The sirens could be heard in the distant. Police were coming. The aliens could also hear another alarm, one none of the humans could. It was a buzzing like bees that echoed in their heads. The sound of angry officials. They had made a disturbance, and in their exile that could mean death.

“Better end this now,” Mr. Sandburg said. Verona sighed and nodded. They shot at each other. Both died moments later.

Marilyn was left standing next to Ellis her mind felt blank and a creeping loneliness began to fill her. She was alone. She looked at the bodies of Diana, Preston, Fell, Derrik, Mrs. Sandburg, and Mr. Sandburg. All slain for a foolish bargain that probably wouldn’t work. She found herself crying. The emotions of this host holding on to her. Marilyn stumbled out of the house and ran into the woods just as someone knocked on the door.

Stories of the night the Sandburgs were slain became common and turned into ghosts before the lore took hold of the house. No one knew who the strange man was and why he held an odd weapon. Even as long as Ellis lived no one understood what had gone down.

Ellis was the first cast as a victim of the crimes, but the press turned on him making him the murderer for a while. He was declared a lunatic, admitted to several hospitals upon making claims that the Sandburgs were all aliens. Let out on good behavior he finally found an alien of whom recognized him. He babbled to her about everything he had seen and heard, asked many questions, and finally realized it was Marilyn’s alien. But the moment he did she was gone leaving him feeling insane. All that he could conclude was that he made the mistake of returning to the house.

The End.


In an attempt to get myself on track a bit I thought I’d just do a bit of freewriting. That means nothing here will likely make sense after awhile, or if it doesn’t I’ll be really surprised. Like really surprised. Cantaloupe. Like Antelope. Or Elope. or lope. or nope. ope. rope. rrrrooooooaaaapppppeeeeeeeee……..feeeeeeshhhhing roooope….i don’t know why I said that, but I did. Technically wrote that. Yup. Does anyone have a clue as to what this post is about? ‘Cause I’m honestly just writing out shit. Total shit. Do you like magic beans said the tiny toad? He stuck his tongue out and a magic bean appeared. The sailor looked at his friend the bear and said, “Go get that bean.” “NO! IT IS MINE!” yelled the little gnome. To the astonishment of the sailor the gnome ran forward reaching his hand out toward the tongue of the toad, but suddenly a shark appeared. Before the gnome could say anything the shark had swallowed him whole and dove back into the pond. “Where did that come from?” the bear grumbled to the sailor who’s mouth had fallen open. The toad closed his mouth and licked his lips. With a smile, or rather smirk said, “Too late noob.” And then the toad poofed. Well that went to a weird place. I don’t know why this suddenly has a story about sharks and sailors and magic beans….but it does. Potato.


Strange & Adorable Animations


This is such a strange little animation. I love the style and the “story” of it. The squash and stretch of the character is great. Although not a traditional story there’s some elements to it such as the first initial change, followed by middle and climax. It’s strange to say the least, but I really love the character it has. The emotions and sounds are a great way to communicating the character’s feelings about what’s happening to him. Very amusing piece.

Facebook – Reactions

This is such an adorable animation for introducing Facebook Reactions. I love watching the character’s reaction to the reactions and how that plays out. An adorable feel good piece. ❤ The color palette is also wonderful. Very cute style for all the feels.

Animation Inspiration 2

I’m changing the animation updates to Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays because that seems to be the time I find the most energy to work on them and excitement. So instead of the animation update I found a couple videos to help you get to the weekend.

These are two really great videos which I find inspiring to watch. The first one is amazing to me as someone who’s an aspiring mographer. I love the simplicity of the using a circle to create the images. The second is just strange while also being informative and hilarious. Hope you enjoy watching these both!


Stillness Part 4

Been awhile since I’ve added to this story. Check for the beginning parts in the Stillness category on my sidebar.


“I’m ordering a CT scan to see if there’s something else going on inside your head that might be causing the amnesia,” Doctor Wells told Clase. She was alone in the hospital room with him. Well, as alone as she could be with the strange ghost like thing following her still and the hands trying to strangle her. “And you’re sure you remember nothing about the incident or specifics about your husband?

“I’m trying, but honestly all I remember is standing out on the dock at the house onward. There’s moments where I know I should be feeling something about him, but I just don’t know what,” Clase said. Her eyes ducked down to study her hands. There were little cuts and bruises over her arms and some strange birthmarks she couldn’t remember ever having. “These are strange birthmarks,” she said. “I don’t remember having these.”

The doctor’s eyebrow raised. “That’s a good sign that you remember something.”

Clase looked up at him. “Oh…I guess I do.”

“Do you remember if you have siblings at all? Family vacations?” he asked.

“I think I have a sister…named Alice, but she lives in Florida,” she said. It was surprising to have a distinct memory that came effortlessly.

“That’s a good sign. You probably just have some post-trauma amnesia combined with retrograde. That means you don’t remember the cause of the head injury, and it seems you are missing a few crucial life moments,” he said jotting down some notes.

“Like getting married,” Clase said sadly. “I just don’t know how I can forget my husband.”

Dr. Wells looked at her with a sad face. “Well, we will figure this out. I’m going to go order the CT scan. If you want I can notify Damien and/or Dr. Gifford that they can come in. If you’re not ready, that’s okay, with amnesia patients it’s always a little jarring and hard to know.”

“Uhhh…Yeah, go ahead and let them know, but tell them I need a few minutes alone before they come in. Just want to process it…” Clase said. Dr. Wells nodded and left the room.

As soon as he did Clase looked up for the wispy white man. She stared at it, her eyes trying to process what it was. The streak of white was always changing like smoke or water, and his face would float with it.

“What are you?” she asked when they made eye contact. The man’s mouth opened to speak but she could hear nothing.

A thought popped into her head. I am Agirara. You are Clase.

Clase swallowed hard. “Hi…Agirara…” she muttered staring at the ever changing streak.

You don’t have to speak out loud. Simply think and I will respond.

Okay…Who are you? What are you?

I am a wizard spirit here to help defend you from the demon’s attacks. I warn you, do not close your eyes again for any longer than to blink. The demon is nearly at full power and will surely kill you if he gets the chance.

I’m sorry…Demon?

It’s hard to explain. Just know that you are not crazy. He has taken your memory, but he can’t take your soul unless you are near death. Don’t sleep, stay awake. I can contact the witch here in your world to help, but if you sleep before she can help…Well you will be gone.

KNOCK. Clase jumped as someone knocked on the door. It swung open gently and Dr. Gifford peaked in.

“Sorry…Did you want more time alone before we came in?” he asked seeing her face.

Clase glanced at the spirit of Agirara who simply stared at her. “It’s fine, come in.”


I realized that I forgot to stick to the new schedule of Youtube on Tuesday. Oops. I’ll have to do it Wednesday or Thursday this week since I forgot to edit the footage. I pile too many things on my plate these days. Need to wind down and just pick the important stuff.

I had a few ideas for today, but I ended up just creating. Basically doodling in Illustrator. Not sure what it is, but it’s something interesting. It’s clearly an alien ship or a god floating. Some kind of treasure? It’s floating, and damn it looks tribal like…and what world is this? I love making doodles like this and trying to see what can come out of them.

Happy creating friends.




Stillness: Part 3

Day 18 of 365.

So, tonight I’m just not in the mood for animating my project. I’ll devote some time to it tomorrow. Instead I’m going to continue pantsing the story Stillness. If you haven’t read parts One & Two, make sure you do that before you read this next part. I really have no clue where this story is going, but I’m having fun finding out.

Stillness: Part 3

The jeep rolled slowly down the dirt road. Damien was driving the car like an old granny in Clase’s opinion. Even in her medically impaired state of amnesia she could tell he was uncomfortable with mountain driving, and thus slow. The men had insisted on wrapping her in a coat and a blanket, then cranking the heat up in the car as they drove through the winding road. It made her feel warm, but sleepy.

Dr. Gifford sat in the back with her, checking her every few seconds to make sure she was okay. Clase had shut down a bit after the phantom hands had tried strangling her. She hadn’t said much since then, and the silence in the jeep was starting to annoy her. She wanted Damien to ask a bunch of questions, but he seemed concentrated on his driving. Gifford on the other hand was either checking her or side glancing at her. His opinions about her state being silently broadcasted.

“Can you just stop that?” Clase said after the rounded another corner and she saw Gifford glance again.

“Stop what?”

“Stop looking over at me as if I’m a bomb. I get it, you’re concerned.”

Damien piped in, “He’s a doctor honey, of course he thinks you’re a bomb.”

“You too, stop that. I don’t remember you,” Clase snapped. She stared out the window.

A white streak, barely visible in the fog, was drifting next to her. She snapped back in fear as a face appeared in it.

Damien was saying something, “…I’ll get your memory back.”

A hand reached out grasping toward Clase. Clase slammed her eyes shut in fear. Maybe if she couldn’t see it the phantom would go away.

Hands grasped her neck. Icy fingers and nails digging into her skin and squeezing. Clase clawed at the hands trying to rip them off her neck, her eyes still shut. She couldn’t breathe. She could hear shouting, but it was distant.

“CLASE!” Dr. Gifford shouted. Clase felt the car breaks slam hard and she opened her eyes as she jerked forward in the seatbelt.

Silence for a brief second, and then Damien twisted around to look at her.

“What’s going on?”

Gifford pulled Clase’s chin up gently. She swallowed, feeling the raw pain from the phantom hands.

“You’re bleeding…” Gifford whispered. “How?”

“Are those bruises?” Damien asked.

Clase looked between them both before shoving the jeep door open. She held her neck up to the side mirror. Red and blue bruises had appeared up and down her neck with small fingernail cuts. They seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

The car door slammed and Damien appeared around the edge of the jeep. “What’s going on?” he stammered, “Where-Where did that come from?”

Gifford shifted behind her. Clase swallowed unsure of what to tell these people.

Damien’s eyes locked with hers, staring into her soul. She wanted to lie and say that it was nothing. To tell this man she barely knew that she was okay, that nothing was there. There was true fear behind them, but instead what came out of her mouth was, “The hands…”

“What hands?” Damien asked slowly.

“The phantom hands. They keep trying to kill me,” Clase said. It sounded so stupid. “They just keep…They pulled me down in the water, and just now tried to strangle me.”

“So…now you’re being killed….” Damien searched for a better word, but failed, “by a ghost?” He added, his voice cracking a bit, “And you can’t remember me.”

Clase felt a strong urge to comfort him, and started to move toward him. Damien held up his hands and shook his head. “Get in the car.”

Clase swallowed hard, hurt by the reaction. He clearly thought she was crazy. She turned back around. As she did she saw the white streak. A tall man was standing partially in it, staring at her. She froze. He shook his head and pointed to the car. Clase, shaking did just that.

The rest of the car ride down to the ambulance was in silence. Clase felt her head pounding every time someone shifted slightly. She ended up staring out the window to see if the man was following. He was. He floated along in pale cloud, his head and hands reaching out like he was superman. She was terrified of him, but felt oddly comforted that she was communicating with this…human? She didn’t know what he was.

To be continued…

Dragons, Dragons, lots of Dragon plots

Day 6 of 365.

Today’s story concepts are reworks from past ideas for National Novel Writing Month (NaNo WriMo). For long stories I am an excellent world builder, but not so much storyteller. For last November I wrote down several concepts for a specific world I’ve created. This world is similar to ours, but a more futuristic SciFi, and most importantly contains dragons. I want to bring some parts of these concepts I’ve created in this world to life, possibly in one or more of the shorts I plan to animate this year. In all the concepts below I have one singular main character, Emerson, but different possible arcs for her background and story. Keep in mind that the original ideas for these stories is a novel length plot, or a series. If I animate a concept it’ll be in the same world, but with plot on a much simpler scale.

Some notes that will help understanding wise. These concepts are fluid in my world building, depending on how I structure my plots. Typically Auvusson is a country or capital and Vermatt is a major city or state within it. Also, about 90 percent of my plots do not have magic. The dragons are similar to the way we treat horses in our world. I do like the idea of having magic in the world, but in combination with science and technology. I just would need to way to fit it into a plot if I do. Until I have a plot or world rules decided on, the rules are very fluid.

  • Emerson is growing up on a dragon farm. One day a wild dragon lays an egg nearby and then abandons it due to an illegal dragon hunt. Emerson’s family takes the egg in as one of their domestic dragons. After the dragon comes to the age of flight and selling there is controversy because of its genes and wild line. People try to destroy the farm and attempt to kill the dragon. Emerson’s father is killed in the process, leaving the family on their own. Grown up Emerson must take charge of the family farm, deciding on how to deal with the wild dragon. To release to the wild? Sell to a bidder? Euthanize it? All of this and deal with her father’s death.
  • Emerson grew up around dragons on the family dragon farm. When the World Dragon Flight (or Fight) Competition comes to a nearby city she decides to enter the competition despite her family’s wishes to not. The competition, however, requires a small team. Emerson works to assemble a team in hopes of winning. When she finally gets them all together she’s confronted with being the underdog in a world she doesn’t quite understand. Her team, of only a couple months, must work against school and professional competitors.
  • The most elite Dragon Academy has offered Emerson a spot for training. Emerson wants more than anything to be on the school’s Flight (or Fight) Dragon team, but can she even make it to practices with her work and school schedule? Emerson finds that through her own talents that the coaches might be willing to give her chance, but some of her teammates aren’t nearly as welcoming.
  • Emerson is cocky after joining the Dragon’s Flight team. She’s a major winner, but now she’s beginning to act out. So much that she might cost her the team. When she discovers a cheater during an unauthorized dragon flight she has to choose between her own punishment and theirs, or attempt to beat them herself.
  • When the annual Dragon Races open up Emerson’s team enters, excitedly. The race is dangerous but their team perseveres. At the end of the race a bomb suddenly explodes in the stadium, injuring and leaving mass panic. Before passing out Emerson sees her dragon and others stolen. The nightmare is far from over when Emerson is considered to be a suspect. After a year of finger pointing she makes friends/falls in love with a rebel in disguise. The rebel turns out to be the mastermind behind the attacks. Questioning only leads to more questions, and now Emerson must decide on a side. Especially when she learns her dragon is still alive and the reasons behind the attacks.
  • When a rare dragon egg is laid and found by Emerson’s family, they find themselves in the middle of a media frenzy. There are attacks to steal the dragon egg from several different groups of people. One night Emerson finds her own Uncle trying to steal the egg. Her father is killed attempting to convince him to give the egg back. Her Uncle smuggles the egg away on a train, and, unknown to him, Emerson too. When discovered by her Uncle, he finds himself conflicted between saving his niece and being paid. Her uncle tries to go for both, but is stabbed in the back, literally, by the company. He dies just as the dragon hatches and forms it’s first human bond, with Emerson. The company tries to kidnap and kill her, but the baby dragon defends her. Emerson and the dragon try to escape. Before she does she realizes that the company is owned by her mother. Now what?
  • One person is nominated from every town in Auvusson to be an ultimate dragon rider. The riders patrol the towns and become types of leaders, but still answer to the president. When Emerson finds herself as the Vermatt Dragon Rider she also finds that she must answer to Auvusson’s most vile and corrupt leader. He sends her to destroy towns instead of save and protect them. So, naturally, she rebels. The result is her own witch hunt. Now she must flee and find a way to save her own town of Vermatt.

There’s a few more ideas I had, but they’re quite honestly sh!t. These concepts still need a lot of work before I even begin to use them as full stories. I plan to develop a set of rules magic and science wise in the future, which should help in how I set up plots. Or vice versus, find a plot that defines the rules I set up. As far as taking these into an animation short I intend to use the world and rules I have. Reminder, these concepts are structured for a novel, another goal for 2016.

Till tomorrow friends,