Vector Till You Fall Asleep

Still got loads to do, but progress is progress. I went back to the drawing board. Really tried to figure out what all the squares will look like before vectoring. I tried to draw something for every single square. The lack of a solid plan was hindering me. Not to self do not generally label, be specific. I’m still working out where each square will goes, but there are specific aspects I want to correlate. Example clicking the ‘bold’ button will bold the text at the same time. Similar to the arrow being shot and hitting the heart in the original. Since the grid is modular I’ll be easy to switch them around once I’ve finished vectoring.

I plan to stay up a bit later tonight to finish at least one or two more boards. Animation is going to crazy, not to mention it’ll take a least a day to prep everything. Cross fingers I finish on time. I might have bitten off more than I can chew…might have to pull an all nighter or two. Unless someone wants to help out animation wise? I might just have to cancel some Denver Startup Week plans. We’ll see if I’m on track tomorrow.



Art Project Updates

I’ve decided to create NanoWriMo title credits. I’m leaning toward using the Broad City sequence, but I did start thinking about a way to use the Man Seeking Woman sequence. Both are great sequences to work with idea wise. I’ve read the interviews for both so I now can see the reasoning behind a lot of process and design choices. It’s a matter of how I want to challenge myself now, because both are challenging in their own rights. Broad City has cel animation, while Man Seeking Woman would be a lot of After Effects and Illustrator practice…either way I’d be excited to dive into both creations.

I think the matter now is to make styleframes for both ideas. From there I can decide which one is the stronger theme. I might even leave it up to you!

Aside from the title credit contest I’m working on, I am still working on the lettering of a Jeremy Cowart quote. I have plans to finalize the design tomorrow and post it since there’s a kickstarter going on for a unique and inspiring hotel he’s starting, and I want to make sure that it’s up before it closes! Even though I haven’t donated to it I would love to post a quote and promote it in the last days! I’m aiming for at least $1 toward that campaign…I should donate tomorrow before I forget.

Other updates are that I need to do a Bout of Books wrap up video. Honestly, I didn’t read. I picked up a couple of my books with the intention of reading but ended up just carrying them around everywhere I went rather than actually reading. So…yeah….at least I got some video practice. Still getting comfortable being on camera. Practice is practice.

I am editing the Ogallala video. I’m going to try to finish that by Friday so that it’s just out of the way. Also I’m taking too long on it. I know that I’m just procrastinating on it because of the terrible shakiness and trying to find that “perfect” music. Just need to get it done and stop procrastinating. I’m falling for “shiny object” projects rather than finishing the ones I’ve already started. Now that I think about it…I haven’t touched the video ideas I had back in January in a really long time…wow…I need to get that back on track. You know what…I just need to make myself content marketing calendar and schedule some dates. I’m just now realizing how far off track some of my projects are. I need to address  all my”shiny object” projects. It’s great that I have so many ideas and projects going on, but if I’m not actually finishing anything then…Need to go back and rethink my strategies a bit.

Yay…welcome to Kendall has a 2016 resolution realization. Welp, tomorrow is a new day and it’s time I go back through my goals and progress toward them to help figure out a schedule. I never gave myself proper and public deadlines so I didn’t stick to them. I’m remembering that Snackadoodle idea…why haven’t I continued that? Oops…I’m doing the shiny object thing again.

Okay guys, organizing time, here’s what I’m posting tomorrow. A schedule of all the projects I am currently working on and when they have to be officially posted, Jeremy Cowart Lettering, AND styleframes for NaNoWriMo Title Sequence. So look out for those two tomorrow. If I try to post animation inspiration or make up some dumb excuse as to why these 2 things are not done please tweet at me your disappointment. Nothing like failing on the internet to shame you into being more productive. I know I’ll be busy, but no excuses.

Night friends,


Booktube-A-Thon | Challenge Day 4 | Styleframes WIP

-Yawn- Started falling asleep while working on this. Long day of lots of different projects and then I went and got a fun haircut. So didn’t really get to work on my challenge video until tonight. I’m posting just the styleframes since I haven’t had a chance to do anything with audio or music. Challenge is to make a poem using book titles (the spines). I thought I’d handletter the titles so it took a bit longer to put together than wanted. I need to place the images of each novel in still and adjust so that you can read the poem and understand what’s going on. It’s a task I plan on leaving until tomorrow morning since I’m really tired. Night guys!


Self Portrait – pt 1

I haven’t made a self-portrait in a long time. Since I’ve been doing a rebranding on my website and reworking my reel, I decided making a self-portrait would be a good idea. The twist that I’m trying to incorporate is turning it into a mograph introduction. I like the idea of introducing myself through my favorite medium. It’ll be fun to teach myself some character animation in the process and really tackle my inner self. So stay tuned for how this project takes shape.

Below is a first “sketch” at mocking an illustration of myself. I’m going to make it more cartoony I think, and really rework some of the shadows. I learned that my eyes are quite small today…Seriously, they get drowned by glasses. Anyways, I occupied most of my evening looking at my coin collection and trying to figure out how much my “rare” coins were worth, I didn’t really get a chance to dive into this illustration as much as wanted tonight. I also need to write myself a little artist statement or script for it. Like I said stay tuned to see how the animation develops. I’m excited.


Still Nervous & Birthdays

Day 36 of 365.

I’m still nervous about this video, but regardless of feelings I’m marching forward. I didn’t have as much time to focus on my videos tonight. It was my dad’s birthday so I spent the time and energy I usually spend on making my videos, on his card instead and enjoying the company of family. I created a few quick stylized sketches of what I want my video to look like. Both the card & sketches are below. I’ll try to make another update tomorrow night animation wise, but I’m spending tomorrow and Sunday learning how to Letterpress! Super excited for that, and will have some updates soon!


A Single Styleframe

Day 17 of 365

A bit tired tonight so I’m just going to leave you with a single styleframe of Snackadoodle. I’m simplifying the story down to just two characters of the dog & rat. It occurs to me that I should name this dog…Rover? Ralph? I’ll think about that. I have decided on some dog breeds: Great Dane, Pitbull or a Rottweiler. I want a square/box head shape for the dog, and those breeds lend themselves well for the character I’m going for.

Goals tomorrow are to start animating or at least file prepping depending on the style I officially decide on. Anyways I have some other things I need to attend to & some sleep I need to get on with. So night night.