Digital Plein Air Sketches

I got distracted by the internet today. I did make this as a result of the distraction, although, t’was not the original reason I got on the computer. Sometimes I go on the Adobe Twitch to motivate me to work. Instead of animating, I saw that Syd was doing digital plein painting, so I joined in at the last hour or so to create these two scenes. Was a fun idea and quick project. I’ve never thought of going through Google Earth and finding awesome places to draw from. So, new pass time activity.


Update on other projects, still really behind on the camping video. I also need to “eat the frog” and finish animating for bootcamp. I have a new desk setup with a large monitor which helps with animation and video editing. So much nicer to animate with a lot of screen real estate. I don’t know why I didn’t move my monitor up to my room sooner. It’s so nice! The camping video is taking awhile due to lack of a tripod. Takes longer to find good footage. I’m gonna stop complaining about my lack of progress and go work on something.

Hope you all made something today! ‘Cause at least you’re making something, which is better than nothing.



Animation Inspiration 73 | Backpack Sketch & Interactive Olympic Site

Drew another backpack sketch while watching Syd Weiler’s Twitch stream today. I like going on there to watch other people create. It’s inspiring and motivating. The problem is that my computer overheats if I watch a stream and try to animate at the same time. It’s fun to sketch, but I would prefer animating at the same time. Oh well, as long as I’m creating something.


Also sharing this awesome website about some of the Olympic athletes. I like the incorporation of motion graphics and video as it explains how each of the athletes move. If you have time I recommend going through each of the featured people. It’s very interesting. Love the interactivity of the site. I’m enjoying the trend of using videos as the site background.

NY Times Interactive Olympics




Geeking out and a Syd Weiler Immitation

If none of this makes sense sorry. I’ve tried really hard to type out things coherently explaining stuff, but I’m tired and words don’t seem to be working too well. I’m actually at that point were I’m starting to wonder if there’s a ghost in my room again and I keep freaking out at all the little noises. I need to go to bed.

Basically, all you need to know right now is I’m imitating Syd Weiler’s style. She’s a really talented illustrator who is currently an Adobe Creative Resident. I’ve been geeking out over the talented individuals of the residency recently and after watching her work on the Adobe Twitch channel I got all inspired. I haven’t really seen her sketch from start to finish so I kind of just mimicked it from memory. She draws these amazing logs and stumps which are beautiful to look at. I’m excited to see the project she’s working on during her Residency. I def recommend checking out her other stuff as well as looking at other residents’ work. I promise to elaborate on their stuff tomorrow. I’m just really tired right now and I def need to get some sleep. Once again check out her work and take some time to appreciate her beautiful illustration skills!