Art Therapy

Took a couple days off there. It was a bit weird. The first night I was out sick with a migraine. Glad that went away. Yesterday I was stunned into silence.

I took today to process the whole election and figure out the next step I want to take. My initial reaction was to create. I didn’t create because I didn’t know what to create. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to abstract my anger and hurt or find inspirational quotes to illustrate and animate. I’m still unsure about what I want to create in this stunned fear, anger, and confusion about America. I do know that I want to make something.

I’m thinking of so many ways to illustrate and design and just make from this. If anyone wants to collaborate I’m considering that as a possibility. Having people make their feelings through art in a giant collaboration of their take on what the hell just happened. It can be in the form of animation, illustration, words, poetry, and so much more. I just know that he is not representative of my values and I want to find creative and constructive ways to illustrate those feelings.

I’m still processing how to express these feelings that I don’t necessarily have words for. Art has always been the way I deal with the difficult moments of life. It’s always been a voice for words that I don’t have. So, if people want to illustrate their feelings in some way…I will feature them here or on my twitter. I think we can all use some art therapy right now.

You can illustrate whatever you need to create. For example part of me wants to create a giant thing with Trump hair out of clay then, with claymation, smash it. I don’t know how to do that nor is it something I think I would post, but it’s how I currently feel. It’s a valid set of emotions that just imagining as a possible art piece makes me feel better. Another art piece I want to create is hope for the future. Finding quotes that make me feel better and making into a kinetic type video. Some of you are happy about the results and you’re welcome to illustrate your happiness. This post idea is biased towards those who aren’t, but if you’re happy, please create art that shows that.

I don’t know if anyone will send me art, but I’ll be creating something. Because it’s how I’m going to process all my feelings. I encourage you to make and share it with me and others via social media on IG or Twitter @zonaefly or comment below.

Till tomorrow friends,