It’s been Awhile

It’s been awhile.

I took a little break from publishing posts here after the hustle of posting all the time last year. Last time I picked three words for the year: Make, Move, & Empower. I still plan to give this blog better organization and a layout update. I’ve been hustling at some other projects. One of the reasons why I didn’t want to have a daily habit this year is that it prioritizes quantity over quality. The exception to this is my drawing habit because I really want to improve at drawing humans and animals. I’m replacing most of my daily habits with larger scale and longer projects. They are now weekly based rather than daily allowing for me to give attention to detail and improve the quality.

Additionally, with the upcoming blog layout update, I want to change the theme of this blog. It’s not going far off from 2016. I started this with the intention of improving my storytelling ability, but it became an art blog. I posted more artistic process and inspirational pieces than stories last year. I don’t remember if I officially declared the shift in focus during 2016, but I am for 2017. More quality content will be heading your way as a result. I have a few articles that I didn’t get to during 2016 that I’ll have up next week and then I’m planning out a content calendar.

Plans are to update Monday & Fridays. Mondays I’ll leave as more fun and informative art posts while Fridays are inspiration and freebies for myself. Additionally, follow me on Twitter for full updates on other projects. I’m plunging into the illustration world by creating a motion comic based on a story I’ve had in my head for what feels like forever! It’s the same one that I’ve tried to write for NaNoWriMo. If anyone followed through the year and remembers me drawing random character designs or my character’s house, that’s the same story. I decided to take it on in a new medium. That gets updated every Tuesday & Thursday. Wednesdays are lettering days. I’m leaving weekends free for fun!


Mondays & Fridays: Blog Post Here!
Tuesdays & Thursdays: Motion Comic over on Tumblr!
Wednesday: Lettering! Here

Once again, check out my twitter if you want to see any updates and a bunch of figure drawing art I’ve been practicing! My Instagram also gets the occasional update or throwback art.

Thanks for reading! Updates soon!



Broad City & Title Credit Ideas

Pardon me for the lateness tonight, I decided to watch the Rio Closing Olympic Ceremonies with my mother. I hadn’t had a chance prior to this…although I still never saw the Opening Ceremonies for that matter. Absolutely beautiful designs and costumes. Had fun watching.

I am planning for one more day before I finalize a project for the Title Credits Contest. I’m debating another idea of using the Broad City credits and replacing it with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). It’d be fun. If I can’t decide on a title credit to mimic I might do that instead. I’m struggling because I have existing ideas for these book stories, and can’t seem to find title credits that feel similar creatively…or at least possible for my timeframe, skill level, and equipment. Additionally I’m tempted to wait until I finish reading the books I’ve been working on this past week. Just so I have more material to work with.

I did come to another idea for the titles…but I’m reluctant just because it’d be a huge pivot. It’d be turning my selfi animation into title credits… It seems perfect, but I’m feeling a little guilt in letting go of all the existing work. I don’t know…I almost want to make two different animations now. The one I’ve been working on and then a title sequence… The question is if I want to enter that into the contest? or just make my own entirely? If anyone has any thoughts on this let me know…

I put the Broad City credits below so you can see the fun energetic feeling they have. If I take that route it’d be easy to recreate for NaNoWriMo. It also adheres to the creative kooky brand NaNo writes in. So lots of potential. Also promotion for my favorite nonprofit. If you have time I also recommend reading through the title process on Art of the Title. It’s interesting to see how the ideas come about and how they transform.


Back to the Drawing Board with Snackadoodle

Day 13 of 365.

So today I want to dial it back a bit and really hone in on the story. Yesterday, I got excited about characters for the puppy animation, but neglected the first step, planning.

Storywise I’m expanding on the idea of a dog being afraid of going to the dog park, but rather than falling in love bringing in the character Snackadoodle. You can read a previous story on him here. Basically he’s a fat rat that really loves Twinkies. Today I was thinking about bringing Snackadoodle into an animation, and originally was going to give him his own full story. However, I think he would be fun to animate along with a dog. So I’m morphing my story idea a bit. There is one particular scene I have pictured and want to animate, but I might have to keep that idea for a gif of some or another short.

Below are a few ideas for the fat rat vs a dog.

  1. Dog doesn’t like rats, but wants to protect his owner. His owner has a Twinkie, and Snackadoodle’s main goal is of course…Twinkies. So the video would play out with Snackadoodle trying to steal a Twinkie, while a dog barks at him and pulls on the leash. The owner eventually gets fed up and accidently leaves the Twinkie behind. Right before Snackadoodle gets to the Twinkie another person sees it and takes it.
  2. Owner leaves for a quick errand and the dog spots Snackadoodle trying to get a Twinkie out of the pantry. A chase ensues where Snackadoodle is dragging the Twinkie along as fast as he can. The dog, is a chihuahua or some other small breed tries to act bigger than he is to intimidate Snackadoodle while they run around the place, breaking things. The owner returns to find the place a mess. The dog is punished and Snackadoodle drags the Twinkie into his house.
  3. Late evening Snackadoodle falls out of the ceiling board because he’s too fat. He lands smack dab in the middle of a dog asleep in his bed, scaring the giant breed dog. The dog starts barking and trying to catch him. Snackadoodle somehow wedges himself into the cupboards and finds a box of Twinkies. He eats them while the dog wakes up the family. They open the cupboard and find him there. Snackadoodle, even fatter than usual, bites their hand and escapes into a hole.

So there’s other options, but I’m heading to bed. In the meantime I’ve made a quick video moodboard you can watch below. These are for possible animation styles I want to try for this project. I’m pushing for a simplistic style I can animate in Photoshop & After Effects. I like the idea of a very minimalistic background with most of the motion happening via character’s movements.

Goals tomorrow are styleframes and the first round of storyboard sketches, along with some character designs. I’m trying to keep it simple ’cause I have other pressing projects to work on.

Video Moodboard: