Sketching & Photo Touchup

Not very productive today so no new project launch. Might do a test tomorrow, but I have to prioritize my Character Animation Bootcamp lessons. I worked on a photo touchup of myself from when I was approx 4 or 5. Got that before & after so you can see what I did. Glorious throwback. Also made a little photoshop sketch of a tent since I’m going camping later this week.

Check those out below and come back tomorrow for updates. I hope to continue the tent sketch and test out my animation project idea.








Lettering TBT Process

Preview of a mograph I plan on finishing tomorrow evening. I spent tonight lettering this and then starting on the animation. Will be refining and adding more to it then. I should probably tweak it to throwback instead of throw back too. It made sense when lettering, and then I got online and realized people don’t usually put spaces between the words. Welp, fixing dat tomorrow along with finishing the full mograph. Till then enjoy the “throw-back”. Now I need to sleep ’cause early morning!