Spent all day hanging with the fam. It was fun. I was in no way productive as a result, but family time is always important. We bought our Christmas tree, went to a craft market, and found gifts. Since I didn’t do any work today I now have to make up for all that tomorrow. Need to get some sleep and wake up early to work. Especially since I got another idea for an animation project…I have so many on my list, but time and money are killing the mood! Guess that’s why I’m applying for the Adobe Creative Residency. Would be amazing to just work on these head animations forever and ever without worry.

If you’re in need of a good motivational video watch as Gary Vaynerchuk calls a bunch of his fans. Even just watching 10 minutes gets you pumped to get some hustle on! I know I’m inspired to make tomorrow fantastically productive! Gonna get some good rest so that I can get shit done!



Extended Deadlines are the Best

Good news, I can sleep tonight. After all that stress about making the deadline for the Pond5 Title Sequence contest this week they extended the contest till the 30th!!! I CAN SLEEP GUYS. SLEEEEEEEP. Which is important because I have a lot of networking opportunities tomorrow…after the 4 I’ve already done this week….so much follow up. I’m so tired, but having so much fun. Denver Startup Week is so amazing!

Since the contest is extended I halted my hasty animating. Now I can focus on making good animations and finessing, rather than rushing. Still going to hustle and get more animation done tonight, but now I can stop at a reasonable time like midnight. There’s no need for me to look and feel like my animation right now.

Here’s a short preview. Ignore the real cursor. If it wasn’t obvious I was prepared for a long night considering how tired I’ve been from Startup Week. Glad I can relax a little bit. Still got tons to do, but now I can have better animation!!!



Shaming Yourself into Productivity

…just gonna leave the shame here. I accomplished the calendar schedule at least…yay Trello.

The other two…started and then didn’t get even close to the finish. That there is 100% my fault. I decided sleep this morning was more important as well as Twitter. Level of self control today was about a 3/10. I didn’t watch any Netflix, but I also didn’t accomplish anything. Sure I can try to convince you that I did a lot of things, which I did, but none of these prevented me from lettering or using Illustrator styleframes. Might have delayed it, but I had the time and opportunity.

With that I’m going to post some tips and blogs on how to be productive and motivate yourself so that I can shame myself into productivity tomorrow. Cause today’s goal list was a disaster. Till tomorrow friends, hope your day was more productive than mine!

Motivation is Overvalued. Environment Often Matters More. | By James Clear

This piece talks about the way we view environment in our productivity. Whenever something bad happens like being late we are quick to blame environment like traffic. However, when we’re on time or accomplish a hard task we owe it to our great skills like I did great in the interview because my skillset is amazing. The article outlines a few ways to change our mindset about how we view environment and bring about change to create a more productive setting. This is the piece that inspired me to bring my giant monitor upstairs and actually use it.

Mind Management (Not Time Management) | By David Kadavy 

Great article on how to tap into your mind to motivate yourself to get work done. It recommends routines to get you into the right mindset, proper sleep, planning, meditation,…etc. There’s a lot of great methods to getting yourself into the right mindset so you can crush that To Do List!

The 1 Step Plan for Super Productivity | By Jocelyn K Glei

This piece does a great job in describing a method in strengthening your willpower by waking up early. A method in which I’ll have to try since I’m barely managing waking up at 9 AM every day. Thank you Emily for making me post the time I get up via Snapchat every single morning. Without that I’d sleep till noon every single day.