Happy & Sad Dreams

Hey friends,

Sorry, this blog has been inactive the past month or so. I’ve been prioritizing other projects and IGOTAJOB.

Not saying what this job is at until I’ve finalized paperwork…mostly because my brain is still telling me that it’s not real even though I know it is. It probably won’t feel real until the first day of work which is coming up on March 13. In the meantime, I’m moving to New York City without a place to stay and lots of craziness as a result. Well, that’s not entirely true…I have family in Connecticut that is letting me crash there for a couple days while my dad and I go apartment searching. After that, the only plans are to make an Airbnb reservation for the rest of the month. I leave for the city this Sunday, March 6th. Life has gone from 5 mph to 100 mph what feels like overnight.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. I’m absolutely terrified too. But the good kind of terror. The kind of terror that you just are so excited to pursue that you’re running at a cliff full speed with only a very thin bungee cord and a very brief safety talk. I’m so unprepared but so ready to spring at this opportunity. Life is going to be insane for the next month and I will be updating this blog as much as possible.

I’m thinking about daily uploads here again. Ones that function similar to a journal so that I don’t forget all the little details and moments of the move and memories I’m about to make. I am so ignorant right now of all the business and movement New York City is going to hit me over the head with, but I’m so excited to try my best and live there.

In other news, a sad one, some of my childhood is leaving me. My favorite video store, The Video Station is closing. It hurts like hearing a friend has passed to know that my weekends will never again hear “Can you pick up _____ film/movie/tv show from the Video Station?”

It’s a relic that shaped my childhood, my dreams, inspiring me, and gave me a goal I didn’t realize I had. I want to design title sequences at some point during my art journey and the movie magic love comes from this place. I owe The Video Station for teaching me about stories. It’s a library of artistic moments that have shaped some of the stories I tell today. My dad said it sadly, “I will no longer look forward to Friday evenings.” It’s true. Every time I’ve left Boulder some of the things I miss most are watching videos and TV with the family, eating dinner, and going for walks with the pets and my mother. But crowding around the TV to watch a film my dad grabbed from The Video Station was always something I loved. Fresh popcorn (not that microwave kind), green apples, blankets with the lights low all huddled on the couch to anticipate the film found on the shelves of this place.

It’s sad to hear, not something unexpected, but sad. I’m sorry that it happened and some part of me wants to find a way to fight back, but I’m not sure how. How do you bring a video store back when everyone wants convenience? I’ll admit Netflix is easier to watch sometimes, but it’s never had all the titles I want to see. There’s no charming surprise of a title there, just algorithms that tell me what I’ve already seen in a different form. I’ll miss the recommendations and the charm of browsing, finding that story I didn’t know I wanted to watch.

To The Video Station, Thank you for giving me a foundation of stories to live by. Horse films that I rented out constantly, horror and sci-fi I couldn’t get instantly from Netflix, foreign films I’ve never heard of, and stories that bring me joy. Thank you for being here and I’ll miss you greatly, old friend.




Welp rebranding progress is stalled. On the other side of the productivity stick, I finally backed up my computer files, deleted a ton of photos I didn’t need, and updated my computer OS from Snow Leopard to Sierra. Quite a fun and big change I’ve been procrastinating on for the last two years. Six full hours of updating. So fun…so fun. #sarcasm

Spent the earlier half of the day planning for the Adobe Creative Residency proposal. I’m thinking I’ll do some Christmas and/or end of the year mographs for the examples of what I want to create. Still trying to narrow down the main project I want to get done, just know it’s motion design. Too many ideas for animations popping into my head and I find myself adding more every time I open a word doc or notebook. Consulting friends about the projects I have and trying to decide.

Other news is lots of crazy startup things going on and finding/making gifts for the 25th is getting hectic. Still working on getting my schedule together. I need to make one and stick to it. On top of that some internship applications opened so I’m working on applying for those at the same time. Just need to go to coffices more frequently. The other day I didn’t make it to one but I did work at my kitchen table so it helped break up the monotony. Tomorrow I’ll be going into town which helps with time management. I’m always more mindful when I have a schedule to keep.

Still obsessing over the Yule Log  videos and music. That looping music is perfect for concentration. I’ve had that on every time I start working. Although while waiting for all the updates I spent a lot of time writing in my notebook and playing games. I wanted to get some animating in but updates. Plus my Cintiq is acting up. -cry- I’m just thankful it’s still alive. I’ve had it since my junior/sophomore year of high school…which was 6+ years ago. Still painful to know that it’s old and surprised it’s still alive. Cross fingers it makes it to 2017.

Time to get some reading in and sleep. Excited to get some work done tomorrow!


Life Updates | November

I spent a lot of time trying to illustrate one of my characters for my novel in photoshop tonight…I learned that I really need to practice faces. Gonna come back to that one and show you when it stops being Captain Jack Sparrow because I keep making his eyelashes too thick.

Novel wise I had lots of chances to write today, but I’ve been in a little funk the last couple days, so didn’t really do so well on that front. I’m also struggling with productivity in general. I think it’s partially not exercising. I fell out of my morning routine of walking about a month ago. I’m going to try to bring that back either tomorrow or Friday. I’ve been overthinking a lot of tasks on top of that. Need to work on ways of breaking that cycle.

Basically, I really need to kickstart a routine again. I’ve been frustrated with my lack of accomplishments recently and a new routine would be useful in fixing that. Also need to use Citrus liberally. That chrome app is 60 percent of the reason I’ve accomplished anything at all the last two days. The other 40 comes from music and white noise generators. Rain sounds always help me focus.

Will update you tomorrow on Nano progress and hopefully have a few sketches for you. I’m heading to Denver in the evening so I’m not sure what I’ll get done. Although always excited to listen to a podcast during that long bus ride!


Bee Hummingbird & Updates

Pardon, my lateness tonight. Got distracted watching SNL and Bones with the fam.

A quick update since I’m running late tonight. My website update is near done. Ran some errands in the middle of the day so I only got a half day work on it. I have it near done. Just one more page to add and then some proper captions. I have a lot of filler text in there right now, so, will be devoting a portion of tomorrow to writing captions. Def want to get it up before the weekend is over so I can email companies.

NaNoWriMo plotting is coming along. Found a few resources online to work on the plot and character development. If time allows I want to write a short story in the world I’ve created. It’ll help give me a grasp on the location and the narration I want to use. Some sketching will be heading your way too. Concept art is always a huge help in developing stories for me. Excited for November!

I also need to carve some time out to finish animating the last frames to my NaNo Seeking Writer project, as well as my Selfi. Been neglecting those two and just need to do. There’s also a GIF contest due on Friday I want to enter. A big animating week is coming up. I also have a Halloween lettering idea, but I don’t know if I have time to create it. Probably just need to wake up earlier and have more caffeine. Will plan tonight before I sleep so that I don’t get overwhelmed with the projects. Worse case scenario, I leave the Halloween lettering idea till next year, and delay my Selfi project by a week. Gonna aim to do all the things tho.

So hope your weekend is going well and your upcoming plans for the next week are exciting! I’m also really excited for Sunday’s Inktober theme. Been waiting to draw this animal since I saw the prompt! Till then view the smallest bird ink drawing below!

Updates & an Octopus Escape

Working on redoing my website. It’s coming along nicely, but as usual taking a bit of time. I’m aiming for an official relaunch by the end of this week. Hopefully sooner, but I don’t want to get my hopes up since I have other projects and errands to run during these next few days.  Plus I want to take my time to make it a good site. I rushed the last redesign, so making sure this one is good. Along with the

Along with the update I want to wrap up two animations by the end of next week. Those being the Selfi (you remember that one, right? No? linky) and my NaNoWriMo Seeking Writer. If I somehow accomplish these two I am also going to be doing a little NaNo vlog. That one doesn’t need as much editing and animating so hoping I can accomplish that in a single morning. I just know I need to finish these guys. Been caught up in so many different directions I lost a bit of sight on the projects I’ve started. I just want to finish these two videos and my website!

Glad that I still have this writing habit going. Thank you to anyone that has read one post or all of them! I appreciate that you came to visit! Thanks for reading! ❤


Art Project Updates

I’ve decided to create NanoWriMo title credits. I’m leaning toward using the Broad City sequence, but I did start thinking about a way to use the Man Seeking Woman sequence. Both are great sequences to work with idea wise. I’ve read the interviews for both so I now can see the reasoning behind a lot of process and design choices. It’s a matter of how I want to challenge myself now, because both are challenging in their own rights. Broad City has cel animation, while Man Seeking Woman would be a lot of After Effects and Illustrator practice…either way I’d be excited to dive into both creations.

I think the matter now is to make styleframes for both ideas. From there I can decide which one is the stronger theme. I might even leave it up to you!

Aside from the title credit contest I’m working on, I am still working on the lettering of a Jeremy Cowart quote. I have plans to finalize the design tomorrow and post it since there’s a kickstarter going on for a unique and inspiring hotel he’s starting, and I want to make sure that it’s up before it closes! Even though I haven’t donated to it I would love to post a quote and promote it in the last days! I’m aiming for at least $1 toward that campaign…I should donate tomorrow before I forget.

Other updates are that I need to do a Bout of Books wrap up video. Honestly, I didn’t read. I picked up a couple of my books with the intention of reading but ended up just carrying them around everywhere I went rather than actually reading. So…yeah….at least I got some video practice. Still getting comfortable being on camera. Practice is practice.

I am editing the Ogallala video. I’m going to try to finish that by Friday so that it’s just out of the way. Also I’m taking too long on it. I know that I’m just procrastinating on it because of the terrible shakiness and trying to find that “perfect” music. Just need to get it done and stop procrastinating. I’m falling for “shiny object” projects rather than finishing the ones I’ve already started. Now that I think about it…I haven’t touched the video ideas I had back in January in a really long time…wow…I need to get that back on track. You know what…I just need to make myself content marketing calendar and schedule some dates. I’m just now realizing how far off track some of my projects are. I need to address  all my”shiny object” projects. It’s great that I have so many ideas and projects going on, but if I’m not actually finishing anything then…Need to go back and rethink my strategies a bit.

Yay…welcome to Kendall has a 2016 resolution realization. Welp, tomorrow is a new day and it’s time I go back through my goals and progress toward them to help figure out a schedule. I never gave myself proper and public deadlines so I didn’t stick to them. I’m remembering that Snackadoodle idea…why haven’t I continued that? Oops…I’m doing the shiny object thing again.

Okay guys, organizing time, here’s what I’m posting tomorrow. A schedule of all the projects I am currently working on and when they have to be officially posted, Jeremy Cowart Lettering, AND styleframes for NaNoWriMo Title Sequence. So look out for those two tomorrow. If I try to post animation inspiration or make up some dumb excuse as to why these 2 things are not done please tweet at me your disappointment. Nothing like failing on the internet to shame you into being more productive. I know I’ll be busy, but no excuses.

Night friends,


Updates & Animation Inspiration 71

I forgot to devote Monday’s blog to life updates, so instead I’ll do it tonight.

Here is a link to the gallery of the rest of the photos from the Ogallala, NE trip. I am currently working on a rough cut of the video. I really need a tripod. I have so much stablizing to do to these clips. I estimate I’ll finish the video by next week at this rate. I want to devote time to the edits, but not take away from the other projects I have to work on.

Doing some planning for the project I mentioned last week. I underestimated the amount time I needed just to plan out the idea, let alone the actual production, so I’m going to put that one on the back burner until I get my process down. I hope to make it a weekly or biweekly project. I’m too far behind to launch it this week, so, cross fingers I find enough time to finish it for next Tuesday. I feel bad pushing it another week, but I spent the weekend enjoying the family camping trip.

I am going back through my selfi animation. It got held up do to the chaos of my brain. I started doubting the script, the sketches, and ideas I had. Today I looked through a few sketches I had and I’m not sure why. One of those moments where I had to take a break from it to get a good perspective. Tip: If you find yourself doubting your work try taking a step back. Just take a long break and come back with a fresh head. Especially if you’re working on the project solo, like I am. I have yet to get someone to critique my project, and my inner perfectionist just keeps telling me to remake it and start anew. No need to start over just gotta get past that dip! Also if anyone wants to help with critiques at a later date tweet me @zonaefly. I’m gonna need feedback soon.

Since this post is very text heavy I will end with a little Animation Inspiration. Feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve posted one.

Doodle for Google – Share Your Imagination | By Google

Really cute animation with lots of different styles and animations. The pacing is fun and very bouncy. I tried to convince my school to do Doodle for Google, but couldn’t get my teacher to sign off on it. Too bad would have been really fun to enter. I know I always look forward to the Google Doodles. The creativity of the kids makes watching this video a lot of fun. Great sound design too. Hope it inspires you!

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child | Nostalgia & Time Turners

So, I’ve decided I’m going to hold off on a full review of Harry Potter & The Cursed Child because I’m trying to pursue this booktube hobby of mine, and will be addressing all my excitement and doubts with the book in video format. I will have a spoiler free version and in depth review later this week. Depends a little on time management. I will tell you a short version is 4.5/5 stars for the moment. Sometimes when I do reviews my ratings do change because I start analyzing and pondering the initial gut rating. I will let you know on this blog when that goes up so make sure to keep tabs on my Twitter or subscribe to my Youtube.

Despite not doing a review I did want to take a moment and celebrate the amazing night that I had. It was very nostalgic after so many years and I had a ton of fun. I started the night late since my family went out to our county fair to watch a friend ride. However there was some miscommunication as to when said friend went on and we sadly had to leave before she rode. Still was a fun evening watching people reigning and some Mexican Horse dancing (pictured below). I had fun watching beautiful horses and women in these beautiful pink dresses twirl on horseback. It was a great beginning to the evening despite missing our friend’s actual ride.


My mother and I ended up leaving to go home where I was able to AIMG_7347get dressed up, haphazardly, as a Ravenclaw. For being such a big HP fan I realize I don’t have a lot of clothing…probably because I’ve grown out of most of the items. Oh well, in the spirit of my minimalism goals, I would rather have experiences than items. I would have liked to wear a Harry & The Potters shirt, but they were way too small. I did wear the wool felt cloak my mother made for me in the first or second grade for the very first Harry Potter movie. I remember braiding my hair and looking extremely frizzy in an attempt to dub myself Hermione. Most kids just said I looked like Hagrid…Still can’t decide if that was a compliment or not. Anyway I have this great, heavy, cloak that’s homemade and full of love (like Hagrid kudos if you get my reference.)

I went to Barnes & Noble for the event which had a few events going on including coloring, trivia, sorting, wand making…etc. I was surprised to see more young kids than millennials there, but I figured out later that most people in my age group went to the other local bookstore also most of them showed up in the last hour. Despite that, there were a ton of people there at then of the night to bring in the book. Near the end to build BIMG_7351more excitement they started drawing names for prizes. Funnily and sadly they kept drawing names for these prizes and a lot of people weren’t present to win. Everyone waiting got all excited because the last prize they called was the Time Turner. I was lucky enough to win it! Wasn’t expecting that! It’s now homed on my Harry Potter bookshelf.


All ‘n All fun night! It was great to bring back the midnight Harry Potter events and I’m looking forward to buying tickets for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! I will keep you guys updated on a video book review soon and talk to you tomorrow! Also Happy Birthday Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling! And a belated one to Neville Longbottom!


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Mondays are for Updates

I think I’m going to do life updates on Monday nights for the next few weeks. It’ll help me see where I am and remind me to pay attention to how I’m feeling. So here’s my updates on this burnout recovery.

I’m starting to feel better. I’ve been getting a lot more exercise and fixing my bedtime should help. It’s also the start of the Booktube-A-Thon 2016 tonight so I’ve been getting some reading in. Although not much between PokemonGo & actual work I’ve been a little distracted. I have some plans to just read tonight so going to get that going. I also have a hand me down and better camera with good video so I plan to be using that tomorrow. Look for some video experiments soon. I still need to get a tripod so I can’t promise said video experiments will be stable unless I can find a way to stick it on some books.

I am also finally getting some actual work done. The last few weeks have been the type of busy where I feel like a lot is going down, but isn’t necessarily productive work. I’m trying to be really adamant about what is productive. I think that is where part of my stress is coming from. I’ve been doing a lot of busy activities and not prioritizing work that is actually productive towards the goals or work. So now that I’ve really narrowed down what is important and what I need to say ‘no’ I hope that it’ll get a lot easier. I’m finally getting back on track, slowly, for some class homework. I’m working on making sure my todo list is actually checked off rather than full of arrows and notes saying “do tomorrow.” This has been a good Monday for focus and clearing my head.

I’m also doing my best to work on my minimalism goals. So really going through the items I have by either trashing or donating them. I’m definitely looking for what things are adding value and what’s just existing to exist. I’m not doing the best job because I did go to the flea market the other day, but I’m at least trying again.

I’m also working on getting my freelance jobs more together as I continue with my main job search. I need to find a better income source other than just the one off job or two so I’m teetering about just going for something part-time. I’m trying to figure out something that won’t stress me out too much, but that I can still save some money up for. But things to figure out tomorrow. I need to go to bed and get some more reading in!



Excerpts from Camp Nano

I’ve been writing and now I’m going to go see a movie, hopefully, if not then I’m just going to leave this here as well as a little update to my main website, kendallhotchkiss.co.

This is the very beginning part, also keep in mind I started this early this morning.


Emerson Schril woke to pain shooting up through her right wrist. She let out a moan of pain as it shot up her arm again. She was lying face down and twisted on top of it with her right shoulder pushed into red dirt. She rolled gently and slowly on to her side as pain continued to coarse through her body. Glancing out she could see charred wood burning around her. The fire aftermath.

Three hours earlier Matt Schril drove his daughter, Emerson, his brother, Darvil, and the help, Von Frier, out to the dragon’s barn on the far east side of Grapnel’s Cliff. The old car rolled along hills easily as they watched the rising red barn. In in the duel sunlight it reflected bright golden rays. Emerson controlled the car’s music, playing some kind of pop group that was popular in the city. Darvil teased his niece about her terrible taste in music.

“Turn the music down,” Matt hissed as they neared the barn. Emerson rolled her eyes and did as she was told. “What are the rules?” he asked her as they rounded another large tree.

“Don’t go near the dragons unless I have my protective gear on. Always make enough noise that they know where I am. If I have a cut, I am not allowed near the young ones. Under no circumstances can I ride them, yeah yeah, I know the rules dad,” she recited. “This ain’t my first rodeo. You’ve brought me out here every week since I was five. I know. Are you going to let me fly Old Red today?”

“Hatchling, you’re on feeding duty today,” her dad said. Emerson raised her brow in annoyance as she watched her dad in the pilot’s seat. “You give me a pouty look and you take Von’s job of cleaning duty.”

Emerson slouched in her seat as Von gave a chuckle. He grinned at her. Emerson rolled her eyes at him. Von and Emerson had known each other since the second year of school and were neighbors. At the ripe age of 16 the pair had a mischievous side to every outing.