Happy VDay!

Sorry, this post is going up late. I was running behind because had to prioritize my job search this last week. I still wanted to show you what I made and hope you enjoy it!

These are some Nerdy GIFs having to do with animation & design! I have a ton more ideas that I’ll have to save for next year or maybe I’ll post some later this month. Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day and celebrated love!

Animated GIF  - Find & Share on GIPHY

Animated GIF  - Find & Share on GIPHY



Valentine’s Final Card

So, I did have more planned for you guys, but I’m getting too tired to finish it so I’m just gonna leave you with my two Vday cards and post it Monday. The second is the same as yesterday’s.

Check out Tom Froese’s work and his Skillshare class for info on the technique used.

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day single or not. I know I enjoyed family time and sleep. ❤


Inky Valentines Moodboard & Ideas

So I’m doing the Inky Valentines project over on Skillshare and wanted to share with you the progress so far. I’m a bit behind on it, but I’ll catch up within the next day or so.

One theme I’m going for is “Tim Burton”-Halloween-Valentine. So I’m looking at things that are a little bit off, but cute. Basically adorably dark. Think Dr. Horrible’s love for Penny, you’re still rooting for it despite it being a little creepy.

Other theme is a very crude Single Awareness Day card. Basically along the lines of making fun of being alone on a couple’s day.

So some items that I think I could draw are:

  • Scalpel
  • heart, not the cute ones we usually draw
  • binoculars & leaves
  • blurry photos of someone from afar
  • laundry (Dr. Horrible) (Frozen Yogurt)
  • restraining order
  • Shrine
  • roofi & wine (…maybe too dark?)
  • Single Awareness Day
    • vaseline & a large rounded object
    • tissues
    • empty chocolate boxes
    • smutty book like 50 shades
    • TV remote or Netflix

I have a feeling that this card might be a little disturbing or vulgar…I’m trying to find that right balance of a dark comedy style for the halloween style. I want you to laugh and think “valentines” day, but not be too creeped out. Depends on how I draw it suppose. I’m thinking a bit about the style of Deadpool humor, very dry. The Single Awareness Day one has potential to be funny, but also feels like the easy option at the same time. I’m thinking about how these objects tell a story of “love” supposedly.

I’ll have updates to this soon since Vday will be here pretty quick. Below is the moodboard for the Dark Valentine. I’m thinking the Single Awareness one will have a similar feeling but with more humor to it.